• Biographies (Short, Medium, and LOOOOONG) • An early autobiography (age 16 or 17)
      • Things About Me, from a series of Facebook notes I published in 2009

      • Resume: Music EmphasisShort biography
      • Selected Musical Repertoire: solos, chamber music, symphonies, operas/musical theatre (including some audio and video links)
      • Accomplishments of some of my private violin students
      • Canons & Clothespins: a (primarily statistical) look back at my career as a wedding musician
      • Collaborations with Famous Musicians

      • Resume: Mathematics Emphasis
      • Mathematics Problems and Puzzles, devised by moi
      • Do You Have a Mathematical Personality?
      • Wordplay, devious and deviant
            NPL-style puzzlesCryptic-crossword cluesAnagrams, homonyms, acronyms, lipograms, palindromes, Tom Swifties, etc.
      • Poetry by me (including collaborations), by April, and by my mother

      • College Coursework
      • My music teachersMy violin genealogy (a listing of my private teachers, their teachers, their teachers, and so on)

      • An extensive listing of selected prose writings from throughout my life, with links to the full texts of academic papers, letters, essays, etc.

      • Genealogy and family history
            The Brahinsky / Abraham Family Tree at Geneanet (updated September 2023) (sign in for free to see more data)
                         Eric's ancestry chart       April's ancestry chart
            A 1969 newspaper article about my (birth) family
            Biographies of my father, Henry Brahinsky (1917–2001), and mother, Muriel Silberman Brahinsky (1924–2013)
            An obituary for my brother Martin Brahinsky (1951–2011)
            Six Degrees of Separation: some of Eric's and April's famous relatives
            A history of the Brahinsky family, as told by my aunt Hannah Brahinsky (1922–2016) in 1976
            "My Shtetel": a story of Felshtin, the birthplace of my maternal grandfather, Max Silberman (1889–1959), written by his brother Maurice (1883?–1948)
            A 2013 video interview with my aunt Hannah Brahinsky sharing her life story • A text transcript of the interview
            Memorial links relating to April's father, Robin Abraham (1923–2022), and mother, Peggy Tisinger Abraham (1924–2022)
            "Remembrances of My Childhood Home": reminiscences of April's great-aunt Onie Meador Forse (1884–1980)
            A story of The Strauss Mansion, the Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, summer home of April's great-great-grandfather Adolph Strauss (1830–1905)

An autobiography by my wife, April Abraham Brahinsky
     • Selected musical performances by April (with links to mp3s and videos)
     • Selected musical performances by April's parents, Robin and Peggy Abraham (with links to mp3s)
     • "Solo Piano Music by San Antonio Composers", April's 1984 doctoral treatise for The University of Texas at Austin
     • April's page at (spiritual songs)
Eric and April's wedding video

Lists of favorites, including. . .
     50 favorite works of classical music
     50 favorite 20th-century classical works
     Some favorite books, movies, entertainers, places (U.S. and Canada)
My former Wikipedia (online encyclopedia) user page (complemented by this page) • A page with links to virtually all of my Wikipedia edits is here.
A compilation I have made of Great Classical Musicians from Texas
A webpage I created for The Colburn-Pledge Music Scholarship Foundation, a former small private nonprofit of which April and I were officers and directors (that scholarship program is now administered by Musical Bridges Around the World)
Some data on where I have lived and traveled
Accounts of numerous amazing coincidences in my life
A chronological listing of most of the books I have read
How I created the violin graph on my home page

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