The following cryptic crossword-type clues are listed alphabetically by their solutions (with a few exceptions, as noted).

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Alpha particle (1)
January 5th article (1)
First of all, has Ms. Ephron written back to Mr. Spelling? (5)
"Not even two articles countering the established position? Is this a police state??" says the American composer (5,7)
Ron's road rage injured an NFL quarterback (5,7)
What many kindergarteners get: a Bachelor of Computer Science (4)
Chance of coming clean is, unfortunately, about nil (8)
A plank on a ship (6)
Fruity liquid. . . adding in two cups for chest rub (6)
Emancipator of Alhambra trashed hotel around three o'clock, roughly (7,7)
A woman in Europe (6)
Drunk, in haste, grabs one of beers to drink (8)
Eccentric bathes in green liqueur (8)
Liquid that may stimulate some muscles in the behind (8)
Pardon. . . . Stomach muscles love to be exercised (7)
Cantonese NY lib revised conservative sex-ed curriculum (10,4)
A half-can salsa, perhaps, is plenty (9)
Decapitated infant's mother left — it's horrible (7)
A boor to graduate last at my school (7)
Make outstanding air conditioning unit that's less than a dollar (6)
Hawk mangled ripe cacti (9)
Used to do me violently behind gnarled cactus (10)
Western ocean swallows Cold War veteran who went into the water (8)
It sounds like Henry VIII, for one, is sore (6)
Charo dances before you start to say a bit of dialogue in a musical (1,6,4)
A drug abuser, perhaps (4,4)
Service members making a costly mistake holding enemy leader (8)
Stunningly interprets Cats! (4)
In reality shows, wildcat confronts you and a teammate (8)
First person to see attorney in the morning (4)
Old couple insisting temperature will go to 500 the day before holiday (4,3,3)
They raised Cain in reference to "damned Ave. A interchange" (4,3,3)
Way early man transported things (1,4,5)
What the Borg did after some were killed by PED Data mixed up (7)
ADDAMS FAMILY SERIES: (wordplay only)
       Wild coitus in back of Chevrolet (6,3)
       OMG! Incredibly simple! (5)
       A thousand and two degrees (9)
       Large ancient city near Switzerland (5)
       Timor liberated by US operatives (8)
       Faulty plug? Yes. (7)
       Night terror (5)
       Stop — that's enough fluorine to mutilate trees (5,6)
       Sweden bombed Germany? Yes, almost. (9)
Ripped dead rattlesnake's head from snake (5)
/Need to have read dictionary to comprehend. . . (9)
\. . . meaning I intend of "I messed up" (10) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "d"]
Taped Twirling with Skill (5)
(DOWN clue:) Sullivan climbing into a green tree, oddly enough (8)
Stuck with ditzy redhead (7)
Topless, ribald, naughty, unscripted (2-3)
Provide clergy afterafter Christ's birth (10)
Director of mad traitors in Mobile (13)
I, badly smitten, embracing girl in a courtly manner? (10)
A handsome man swimming in soda (6)
Representative at beauty counter displayed no interest in commercials (6)
Big fuss takes place before controversial point gets approval (8)
Doctor Dora Epstein beginning to make love (5)
It's a sin to give a man or a woman rye toast (8)
Ta-da! Vegan concoction gives you an edge (9)
It could be very bad, very bad, losing your head (6)
Challenges truth about last of claims after commercial is shown (9)
On one European river, barge heads west, although Bohr isn't finished with Elvish hymn (1,8,10)
Heard a polyphonic composition, "O Vile Demon," in film (1,3,4,3)
Fact: exercising, taking iron will bring about change (6)
Graduate assistant within loves to make habitual gestures (12)
A coat, fifteen bucks? Sweet! (12)
Intended to find a cafe, got lost (9)
(DOWN clue:) Yes! Support Peron's uprising! (11)
Originally the dominion of scores of Buffalo and Broncos running across the fields; the survivors have been put in a new habitat and may be viewed by the public on Sundays (3)
It's sadly intoned: "Child Run Over by Car" (1-4,5)
Father gets drunk, grabs Mother; ultimately, infant results (9)
In later part of day (past 2), pianoforte moving north (9)
Formerly, John Ashcroft's kind of college (2)
Christie has a somewhat garish, fancy hat (6)
Gade arranged "Old Folks" (4)
One standardized test that has been around for a long time (4)
Representative almost anticipates prosecutor's intentions (6)
In the beginning, earth surrounded by noxious gas for thousands of years (4)
Want to stay home and avoid the crowds, or go into Asian peninsula to eat some Asian soup? (11)
Yes, a desire to acquire (6)
Pay attention to a Hebrew leader that expresses distress to Jews (4)
Top master at hanging twelve? (2)
Help! Being decapitated! Help! (3)
Melissa Shook is unfocused (7)
I read moving article in French about a dog (8)
/"Pet bats are ideal. . . (8)
\. . . companions," a lady says, knowing it isn't true (6) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "a"]
Wasted carfare in transportation to Paris (3,6)
Film that shows people who fly are plain nuts (8)
1970 film and novel, I, Raptor (7)
Soft-rock duo's song goes by easily (3,6)
Oh, me! I hear a young girl (4)
Famous gangland criminal, if support were lost, would be left with nothing but dog food (2,6)
A transfinite cardinal confused elephant (5-3)
Capone joins former wife and goes to emergency room with intrepid spirit for Star Trek composer (9,7)
Legendary Macedonian conqueror learned ax-twirling in front of theater — experiencing difficulties with gravity (9,3,5)
Gabriela failing a math course (7,1)
A large German bear, going crazy, is beginning to torture a mathematician (10)
Insect eats fruit for food (7)
Article 51-2 states, briefly: "Payment to be made to ex-spouse" (7)
A malevolent being turned around and around (5)
What the conductor said: "Fixed Ballo aria, adding a 'D' I omitted" (3,6)
Arigato! Unbelievable! Caught 50-pound reptile (9)
Reptile mad at gorilla (9)
Aluminum converted into coal, set aside (10)
Gee, everybody — that's swell! (3,5)
Good lass comes back in to halt sadness (3,5)
Compatriot in battle brutally beheaded four times (4)
This woman married a composer, an architect, and a writer and had an affair with a painter, making her mama all crazy (4,6)
Old man's nuts! Nuts! (7)
Hawaiian greeting sounds like a subdued laugh (5)
A fool comes back cool (5)
Actor playing pianola takes in $100 (2,6)
Movie star makes a record: Ms. Lewinsky's Topless Retreat (2,6)
Some harmonica player backed into an actor (2,6)
Doctor Larson: a person who didn't succeed (4-3)
Totally makes some contralto get herpes (10)
Singer working one city in Pennsylvania (7)
Tom Hulce film, Runaround Sue (drama), has Restricted rating removed (7)
Sam Bass adored embracing an emissary (10)
Sam Berg risks guts to get perfume ingredient (9)
Three pieces fell off back of emergency vehicle — loyal Brit replacing them able to supply own transportation (10)
U.S. President and mother left in a cell (5)
For God's sake, it's over somewhere in Sacramento (4)
Change last word of Hymn 500 (5)
(DOWN clue:) Mother raised Ms. Jong in this country (7)
Sam, Erica nuked part of the United States (8)
Sevareid embraced by a fellow U.S. citizen (8)
Yank a Crimean criminal (8)
Bedlam Memorial loses 1000 holding dog talent show (8,4)
Leo, Irma arranged to hold dog show in the U.S. (8,4)
Movie about teen sex maniac: I Peer in Improper Places (8,3)
Stay excited about crystal gemstone (8)
Is the speaker starting to drag partway through? (4)
In Vietnam, I dealt LSD, among other things (5)
A telepathist who lives in fear of Ugandan dictator? (1,4,6)
Exercise, for a musician, is wasted calories, man (1-5,5)
Fix-it man making lots of money (1,4)
Wrong one, young lady (5)
Plenty of fruit — somewhat soft, not very soft (5)
In the morning, two characters from Greece leave "The Tar House," a bit drunk and quite pleased (6)
Allooo!! Amy L. Carter, Chip's sister, shot Lou Gehrig's killer (11,7,9)
A son in March, unfortunately, is one at the wrong time (11)
Writer residing in Montana is ninety (5,3)
Alan's ex's kinky act in bed (4,3)
"Peasant stew"! (7)
Simian apes think about how to get from their cage at the zoo to their home by a stream or up a tree (7)
A very high price to get Hammer in via the back door, for example (2,3,3,1,3)
Like a nuclear bomb inside of the rear end of the body (10)
Small amount of chemical found in some medical student's study (7)
Sounds like Dan Rather's not present for Navy song (7,6)
Additional birthday wishes are pouring in: North Dakota, Massachusetts, New York, Missouri. . . (3,4,4)
According to rumor, princess made a picture with prince (6)
It's heard where colored silks are worn, the dye ran (3,6,3)
Comedian with yak cracked up Frenchman (4,7)
Amusing stories of Dorothy in a scene that went awry (9)
It can be, it's said, a cute fish (5)
/Sinister Voldemort's gnawing sandwiches; it's not long. . . (8)
|. . . till Potter's beginning quietly. . . (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
\. . . to taint V's bread (totally surreptitiously and imperceptibly, perhaps) (7) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "a"]
Article: "Way to go, Frank!" (4)
Disney star's one tenet: A crazy way to have fun is to start a musical instrument (7,9)
Girl puts on a little weight, guys start talking — everybody hears it (12)
Maryann ultimately has to dissolve marriage (5)
A Philadelphia violinist, around 50: in a bow, he slurs quavers (6,8)
Feed the kitty a hamster; save the cuts of pork for insectivore (8)
Around 10, Rodgers & Hammerstein heroine starts "Edelweiss," which has leading parts for skipper (8)
A tenor is replaced by opera management heads in The Vestibule (8)
They say the Princess Cafe has a little space near the front door (8)
Hanta Rx: terribly poisonous bacterial spores (7)
Western hideout (and other similar ones) has a little sodium for killing germs (13)
I dab Tony's bum with germ killer (8)
A soldier perhaps gets a mite roughed up in Civil War battle (8)
Flaunting a new medicinal cream, perhaps (10)
One jeweler heard music from two choirs in turn (9)
Composer cooked okra after eccentric (not a diarist) with illness left (7,6)
Blacksmith's equipment found in Moravian village (5)
Unspecified person, a New York youth, gets arrested, finally (7)
Welk quoted battleship calls (1,3,3,1,3)
A bug! New iPad claims essentially worthless (5)
Love potion: a radish pico concoction (11)
Say, "I'm sorry—LA Pig Zoo moved east" (9)
According to reports, God and His Son shortly will offer formal explanation (7)
Wild applause: extremely creative fruit dish (10)
#51 taxi in New York not big, but suited for the purpose (10)
Knock out porn: a covering for the lap (5)
A bit of headland erodes from port — Doris, this is a good time to plant a tree (5,3)
Circular path made by boat in sound (3)
Dated a rich eccentric that is about a hundred (7)
One of God's attendants using a rough switch on devil's rear end (9)
He cried "Eureka!"; one of his deities chimed in (10)
Records most important 20th-century composer (8)
Acrobats bow (4)
Former oil company — not the pits, we hear (4)
"Get me out of Ardmore," expressed with passion (5)
Relationship's beginning to follow tortuous road to romantic passion (5)
Its cargo included two donkeys and wouldn't be complete without the Clintons (9)
Darling daughter dropped a lot of weight in U. S. city (9)
Animal (gorilla) takes top off bananas, eats bananas (9)
Charm snakes with a song from "Caquetoire" (8)
Morgoth's a dour lunatic, making kids eat this ground flesh (6,3,4)
"DOA" on Duran Duran rock LP record Motion (6,3,6)
A run, young man, is tailored primarily to make you lighter (8)
Terry A. Wild, deliverer of blood (6)
/Clear away soft, granular, . . . (10)
\. . . coarse dirt settling around back steps (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "s"]
Garfunkel's "Spasm" is aesthetically pleasing (8)
Like good grades? (2)
Cicadas! Rob & I ground up around 100 to make Vitamin C (8,4)
On a cruise, playing chess, canasta, hearts (4)
A horse is swimming onto the beach (6)
Calling for more Spanish to be beheaded by Henry VIII (6)
Say — hip Texas models take one's breath away (10)
/A small, small opening. . . (3)
\. . . Can the French get in to it? (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "t"]
Slave owner turned to state (5)
To see a donkey rear its head / And rear again kills great men dead (12)
Inside foreign embassy, fifty people gathered (8)
Evaluate female donkey? (6)
Careful and thorough, from South America, heading west, Caesar comes to the States, captures midwestern college (9)
Shirt's on backwards: can I help? (6)
The end is August 6th! Help! (6)
Yes, fool. You like roses. (9)
Rocky, drowning in sour ade, is shocked? (10)
/Soon, Marty gets confused by science. . . . (9)
\He feels the same way about math & PE (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "e"]
Science prize goes to "The Metric System: Bridging the Gap Between Top Grades and Average Grades" (12)
Refusing to believe his team lost (7)
Satie: "Forum" arranged as a song in a 1968 film (1,4,3,2)
Wrecked tailgear missing a piece of iron — whereabouts unknown (2,5)
Finally: a book of maps with the capital of Texas (2,4)
Poe hamster struggling to get air (10)
Bikini, e.g., gets a charge (5)
A number of people gathered at 10, before the prom (10)
Protect a ground spider (8)
Treat wound and most of skin blemish left by spider (8)
Wear a piece of the flag (6)
Measure a true circumference around bust and derrière (10)
Property located in Butte is developed — ultimately, partner and I invested (9)
In Office 12, ophthalmological procedure (2,4)
A Roman remake of "USA! USA! USA! . . . ," etc. takes in $1000 before end of year (8,6)
Piece of solder joins gold and tin in city of Orange (6)
A "sunset tax" I redistributed in a U.S. city (6,5)
Like Schwarzenegger's gold set of trains? (8)
Real gold, then titanium and carbon (9)
In a New York City building, a female robot (9)
Not one rodent has lost its tail following a car on its own (10)
Kosma's work evaluates mu spinning around neutron (6,6)
A Virginia planter doesn't have energy to become an actress (3,7)
One state college in Texas exhibits greed (7)
Get retribution for vegan that is ordered to swallow a piece of egg (6)
Awards first place and, perhaps, Fifth (6)
It's the norm to declare how old you are (7)
Flat, in part — not inclined (6)
Left eggs off Mo's burger, and the chemistry major knew it (9,6)
A German from an English county (4)
Giving out prizes in a random drawing (8)
Carol (manager) is upset after a preliminary event to the boxing match is announced (4,2,1,6)
Children's classic by L'Engle, edited by Spooner, reads, "See me pee? Wee wee wee!" (1,7,2,4)
Fairfax Island used as hiding place for 1940s warmongers (4)

Monkey gets a college degree — that's really helpful (6)
Meal choice of bad boy: nuts (4,4)
Beach not England's foremost composer (4)
Bacon not quite done — sibling gets sick with bacterial infection (10)
Fan of cake maker eats piece of cake (6)
Ed is an ass (8)
Ronet or Raelette? (6,6)
Bugs and I will get into Cabaret free (8)
Bedard's screwball is comparatively good? (6)
Steal bagel, broken in pieces by Beethoven (10)
Sack Hussein's first defense and take out center of Iraqi capital (7)
Streetwoman happy to fall into Hudson? (3,4)
One who makes a cake with brake fluid (5)
Greek pastry made using partially-baked volcanic rock (7)
That woman enters cooking events, takes home top money (9)
Dog eating a large dead bird (4,5)
A great time having a baby in a little steel sphere (4,7)
Woman who leaps in a shed with an NBA star (6)
Liberal nuts backing an aspiring Pavlova (9)
Spun around a Li'l Abner dancer (9)
Terpsichorean has these alpine house spirits, according to the Reverend (6,5)
Lo! A blonde, after fooling around, swelled out and became round (9)
Note: Arlo G. is playing "The Downfall of Gandalf the Grey" (6)
Bottomless Bimbo: a naughty movie for kids? (5)
Boy in a bomb explosion (7)
Sheep talk about breadfruit (6)
Frantically burp a cannibal that has eaten leader of embassy in a small tropical nation (6,8)
Group of people, sick, admitted into twin hospital facilities ahead of stout-heart bullfighter (12)
Mexican crook's "bait and switch" (7)
Prohibit making excessive noise in Canadian national park (5)
Country to outlaw German lead, which breaks down into sulfur and hydrogen (10)
Prohibit Namath and DiMaggio from strumming instruments (7)
Batman cooked poultry (6)
ABC newswoman says: "Legal professionals disallow one reactionary ordinance, rest uneasily" (7,7)
Attorneys ban The Jazz Singer, a Fonda film (10)
Prohibit live showing of Cooking on the Grill (10)
Going from bar to bar, sister gets drunk with singer-actress (6,9)
Cured real bacon from Iberian city (9)
Iberian seacoast site offers crab: alone; in stew (9)
Turned around Tokyo shellfish to show labeling (7)
Just heard what Traveller could do (6)
Bad News Bears shows nudity? (5)
Drinker to expel stomach contents about 6 trillion miles shortly (6)
Degree to which I will go into tricky tenor voice range (8)
Nobleman has spoken with no children (5)
Initially, Bob takes wacky Lucy to Spurs game (10)
"Hound Dog": Ron H.'s arrangement for tenor clarinet (6,4)
In remix, undo the bass woofer (6,5)
Transposing low instrument to start "Baby, I'm Gonna Hold You" (8)
One of bandmates to help bandmember (7)
/Musical instrument some college graduates promptly . . . (7)
| . . . give up: having fun at first, then tire of working— (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "f"]
\ e.g., it's hard, terribly, to play music without having looked at it (5-4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "s"]
Abe failing to keep quiet in prison (8)
'Bye, Dallas! It possibly is time for a holiday in France (8,3)
Cave dweller—he leaves to go swimming (3)
Rub at her part where a woman gets wet (4)
"Th-in" bagel — it helps keep your skin soft and smooth (4,3)
Where can I go with broken motor? Bah! (8)
Where's the pot of cooked moa broth? (8)
Bilbo met a pathetic thing, which is driven from cave (9)
This'll get you juiced up: a Louisville Slugger — two parts tequila, two parts rye (7)
"Playing Bach?" "We are. In swimsuits!" (9)
Circular structure housing light within can be seen through fog! (6)
Portray a prisoner in The Guiding Light? (6)
Dog bite on extremities injured a leg (6)
Better beta version (4)
Having weakness, queen's attendant takes a pill before starting lunch (8)
Top o' Broadway Diner used to make scrambled eggs (6)
One big anteater tormented all the cool writers in the 1950s (4,10)
Man in 50s (who was real cool) pummeled Santa Claus, according to reports (7)
Troubled? Where there's sex, there's sin, Mr. McMahon (9)
Bachelor hoped to be naughty and sleep around (3-3)
Utter chaos is being blamed, unfortunately (6)
Bad chemist near bad composer (7,7)
At the end of the day, diminutive 1st-century saint taken in by 8th-century saint (7)
Do hornets live here? (7)
Pastoral composer to stand before the blast furnace (9)
Portions of crab egg are for one who pleads (6)
Pro team from Illinois with two guards to fire one: badly beat, without a center, by college team from Indiana. . . . No, I would say when you're desperate, you take what you can get (7,4,2,8)
Charming apiarist said, "Fish!" (9)
Maybe Guinevere pens a song (7)
In a predicament — what an ass! (6)
Musician, out of control, broke tabla (4,6)
Bartók and Kennedy getting together after some delay (7)
Liberal label for Congresswoman Abzug (5)
Been naughty? It must be true, or he'd be giving you lots of presents (10)
She generously provides some meat, which gets eaten ultimately by a lady in Hollywood (12)
Begin going out with nun: at first, it's harmless (6)
Feeling grief for lost beaver (a male) (8)
Tolkien hero seen in Bree, drunk, by Aragorn, finally (5)
Disease put Halle in the grave, it's said (8)
Card (king) held by Manber, perhaps (7)
Pessimistic investor loses a cruise ship to German capitalist? (8)
Dr. Rostenkowski-Wolowitz treated Ben's convulsing (10)
Rotated some majorette batons to beat (6)
Actress to live at apartment center on the outskirts of Tipperary — it's in the middle of nowhere (5,5)
Possessed, Beth winced in pain, losing last of million (9)
Spooner speech: "Looking After Riches in San Antonio and Environs" (5,6)
Ancient writings saying gallbladder excretion suppresses onset of baldness (5)
Somewhat wasted, I barfed around bathroom fixture (5)
Gabbing about something that happened a long time ago (3,4)
Green fluid from rear of car (4)
TV personality from Arlen to charge David to take female parts (4,9)
A billionaire's currency gets a locomotive (4,5)
A huge number saying "Charge! Charge!" (7)
Left some barbecued ribs and chicken, perhaps (4)
Celtic forward to yell for whistle, e.g. (4,4)
Spooner. . . . Speaking of Spooner, he spots spoonbills and spies sparrows (11)
Boy who likes both male and female animals? (5)
Weirdo orbits cafe (6)
Rat in unregulated lab shot with booze, decapitated (12)
Jet's aft section holds fifty (5)
Flower girl follows servant into bed (5-4,5)
With blade, hack off excess sebum (9)
Bikini top taken off, getting model — finally — a cover (7)
Blah! Get the h--- out! The band at the wedding is playing much too loud (7)
It goes against all that is held sacred to say it's abnormally balmy around two-thirds of the globe (9)
Stabler unleashed bomb (7)
Without direction, be flaccid, obese person (5)
Bluto's first Frankfurter's left unfinished. "Heat it up here," I said. "It takes only a fraction of a second." (5,2,2,3)
Second-tier celebrity gets popular, ultimately becoming super-hot (10)
Before end of movie, suave Brit gets girl ultimately: the kind of girl gentlemen prefer (6)
Cartoon wife confused ol' Biden (7)
Trick Ropers redoubles circulation numbers (5,8)
Old boy turns red (6)
Jerk goes into ridiculous discourse on women's tops (7)
Fail to include sound of Broadway composer in theatrical scene (4,2)
Rev. Spooner's ghost says this made it harder to see colorful flyer (8)
Cigar has ten outside leaves wrapped around black lupine (10)
Bird reportedly didn't inhale reefer (4,3)
Did something foolish: ran outside topless, split (9)
"One from Column A, two from Column B?" Going back to China, perhaps? No no — someplace in the Dominican Republic (4,5)
Soap is stinking so bad. Why? (4,4)
Lad holds multibillion-dollar corporation; that's a little more than par for the course (5)
Nuclear weapon (Bulgaria's first) gets mob to retreat (4)
Promise a good grade on shorthand final (4)
In Paris — good lord! — some booze is a necessity for beatnik poetry readings (5,5)
Heart of Alabama, on Upper West Side next to Seventy-First, gives you a little extra (5)
Ghost says it will accept, as an option, highest bid. This is a mistake. (6)
First dog in the U.S. to go to Midwestern State. . . . No interest? Nothing? That's sad! (6)
Mrs. Derek approves of literature (5)
An Oklahoma song performer essentially wears out one sombrero (6,6)
Groveler and Spooner's money squabble (10)
Shepherdess put on some jazz, turned around to go to the bathroom (2,4)
Spooner's way of knowing someone's arrived at the house. . . . oh — they say it's that kind of a house! (8)
/Ed, born evil, and Lizzie, the axe-murderer. . . (6)
\. . . are decapitating chauvinist (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "e"]
Hospital worker almost falls into plants on periphery (10)
No excitement in bedroom, unfortunately (7)
Great Dane swallows a small lion with frightening craft (4,4)
He wrote, "Eastern half of Durin's realm is beat up, destroyed, rank" (5,9)
/Delivered two letters from boyhood nurse. . . (4)
\. . . Opening one of envelopes in unrestrained rapture (8) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
Atom with five protons loses nucleus, absorbs small subatomic particle (5)
Bassoon arrangement Virginia shortened for dance in Brazil (5,4)
Supervisor loses small amount of weight in Beantown (6)
What the stock market might do before it shoots up like the moon (6,3)
O, rub like crazy with good French whisky (7)
Mrs. Derek standing next to a famous Hollywood street, looking like a cow (6)
My right to a bit of bread, oxygen, and heat (3-3)
Intestine and elbow injured (5)
Equipment to hunt and fish for sport (7)
Deep-dish wild cherry — the whole thing is round and weighs up to 16 pounds (7,4)
My arm motion confused Westbrook (3,6)
Have relations with a bovine? You will get pounded! (5)
Airplane manufacturer switching from natural log base to common — it's brutal! (6)
Male partners insert it halfway into naughty Fern's body (10)
With intelligence a boy has, certain to collect $1000, outside of royalty, for 1973 U.S. rock album (5,5,7)
Perhaps Bush and Barack beginning to talk a lot, but not really getting to the point (7)
Generals empty bladder and rectum (5)
More assertive finish to wine. A cup, perhaps? (9)
A bad brunette: Dr. Duff's source of sustenance (5,3,6)
Fat bakers prepared a meal (9)
Sadly, staff baker loses one of fingers making meal (9)
Gilligan's vehicle brings keg, and rabbi gets drunk (8,3)
Bret Harte takes out a pair of trunks, swims to get inspiration (7)
Dead and gone, bless heart (10)
Beer is drunk where the sign of The Prancing Pony is displayed (4)
Actor with scoliosis around lower back goes to doctor, finally (5,6)
Note: Turn back — never burn bridges (5)
"Struggling," bride claims, beginning to beam, "paid off." (6)
You're likely to see a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign here. . . . A lie. Disturb anyway. (6,5)
Newlyweds rent 1-bed Grand Hotel accommodation (5,3,5)
Flying bird gets half-way across river (6)
Bartender starting to concoct a drink for soldiers (7)
A big donor arranged to produce a Broadway musical (9)
A movie musical with Brando: I go wild (9)
"Bandits and Brides" half-written by Gilbert and Sullivan (8)
Some babies have this procedure for broken ribs (4)
Adorbs: new dictionary entry—it can be used in anger (10)
Popular place for plays: west end of Beale Street (8)
Renovator, take a bow! Yard becomes a play area (8)
Boil croc, bananas, and vegetable (8)
Stock exchange erupted into madness (9)
To make German rolls: with broth almost done, add a bit of cornmeal and a layer of eggs? (8)
In RV, Boswell is traveling to Texas border town (11)
Arab-run gambling houses taken over by hillbillies (5)
Good ol' boy refusing a late-year champagne (6)
You can't top Martin Luther for one following Bible and opposing the system (7)
Conservative shoe accessory adds a bit of youthfulness (7)
Description of collapsing concrete road brings little funding? (8)
Plan expenses of only around 500 thousand dollars? Excellent! (6)
Fool with bulbs until they begin to turn off and on (7)
Partial bump on diseased leg — this can end private dreams? (5)
Beast that is starting scuffle with mean kids (7)
Shaved whisker retreating into cheek (3)
House-maid wears a hairdo that's painful (8)
Sandy spots Archie and Edith (7)
Hopper in The Tails of (Dustin) Hoffman in Purchase (5)
Turning around to make a gesture of disrespect with buttocks (4)
Fast-food restaurant in town serving sodas topless (6,4)
The last vestiges of you or I, situated in resting place! (6)
Bird uteruses are terribly difficult things to find, but well worth the effort (6,9)
Folk singer's chopped-liver sub (4,4)
Folk singer that's playing vibes claims web address (4,4)
Ives' Rhapsody's conclusion is rough (5)
Rubs my foot: it's having some joint inflammation (8)
Actor to make smokin'-hot car that holds three (4,8)
Restaurant employee working to get back doctor for a woman quickly (6)
Big Bird's back doctor: a true hero (7)
It used to be customary to put on one's seat belt when traveling around America (6)
Working hard to get small breasts? (8)
Perverted brute takes two of children to flesh peddler (7)
Scrub the injured flesh: it's necessary for them to operate (8)
Cassidy encloses end of text with a mouse! — goes to an IM site (4,5)
Dairy product from goat? (6)
I will be absent from moving tribute to dairy product (6)
Frequent partygoer gets good grade, then really gets bad grade (9)
Can Dotty Kilmer drink? (10)
Candy is behind her, playfully running around bed in South Carolina (12)
Butter-nuts before starts of strenuous safaris help give strength (8)
One who spends 4th of July trapped by deranged rube (5)
Bird to fly low over a short street (7)
He tried to reach the pole, but initially returned, dehydrated (4)

Balsamic mixture used in religious cult (8)
Walter, a bachelor, left to take in a movie with Liza (7)
President's advisory group: can it be reformed? (7)
Some of America boos Edsel car (7)
Struggling oboes following conductor's articulation at first, but get behind (7)
Unusual cool device from East Indian (5)
Dad, Cy got in a scuffle with that man carrying those golf clubs (5)
Could be E, E, C, and C! (7)
Roman emperor said, "Grab that woman!" (6)
Copper in interior of skin blemish and kidney stone (8)
Check measurement of bacterial waste (9)
Cat in care of Dodgson's girl lost tail (6)
African oil, liquid state (10)
Charly, is floor one in an odd location in this state? (10)
Jason Kidd's college team is the team in New York that is giving up $2000 to exercise option (12)
/Request selection from vocal LP: (4)
\"Like a Knight Errant" —Vail Chorus (10) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "c"]
Austrian leader wears contacts to see Greek diva (6)
Replace oil with care in heating unit (7)
Counterfeit nickel gets a chipmunk some designer underwear (6,5)
Pet eating wiener and cheese (9)
Back up computer, then clear 60% of video recorder (6)
Film crew arrived with noodles (9)
A piece of fluff in guacamole mix—it's hard to see (10)
I start to get into playing Pac-Man battles (8)
California adding nothing to Mexican land (6)
State nothing to Pedro that would reveal Victoria's location (6)
Fire a princess — without letter of termination — from Toronto (8)
American Celebration contains material that will force it off the air (6)
One of the twelve signs of malignancy (6)
Liberace's companion is able to deal with changing into ladies' underwear (10)
In 2016, Hillary and Frank had dinner (9)
Covered with sugar, toilet stopped functioning (7)
Sugar-coated frank with a piece of egg inside (7)
Bum succumbs to some gum and sugar plums (7)
A romantic dinner requires this thing called "fooling around" (11)
Letters from Mexican do resonate with sincerity (6)
Sweet thing! Could it be citizen's daughter? Sounds like it (5,4)
Dirty Dancing has tendency, ultimately, of making things sugar-coated (8)
Is it possible for me to necropsy first pair of dogs? (6)
Fire is leading to disease and known to lead to extreme injuries to dogs (5,5,10)
Hotel turned in religious cult for anthropophagy (11)
Cannabis mixed with one unit of LSD used by human-flesh eaters (9)
Clergyman will be 100 soon (5)
Nun's spot (8)
/Cannot even get a drink here if you're a soldier. . . (7)
\. . . Cannot even be a soldier (3) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
Isn't Baltimore bird able to sound like a singer? (9)
Escapade with condiment (5)
Fellow from western part of California eats Middle-Eastern bread in Sacramento (7)
"Take advantage of excellent views," they say (10)
Credit card used to get pizza dough stuffed with various fillings including flatbread, with a piece of zwieback to go (7,3)
Garment worn by women with headwear to strongly discourage insects (5,5)
Model Prius inside can of orange drink (5,3)
Orange drink spilled, ruins a PC (5,3)
Description under picture of wrecked Pontiac (7)
North Carolina center near 100 points (5)
Lotus — gone to seed (7)
Vehicle #007101015002.718CO2 (6,7)
Antiquated office-supply item made of shortening, starch or sugar, theoretically? (6,5)
Herb, check a mother's ID (8)
Spooner's watchman arrived at bridge (4,4)
A joker in almost every primary (8)
Bird is inside sloth, perhaps? (8,3)
Doctor treated Carol's dog—it swallowed iodine (12)
350-V8 careening wildly (3,6)
At work, Ralph Kramden accepts this responsibility, taking to heart a quote from Barker (7)
Vehicle I purchased halfway to Maine town (7)
Kind of conductor leading a band (6)
Reiner is evil, craven, disorderly, and slimy to begin with, but this underground money-making operation in New Mexico is sinking to new depths (8,7)
New "Mona" lyrics from pop songwriter (5,5)
Opera conductors (6)
Liquid Cinnabar Aura includes one of my songs, with music by Orff (7,6)
Red auto belonging to me (7)
Widespread bloodshed: a company lost. Recall it on lapel decoration (9)
Ms. Burnett frequently goes to pit to embrace live soloist at beginning of Christmas song (5,2,3,5)
Riding partner close at hand? (6)
Paternal uncle almost fixed wrist problem (6,6)
In Rome, seize the opportunity to gripe bitterly, I deem (5,4)
Perhaps builder of aquarium says, "Goldfish come in here" (9)
Poor beggar crept around a postbellum opportunist (12)
I rage violently after car becomes a motorless vehicle (8)
Transported by bumpy car ride (7)
Ordered pair of culottes (free) from Amalgamated Outlets. Well, perhaps these will go as part of an outfit. (9, 11)
Crazed orca swallows Tweety first, then goes on to get Bugs Bunny, perhaps (7)
Terribly angry cat nips rear end of actor (4,5)
Die as you see companion's head burn up during your meal (4,2,4,5)
Cast C. H. Hale as the Red Baron (uncredited) (4,2,3,10)
Tec sneakily runs around holding tape cartridge (8)
Mr. Grant eats like a pig — or a sharp-clawed New Guinean bird (9)
How to catch fish with a clicking instrument (8)
Castor oil eventually beginning to remove Spanish gold from old Spanish kingdom (7)
Actors' equity scale renders a man powerless to get a raise? (9)
Wild-cat's food allowance is being cut off, in a way (10)
/Take crate. Remove back, take out last of excelsior. Get kitty. . . . (3)
\. . . Ship out cat in it (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "T"]
A mountain lion in tree? Just the reverse! (7)
Hepcat playing about half of "Spacemen" — it doesn't go well (11)
A Carter pill treated bug (11)
Jazzman gets grass in China (6)
Carl, the ad is inappropriate for church (9)
Teach "Cooking with Hog Fat" around Notre Dame, perhaps (9)
After a time, that girl goes into movie with Russian woman (9)
100 theater nuts producing Drainage Tube (8)
Feline struggling here to swallow tip of the drainage tube (8)
Jazz musician playing three soprano instruments in hospital (9)
Faith and I catch Milo's mistake (11)
Tickle a poor feline (7)
California and Tennessee shortly confront first two appeals for temporary suspension of action (6)
Chased after Tweety at first, then put bits of Tweety in litterbox yesterday: it's how Sylvester rolls (7)
In the morning, a pair will go into prison with villainess (8)
In short, California — the University of California — has oriental people and white people (10)
Vacation resort has no buffalo tail? Then I will get some pasta (8)
Network on television and some radios (3)
Stop talking about ocean beach sites being redeveloped (5,3,6)
Rev. Spooner's experiencing emotion in front of the site of the Alamo — this helps him stay cool (7,3)
Rejoice as car (Beetle) crashes (9)
Star of Speed gets lead in Batman (9)
I bet Alec won't follow order: he won't do it (8)
Basement is one hundred forty-five inches across, right? (6)
Drumroll echoing all around, enveloping the instrument (5)
Monument constructed where individual has fallen backwards into thorny patch (8)
Sad tune: "Breaking into Tears for Hundreds of Years" (9)
Cyanuret drunk when missing a period (7)
Food contains hearts of wombats and puree of brains (8)
Heartless hellcat wrecked a home (6)
Several players from Cubs hammer pitches. After 1, Cubs lead (7,5)
John to deviate from going straight, taking heroin, marijuana (7,3)
Lizard starts to consume half a cantaloupe, getting a bit enthusiastic (9)
Charles the Lesser imprisons me in the Bastille with an antelope (7)
Newly-designed "Phonicam" is a real winner (8)
What a DeBakey patient might have just before, if not during, an operation (6,2,5)
Rooster playing C clarinet, eh? (11)
Burn hydrogen in vehicle (4)
React surprisingly, having been put in Burns roles (10)
"Charm" is a different way of putting it! (8)
I move in on Burns' mother with that great personality (8)
Rachel's dashing prince (7)
College hooker bets we recreated a children's fantasy (10,3)
Pursued, it is said, yet still pure and innocent (6)
Nice conversation. Nice refreshing drink. And a big house in the country is the setting for it all (7)
Revolutionary hero bearing 112.5º to get food (6)
After beginning of childhood, Michael abused substance (8)
Love disquiet? Try chimes! (9)
Sexual Attraction in Hermits revised within 100 years (9)
Set child free to run around town near Saint Louis (12)
Hot, clever comic vehicle (9)
Midwestern city, modern and stylish in the past (7)
Spanish girl to leave U.S. city (7)
Yellow bird (7)
Fashionable boyfriend of Barbie, a spy, makes a Mexican delicacy (7,4)
Some canned tuna failing a check: not fish! EE! (7,2,3,3)
Bloody hell! Recession is squeezing Latin-American leader in Mexican cuisine (6,8)
I would go back after X-large item from snack bar (5,3)
Onsets of coldness heralding diseases to follow! (6)
Greek character to catch bird in porcelain dish (5,4)
Perpetual-motion machine — nation's first — created by guys from Shanghai (8)
"Working?" "No, watchin' a movie." (9)
Wish Canton cooking and Cantonese culture could be found here in the Western world (10)
"Punch-drunk Munich": that's exactly what it says (4,5)
Christen new violin-shop purchase (8)
Drink for misbehaving cat: hemlock oil (9,4)
Comedienne, 8, from Spain traveling to Iran in a vehicle (4-4,5)
Locomotive hit raccoon—Ooh, gross! (4-4,5)
Pianist Cliburn's first to come aboard (6)
Chinese food in prepared pouches? Yes (4,4)
Singers butchered carol, eh? (7)
A disagreeable task: start to clean horse droppings (5)
Asian restaurant menu item: "New! MOCHI! New!" (4,4)
Dog encountering mine blown to bits — it's served in Chinese restaurant (4,4)
Perhaps Pauline will get lost in this car (9)
Rich saint cast out of Church (9)
His "M" streetcar is rerouted to Evergreen sometimes (9,4)
Arrest that woman that's following rich eccentric in Columbus (11)
"Church of Love"? No, no, it's not diatonic (9)
Colorful, stupid macho jerk swallows razor head (9)
Watch Speaker getting caught in hot-corner putout (11)
Winston-Salem and Mobile: great cities I left (10)
Herb cooked? Can't Lori? (8)
Came in rank 1, so with March almost complete in 1990, it won an Oscar (6,8)
As seen in film, trained mice can run around it backwards (9)
"Municipal Official Repairs Agency . . . I'm Art" (4,7)
"I will eat shellfish? Just the opposite!" says lawsuit (5)
Without hesitation, shinny a thousand times to the top of Everest to get a seafood dinner (8)
One who tends to be quiet or make a racket (6)
CNN lede: "It's a shameful secret" (11)
Contractor, Celine, arranged a classical work (8,8)
Girl caught in prickly plants: not entirely a dignified thing to do (5,3)
It's in French, about a collie without a tail; and it's of the utmost sophistication (9)
At first, critics praised Kiss taking last bit of tune "The End of Humanity" from a famous composer (6,7)
Scout leader goes after neat rows — it's a virtue (11)
Comet free of dirt; almost completely dried up (8)
Not having a beard enhances Val somehow (5-6)
Obviously, corporal has no guts at 5 a.m. (7)
Actor with plea to be recast in The African Queen (9)
Celts veer out of control with most craft (9)
Overlook husband's first sign of madness — you have to wait and see what happens (11)
The most exciting part: where Mother is held captive by 159 Romans (6)
In Il Cristo, playing part of Mary Magdalene with great sensitivity (8)
Like a story full of intrigue? . . . . "Folk dancer takes alias, has no problem maintaining focus on journey to the West" (5-3-6)
One hundred fifty-one — each an exact copy of the original (5)
Corrupt CEOs seizing last of capital makes you go out of business (5)
Secret about the Spanish alien (6)
Inappropriately, I chortle at the haberdasher (8)
Close-out: 62.5% off item, for every item at dress shop (8)
Cryptic clues sold in clear (9)
A flowering plant that grows in patches on one's lawn appears in some Gothic love romances (6)
Lonesome cowboy heads west on Orwell's horse (6)
Engineering fall cover includes engineer's top highway interchange design (10)
Baseball player embraces L.A.'s leadoff batter (4)
Without the slightest idea of how to describe a virtually impossible crossword puzzle (8)
Use music, lest terrible coordination of the worst kind results (9)
What a nice young man should wear to dance at assembly, to capture admirer's heart (4,3,3)
Small-business supporter — one that could strike at any moment (but hasn't a leg to stand on) (5)
Carbonation occupies cans and cups of liquid, Atlantan in its origins! (4-4)
A bird on Mother's back? That is ridiculous! (10)
Molly Malone sold these cuckoo clocks, including one from Essen (7)
Chanel discussing film (6)
Poisonous gas that woman doctor gives orderly (8)
Penny? . . . Penny? . . . Penny? . . . After I get in, want to be friends together? (14)
Keeping cool in front of 50,500, Colorado thrashed Gators November 7th (4,7)
Merry King Music Show has time for "The Beetles" (10)
We locals prepared some salad (4,4)
King carries gun to school in New York (7)
Military trainees seizing musical instrument back from revenue agent (9)
Fresh, cool north wind may blow from here (5)
Klemperer's role spelled out here: (7,5)
Lower digestive tract to ail painfully — under influence of Danish, perhaps? (8)
Solid resin and Asian broth in large intestine leads to intrauterine mass (11)
Business lost money — foundering, it's abandoning Northeast, but it takes guts to move to a new location (9)
Perhaps general mayhem started with club I have, poised to do battle (9)
Rock group really not finished doing hairstyle (8)
"Perverted egomaniac!" . . . "What did you say?!" (4,5)
Humorous shows' approach fizzles (8)
Buffalo Bill captivates me in Annie, Get Your Gun, e.g. (6)
Alluring heavenly body on that woman has a way of saying "hello!" (4-6)
Place to get some Chinese food take-out: hot, and not a bit of waiting time (4,2,6)
Accept the reality of a rare sight in the sky, or. . . pigs flying (4,2,5)
Coming around for a spot of tea? That's nice to know. (10)
It was torture sitting there as H. Fry, a comic, bombed (5,5)
U.S. Navy leader, Soviet Navy leader returning (9)
Rewrite My Romance around central character in Orchestrating Notes (10)
Before 2000, 40% of colon doctors would make you put a solution here (8) (Hint: This clue was posted on Facebook)
Whole county quickly abandoned temple (8)
Electronic device makes steady metallic sound (8)
Using machines to provide free access to female reproductive organs? Insult! (13)
Fool puts on embroidered lace mask (7)
Music heard a single time in an old computer display (7)
Decided to fool around, cuddle (9)
Realizing problem in concerto (10)
State, North Dakota, in Union (9)
Golden beer flows around Notre Dame? That's for the birds! (7)
Person with stick makes condor catch cut flounders (9)
Train person to run after prisoner up in Washington (9)
Trusted companion Fido can reorder a set of books (9)
Cast-iron flagon destroyed in fires (14)
Criminal failing to trail informer with charges — with fiery consequences? (14)
The first three members of Congress formed the Union; it was disorganized (8)
Group of Latin dancers making a geometric figure with a girl in interior (5,4)
It's nice to cradle infant's bottom at birth (10)
A bunch of people playing gag on Eric. . . . . . not! (12)
Some of U.S. government censors moving to seize pornography, essentially (8)
Meet around 1, intersection of Spruce and Pine? (7)
Attention: Army food has kind of a kick (13)
Police officer in criminals' meeting place? (9)
For example, Captain America is one to hold back dismay (13)
Inability to go changing opinions? Tact is required (12)
Prisoner with sensitivity to touch (7)
Go contain bats spreading disease (9)
Catching locust in Goa — unfortunately, one of legs is missing (10)
Go on inside ice-cream place: there's one item left (8)
Kept using can opener on can — used to remove top from sardines (9)
Deal with charge for weight reduction? (11)
Unpleasantly tart: not suitable for Hi-C (9)
Penitentiary state prisoner playing introit (10)
Chef that is making ginger snap (6)
To make a tasty treat, bake this fresh Ohio geoduck (6,5)
Officer Spock's internal structure reversed from normal (3)
Grab a beach house at resort hotel (10)
OPEC arranged deal (4)
City's public invested in revolutionary change (10)
Claimed ownership of publishing business on a shiny metal desktop, taking possession of a small domestic magazine (11)
Heart and firm resolve to figure the solution out (4)
Pieces of fried bread for Spooner, a Star Trek actor and some old guys (4,7)
Feed crone nuts (including one from Brazil) and some meat (6,4)
"Heart of Italy" on a crown (6)
Noor goes into action, ordering changes made the moment she becomes queen (10)
Serviceman says leaders of Pacific Ocean Regiment got swallowed by a sea creature (8)
Filthy rich drop in — it's to eat fantastic fowl, back in Texas locale (6,7)
100 ocarinas playing in North Texas town (9)
"Cold, Poisonous Heart" in crazy arrangement (6)
Roy, agnostic, converted on account of partner (11)
Make up Camelot song, originally to go after "C'est moi!" medley (9)
Rib found by Ric next to a Central American site (5,4)
Outfit a Hebrew lyre all around with shiny stones (7,7)
Tom Cruise lost without one theatre-industry worker (8)
Rued fiction being rewritten to be less cosmopolitan (11)
Wild outcry about end of Revolution in France, perhaps (7)
Do a soporific, incoherent speech to UN (5,5)
Car holds fifty-two (6)
Porter gets up at two (6)
Cougar, shot, beginning to exhibit bravery (7)
Star Trek TV-theme composer is zero in dog years (7)
Military judges automatic shift, taking right, taking another right, then left (5-7)
Curtsied awkwardly, embracing Oscar Robertson next to Robertson's place of business (9)
Fashions a piece of work out of cow uterus somehow (8)
Ranch hand says, "Go west, young man: not with a thousand dollars, but a hundred" (6)
Confederate hiding in Moscow or Kerch (8)
Creature developed from malformed oocyte (6)
One of children, getting naughty, put a metal pellet in soup (4,6)
Piece of cardboard bars wandering crustaceans (5)
Holiday garnish written off as "beer-can curry" (9,5)
Topless dancer shot bird (5)
Confident about class (5)
A fish-poop tart (7)
Had an accident — train car lost (7)
C-owardly c-rook (6)
Zac & Ray dancing in front of tavern — it's totally insane (5,2,1,4)
Bush arranged score to Heart of Jezebel (8)
Eisenhower ceremoniously turned to embrace sailors (4)
A yarn that sounds merciless (6)
Pacific Rim in a large segment of illegal activity (8)
Difficult situations making you loudly weep copious amounts of salt water (6)
Pass the chicken-heart-and-okra stew (5)
Spring flowers like this one sound as if they have a death wish (6)
Creamed corn that is sold 75% off to friends (7)
When Army and Navy battle, projectiles may be directed over this angry group of lawyers (8)
CD containing "Pitiful Sorrows" and "Kind of Puzzling" (9)
Blackbird: it's fit for a king, almost (4)
In automobile, what's behind front seats? A tool (7)
Counterrevolutionary leader has angry words with mobs (6)
Nuclear bombs ultimately included with UN shipment: that's unconstitutional (5,3,7,10)
Fresh carrots and apples have this vitamin, which leads to diarrhea when consuming most Asian food (11)
Gang of deviants cut Eric's internal organs out (7,9,7)
Weep last, but grievously, for precious stone (7)
Beautifully clear voice beginning to sing high pitch after pair of introits (11)
Novice is beginning to totally like some art (6)
College undergraduates starting on degree plan to bear children (4)
You dodo! Mixed-up, backwards, headless kook! Crazy! (6)
A gesture given by the conductor, perhaps to the woodwinds, which we hear 1 before R (3)
Look inside cutest drunk's skirt (8)
Dog DNA left by rock taken back to folk healer (9)
Folk healers' dog with god (10)
Dog had a meal: he had an egg, and parts of it were wonderful (6)
Arachnophobe's meal is cold — starts to understand ranges don't work: haven't electricity during a hurricane (5,3,4)
Dog at center of investigation, so is brought back; it appears before jury . . . . ultimately everybody says it killed the cat (9)
Present dog-leasing fee (7)
Mongrel dog, my companion, lost mid-October — ear not straight (11)
Injury is severe: both extremities lost (3)
Tainted candy — i.e., it's poisonous (7)
Where website is located, spy Rebecca being kinky (10)
200 divided by 1/2 of 0 plus number named for Planck, a European (5)

Fritz's best friend says Chad's placed out of Chemistry II and German (9)
Lady that's crazy will capture Connecticut shortly (I do like the sound of this clue) (8)
Inherited wealth found in ancestral capital? (6,5)
Had left in a dash (3)
It would take 24 hours to get in to an African country before 1975 (7)
Where to keep cows? Put one in junk yard (5)
Platform says yes to Soviet Left, yes to Generalísimo Franco (4)
Before the end of the first half, Dallas kicker protects scrambling Cowboys quarterback (3,8)
Buddhist leader and Spanish lady embracing Miss Ali (5,4)
Tossed salad including topping of lite spicy ranch featured here (6)
Texas musicians' boy left girl my left fake breast, protected by plastic armor with center cut out (6,8,9)
Lady is made ill (4)
Convict and wanderer turned back, having lost one of oxen (4)
Cupid, an angel, embraces Asian city (2,4)
Dirk N., Heat in a musical number with Astaire and Charisse (7,2,3,4)
"Kind Heart," a musical number featuring Astaire and Charisse (7,2,3,4)
Musical number that featured Astaire and Charisse and Hirt naked (7,2,3,4)
Threat of harm from one who obeys Roger Miller? (6)
/Transplanted organ—used risky. . . (9)
\. . . procedure with a coypu heart (3) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "w"]
Brand of yogurt and whipped topping found around East End of London (6)
Leprechaun ultimately will get caught by anybody fiddling an Irish tune (5,3)
A European takes in the Big Apple with a girl actor-singer-comedian (5,4)
/Houston Oilers quarterback turned to aspirin and. . . (3,9)
\ . . . Spanish fruit to treat pain (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
One of hoofers goes into Panhandle Disco, dancing a ballet (7,3,5)
In front of ship, cavorting naked with roommate beginning when lights go out (8)
Holding tip of lighter, tortured Daddy Dearest: a villainous act (9,4)
He doesn't get emotional part of "Mordred" at audition (4)
(DOWN clue:) Numbers slightly uplifting (4)
Went out with Penny at the end of the day (5)
Dang it! Hybrid going out! (6)
Doctor holds zero hope, ultimately, for girl (8)
Biblical hero was six in 500 A.D. (5)
Had left to make "h-a-y" while the sun shines (3)
Made yard a disaster zone (8)
A yukata top comes in byzantine gold and fluorescent colors (6)
Twin reading Red Rocks (4,6)
The ad is fraudulent — you'll see when you go (5)
US law-enforcement agents to include spouse with convict in prison, perhaps (5-3,6)
Little girl scarfed down two sides of beef (6)
Run put away opposition in tenth (7)
Pint o' medical waste. (7,5)
A bit of dessert? How would a cream-filled pastry sound, say? (7)
Cleric to tell a joke loud and clear (9)
Make less iron? (8)
Predict alien will capture earthlings, beginning with old and weak (8)
Seedy Pod Theatre showing a porn film (4,6)
500 feet a-dancing to beat (6)
Divorced, free to go out? Don't do it right away (5)
(DOWN clue:) Gave food up, and reduced — entered virgin territory? (10)
Actress Susan ate liver from birth (8)
Sandwich shop really bringing food to customers (8)
The job of putting mail in boxes is for Ed, anyway — the stable type (8)
Party pooper takes it easy at first, gets a small cup of coffee (9)
The little devil mashed taters? Show me! (11)
Around my street, Revere, you have to provide an explanation (9)
Madness to dethrone the Steward of Gondor (8)
Refusing to accept lead in play (6)
Said no? That's upsetting indeed (6)
Study currency of a European country (7)
Actor displaying five hundred nine bananas he is buying (6,6)
It ends, strangely enough, with a "y," and is a quantity measured in (for example) grams per cubic centimeter or persons per square mile (7)
Unintelligible? Soften all Ds with Oral Aid (6,5)
Alarmingly, alcohol tends to be found at college with D.D.S. program (6,6)
Classic-movie network mogul left to take in a picture show (6)
Sadly, a decrepit Edsel's beginning to lose value (10)
Newspaper reporters barge in on Deion to get lowdown (10)
Ah! Described incredibly beautiful music by Mahler (3,8)
Chased bride around to music by Mahler (3,8)
He'd ascribed breakdown to music by Mahler (3,8)
Her CDs: bad (i.e., awful) music by Mahler (3,8)
According to rumor, Hannah beat up a bum (8)
Seat has given rider difficulty before (8)
The masculine German Republican stirring gin and tonic with panache (7-2)
Want to commit patricide? (6)
Drives Ed back to Father's (7)
Ed's odd, odd spear thrust into odd, odd outlaw (9)
He rides again to take nothing; to devastate everything (7)
It's routed differently! (6)
Vile demon in utero? Just the opposite: incipient Yeshua! It's in the Bible (11)
Leader of damned and evil! (5)
What you see if you have lived the wrong way! (5)
Seafood entree was sent back and bread-crumb topping replaced (7,4)
Ave, Eric, my lad: free and unconcerned (5-3-4)
Source of Cream version he'd arranged (10)
Base diet around medical condition (8)
What a doctor might do for diagonal nose: remove center portion (8)
Dina is coating slides — she's trying to identify cause of illness (13)
Nadia doing gymnastics for princess (5)
Sad piano's ugly burst of sound (8)
A pride that is familiar to new parents (6,6)
pH diagram unreliable method of birth control (9)
Publicly declared journal "a waste, with no solid basis" (8)
Stupid airhead swallowing a bit of really runny waste matter (8)
Railing color a family picked out? (8)
500 ice cubes (4)
They show representations of the one-digit positive integers in base 7 and decimal? (4)
Detective Spooner's encounter with a prostitute, a woman named Doris, by the ocean (4,5)
Some predict raciness in spoken dialogue of Beatty film (4,5)
Check out color commentary (3)
Novel due: Federalism in the Comedic Work of Johann Strauss II (3,10)
Shuts down the Spanish engine (6)
Stop living with fat at last! (4)
Ed tries adjusting the light? (7)
I eat & do calculus (13)
Mathematical calculation leads you to find out about free-radical nitrogen and titanium in the vicinity of extraterrestrial moon (15)
If feuds become violent, perhaps release tear gas (7)
I . . . I will get you a flower (9)
Gets home (4)
501.50/liter for pickling spice (4)
I am beside myself: got into a large cup — that wasn't so bright (6)
Diet planner arranges its contents! (6,5)
A big old beast is around, wreaking havoc (8)
Giant beast ravaged us in road (8)
Out of a piece of shining gold, Rodin sculpted a large reptile (8)
Flies in — pet ape captured in violent raid (7)
SNL-sourced Steve Martin film (5,6,10)
Princess is chosen to assume position of power; is not very happy about it (12)
Buffalo ride calms; I will give you no guarantee this will work for everyone (10)
Caesar returned "Miracle Mix": it says something like "Use at your own risk" (10)
Found out princess has insurance (10)
/Find dance hall, so . . . (9)
\. . . start dancing with dance-hall girls (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "t"]
American goes after record in an Olympic event (6)
Talks about Olympic event with second-place gymnastics finishers (9)
It's covering up reality to say a bad grade is good, and an unsatisfactory grade is excellent (8)
/Spread gossip around: Did she . . . (6)
\. . . have a lot of affairs long-distance around 2001? Well? (10) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "s"]
Meal on East Street is not to be believed (9)
"Lying pervert!" Tony hissed (10)
Poorly written, shrewish ad for kitchen appliance (10)
Pitiful — it's beginning to destroy Islam in strife (6)
Stupid drunk takes second in beauty contest (7)
Stupid blunders eventually lead to war (7)
The German takes second place in debate (7)
To spread last of seed, I mess around in a pair of tennies (11)
Princess, with a bit of success, works crossword puzzles — and is absorbed in the medium (9)
Princess's hair brings pain and sorrow (10)
Bird guts in cocktail: creepy (10)
The value of a "W" in the French edition of Scrabble, as it would be spelled in the part of France around Nice and Bordeaux — i.e., the South (5)
Genetic material whose molecular structure features twists and turns (3)
Chair (2)
Hair tonic (2)
Intern perhaps to perform an operation to get a little money (6)
"Reform? Count Me In!" — excited Ed.D. has written (10)
Richard, who played a gentleman clothed in spun gold, reads bad poetry (8)
Working good with heroin use in shelter (8)
Paducah's got mistaken for Li'l Abner's hometown (8,3)
Spanish couple seizing $1000, then coming back to betray accomplice to the police — that's really brilliant (3,4)
Monkey with dog in act (5)
Senile old man endlessly describes grape leaves (5)
Put on a color-TV show (7)
Bond companies freely accepting a Catholic's plea for peace (4,5,5)
One who receives financial aid through "Education's First" (5)
Film that shows Rod Taylor smacking Doris D. on butt (2,3,7)
Advance to "How Crazy Is Bart Simpson's Philosophy?" (4,4,1,3)
Yoda's admonition to Luke: "Entrance professor with sea animal ingesting heroin, leading to terrible noise. Then go." (2,2,2,3,5,2,2,3)
It facilitates admission for dork that has no business getting in — zero (8)
She explores a Yankee who can hit back (4)
24 hours in the life of a dwarf singer-actress (5,3)
Singer-actress bombed, as did Roy (5,3)
Rodman goes crazy, gets a "T" — currently suspended (7)
Dr. No remake with Star Trek: TNG actor (4)
Exotic odor leads your girl east — she is blown away (7,4)
Some Kansans switched to hydro, wind, and to recycling? (7,4,3,4)
One who sat at a round table, playing poker: Harry Tod (7,6)
File-backup software is so difficult to comprehend (7)
Dorothy takes blood to hospital to perform statistical analysis (2,3,4)
For Spooner was sparkling on one musical instrument (6,4)
Skepticism about the French ruffled vest (7)
They had reservations to fly — rode bus around airport terminal (8)
Do you approve of taking a bit of tequila? Certainly! (9)
Make grunt of disapproval when almond put on pastry (8)
Rev. Spooner's dog sick, getting worse (8)
File transfer makes Waldo nod off (8)
Date's gown ripped right in front of everybody (9)
Goosefeather briefs: Australian apparel? (4,9)
Before end of universe, Kryptonian villain goes back to sleep (4)
Unrestrained candor, Mr. Fleming, is cruel (9)
Dog RNA altered to create a fierce beast (6)
A physician confronts a group of colleagues: a tense episode (5)
At last: Garland & Rooney premiere a bit of music and put on a show! (5)
Play "Flying into Madras" at 1 (13)
Heading from New York to Hollywood to make a picture (4)
A short drive West; reverse direction, approaching concealed site. It's most enchanting (9)
According to one of his songs, John Lennon takes a Rocket and a commercial airplane (10)
Actress made a picture with Roseanne long ago, which has taken in millions (4,9)
Down a bit of refreshing liquid! (5)
Cliff Clavin and Norm Peterson coming back to cover dialogue on soundtrack after diminutive physician in Martin Luther passes away (8,7)
Desegregation's beginning to come to Mississippi and Missouri's swinging clubs (7)
Write novel, R.I.P., Lemonade! (4,2,1,4)
Proud to beat up a former student (7)
Physician had introduced fluid into lungs (7)
Orders gut preparation from apothecary (9)
Lunatic beginning to meditate murder? You can tell him to beat it (7)
I rue Buddhist revision of Rückert poem (2,4,3,3)
Noblewomen give necessary money to hold game (9)
Watch out, Donald! (4)
I heard channel. Did Bob? (6)
PC Sudoku: unbelievably easy task (4,4)
Write "a device for vertical transport" (10)
Sad: one grandson is poor after crap game (8,3,7)
Bedfordshire town feud finally settled? No. (9)
Radio nut wasted time (8)
Hoffman puts Burstyn's first letter in trash can (7)
       Called tennis shot good (5)
       Split in two, take one half (5)
       Buffalo skin and hair (5)
       Make aerial attack on ancient city (6)
       Boat in the sound (4)
       Wind shifting around western Los Angeles (6)
       Openly affectionate, but not touchy, I hear (4)
       Western: The Heart of Antonio L. Gomez (5)
       I followed, half-dead (4)
       Seaweed! (4)
       Small ocean home (3)
       Capital of Idaho is east of Oregon (3) (This is true, by the way.)
       I think he's alone, or possibly with one of dogs (6,11)
Destroy Byzantine deity that holds people back (8)
In first two Debussy pieces, rolling tympani not soft — it's explosive (8)
Difficulty with reading about sex daily (8)
It's a dopy, terribly bad vision of the future (8)

The ultimate important number in mathematics (1)
Nobleman's true seal will appear thus (7)
Planet with fanciful heart (5)
Death ray ruined environmentalists' celebration (5,3)
Bug is smashed, I wager (6)
1948 item showing Fred & Judy Butcher are separated (6,6)
Rosemary Murphy Levy's husband talked back to internet site (4)
After letter E, double bass section leader makes a diminuendo? (4)
Electronic bulletin unusually cheerful (9)
Poor collie losing one of legs to bacteria (1,4)
Movie rating that indicates there's a lot of sex shown to the audience (7)
Actor's vacation at end in Red Sea resort (2,5)
Ordered German part for lawn-care tool (5)
Who is responsible for periodical friction? Heide Gross (6-2-5)
Auto exec spilled seed on back — I'm laughing myself to death (5,4)
Reminded self: order part from automaker (5,4)
Auctioned off for the benefit of schools (9)
College students coming around to use the restroom (5)
Send two thousand dollars: Eric's heading west — this should take about three minutes (3,5)
Business that introduces people to ham on rye rolls (8)
A little more than 7.1 thousand dollars in the back (5)
Eye animal thrashing actress/comedian/writer/director (6,3)
Flower girl: ringbearer's daughter (6)
Joy of infected toenail (7)
Joy of unprotected sex? (7)
Senior reads articles in Spanish and German (5)
Almost vote Perry into office? Shocking! (8)
Doctor cures octet that ate the french fries (12)
Shocking speech about heartless comment in hospital ward (13)
Miss Ameling takes in order, eastern middle-grade wild cilantro, by E-mail (14)
What nobody is mentioning is Doctor Lee and Mr. Walker embracing on their potty (8,2,3,4)
Zealot breathily screwed actress (9,6)
Cambridge coed with query: Rent a small space to a detective? (6,5)
I sell bananas; I sold limes at first also where American immigrants gathered (5,6)
Ailing lemur fed bit of dinner; he tries to kill a rabbit (5,4)
Help a sojourner to get around city (2,4)
"West Texas Folks" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer (first in a series of about nine songs) (2,7)
Middle section of Handel Rondinos showing a fantastic character (6)
African movie star, 55, on winding road in the country (2,8)
Elves' perils disturbed Merry; ultimately he was named The King (5,7)
Rock-'n'-roll musical American Pie sells very poorly (5,7)
The King lives in disguise, anonymous, finally getting admitted into Pre-Law in Buenos Aires (5,7)
Take me back to space (2)
Important to get a doctor after mine disaster (7)
Return to me, sweetheart, and express your feelings (5)
Those in charge left me with leprosy, unfortunately (9)
This bird can't fly: it's stuck in the mud (3)
Try to be like a bird that can't fly after 10 p.m. (7)
Agent whose job is to facilitate the amalgamation of disparate components makes unstable EU flimsier (10)
"La Echidna" cooked up this delicacy (9)
Crumbled a lichen onto the German-Mexican food (10)
Ha! Iceland's awful Mexican food (10)
Latin-American in origin, found in haciendas, cooked! (10)
Trying to cheer up sergeant captured in back street of Paris getting old (11)
Football player got mad, smashed head to freaking pieces — there aren't many like that left (10,7)
Doctor: "Don, the feline is terminal" (3,2,3,4)
Football player goes to hospital unit with broken hip — head nurse gives something to dull pain (9)
Doctor never had a meal lacking vitality (8)
Produced from desperate need to have sex (10)
Gamine's favorite classical piece (6,10)
/ Imagine, in a vast OR, doing operations to great music — (6,10)
| a classical work: an arrangement of "Mr. T Can Dance!" (pop music) (4,3,12) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "P"]
\ Composer warded off large bats (6,5) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "E"]
No huge snakes—not any more (6)
Person turns around, and . . . oh — that's disgusting! I've had it! (6)
One song, "I Hug U, Eh?", broadcast no more (6,2,6)
Oddly, Ranger opposed Silver, the Talking Horse and got mad (7)
Require English-Latin translation (6)
A ship enters pier, crashes (10)
Sustain me with an injection of heroin, evil spirit (10)
Tempted in Eden, violated foremost of the inviolable commandments (7)
Attractive Tolkien character preparing a cake (8)
Doctor has a drink with twist (7)
Letter from Greece N. Pelosi translated (7)
Activist quit Yale to get unbiased treatment (8)
This is that antique, manufactured around mid-1800s (8)
Time in history for a gender-equality amendment (3)
Vanished in churning Red Sea (6)
Therefore, Gore lost (4)
Instrument concealed by deer hunters (4)
This guy not currently doing anything, but he was in a TV series in the 1960s and '70s (4,4)
Ice storm? I will go out to get pornography (9)
Bogus "seers" admitting, at last, in letters: they're fakes (8)
Part of Joshua's estate left to Isaac's son (4)
French delicacy — it's shipped within short time along the East Coast (8)
Date of Eric's first and second court hearing (6)
Before crossing street, one of lowlifes lit into a Mexican starlet? (10)
Traveling east with some Greek characters (4)
Jane, the Realtor, coming around with form that's difficult to grasp (8)
Itches to play character (6)
Ultimately pledge Mu Phi Nu, struggling to hold on to end of buffalo horn (9)
Said, "You fake!" with a lovely sound (7)
A sunrise! A new identity for some mixed-race people (9)
Wind instrument, in midst of downward run, missing first "D" — otherwise very fine (10)
Spooner's keen sense of hearing comes from moonshine (9)
The end of time: particularly cataclysmic night for the universe (10)
The entire collection, for example, includes Twiggy? (10)
I'd enclosed three letters written in second person as documentation (8)
At last — alone with Elizabeth the Sheep (3)
Ingredient in stew, electively! (3)
Pitcher leads in errors, wins, earned runs (4)
Etude IX ("Cat") played with precision (10)
Test, architecture final: 10 in the morning (4)
Did well to produce sperm after initial impotence (8)
Dropping former spouse and last lover into some concrete (9)
Strain muscle in back turning a dinosaur around (5)
Former physician takes you in as several people leave (6)
Italian flees from romance after turning sixteen — that's life! (9)
A construction worker who goes out of his way to be exceedingly expensive? (10)
Once pot deal gets involved with Bolivian leader, it can spread (10)
Ability to make ugly pet sexier (9)
Find out more about former pro "El Cuckoo" (7)
First wife modeled nude (7)
Former job was fair (10)
O, pure sex is improper — sometimes it's indecent (8)
Ford. . . It won't stop — I tend to get frantic, start to shout out (2-9)
Former wife receives required payment, less 50 — does give thanks and praise (5)
I read that in a doctor's office, the care deteriorated around the end of January (3,5)
Yes! Heal crippled body part! (7)
Make up an answer to this: "What did we hear the private investigator say when asked, ‘What do you do when instructed to stay close to a suspect?'?" (3,6)

Failing to find a bit of food (1)
Look at "Pifa" cello part (4)
A file, corrupted, didn't open, didn't work (6)
Lovely beginning of folk song (4)
Even in July, the average temperature in this U.S. city is just 62.5 °F: brisk! A fan would be out of place. (9)
People with "Wings" presenting a bit of folk song that is by Seeger originally (7)
Among films, the first six are all about women (4,3)
Atheist fishes at L. Eerie? (9)
Female, undressed with top off, just went through the motions (5)
Drop off Autumn before work, please (4,6)
A woman gets eggs here to make a pie but falls on ground (9,5)
Play out A-flats very loudly (8)
Female couple from Amarillo beginning to enjoy a Broadway musical (4)
Ugandan dictator held in iron grip by starving multitudes (6)
Desperate to satisfy a bodily urge, naughty Hef gets married one second after beginning of adulthood, then divorced (8)
Extremely hungry, ate something with plain liver in it? (8)
Known sum of a random distribution (6)
Great — attic fan's broken (9)
Raffle off noodle granules (6)
Hard to believe noodle grains almost ruined the CD (3-7)
Without hesitation, Frasier translated into Persian (5)
Stylish clothes on a fish? Crazy! (7)
Decline to dine out with Morpheus? (4,6)
Ballast shifted after freighter started to pitch (8)
Would it kill you to rent a flat? (5)
Spooner's reference to a non-avian flier covered with hair of an avian flier (7)
With a swollen belly apparent, that woman will be a parent (6)
Relative makes a mistake to assume shaving preparation is unlimited (6-2-3)
That woman's behind: pure blubber, sires! (7)
Market purchase: a little butter and fruit for Rev. Spooner (3,3)
Silent-era comic actor freaking out: "Aack! Butterfly!" (5,8)
Sal's flute is fixed—it's perfect! (9)
/Put on Gold Cross after one of Frenchmen. . . (4)
\. . . attacked half of submarines from behind, then he died (8) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
Fat girl putting on weight, then getting empty, becoming a small person (13)
This little guy will fight if doom is pronounced by the Reverend (13)
"Unusually hairy feet?" "No—I would say 'down-covered.'" (8)
Dropping intoxicant behind iron still (5,6)
Dined with the queen: server is flying in beer from the capital of the United States? (7,7)
I am embraced by government operator; then I will be embraced by Victor, embraced by girl, then a goblin, then a poet (8,6,5)
Chap had a spill — ouch! (6)
Had sense of being left out (4)
Lady, what we have here is failure to communicate via an electronic device in the ear (6)
Assessment of pitcher: inside fastball extremely wild (5)
It could be 103°F at any time (5)
A Cuban criminal fled Rio holding a group of thespians (5,6)
Ex-baseball player from Cuba flied out to catcher, a baseball player from Texas (5,6)
Revolutionary broke elf's carotid (5,6)
A steak for poet; part of a fish with open mouth for Rev. Spooner (5,6)
Fig Inn Motel ruined a steak (5,6)
Upset? If u bristle, keep talking to Senators (10)
Five dollars for half a breakfast roll? (3)
Tournament's top teams turned urinal off (5,4)
At last, fish part with friend (7)
Discovers fish part outside of Dallas (5)
Rachmaninoff, in Germany, comes across something the pianist can use in his concerts (6)
Bounded in, wearing size-eighteen top (6)
Tannenbaum and Doctor Diller showing extreme warmup exercise? (4,5)
A fellow involved in many heated battles, Kinky Friedman, lost Democratic primary (7)
Where you might find wood if coming back to make a switch (9)
Overheard: one of Robin Hood's men taking Robin's head from one place to another in emergency vehicle (4,5)
Kissing Spooner's broken countenance (5,4)
In middle of hayfield, Union Army General Hooker? (9)
Perhaps a little salmon tangled itself around tip of hook (7)
Two pound fish stuffed with a bit of tangy fruit on center of platter (9)
Focus on portion of return (income tax) I filed (6)
Fire sergeant for dancing (8)
A bird that's pink ablaze with a bit of orange (8)
Superhero, flying flag, honors around 500 (5,6)
Trenchcoat-wearing pervert has one that's more spectacular (8)
Stef finally hooks up with Theodore . . . not looking like anything's developing (4-7)
Beginning of "Fame" by Lady Gaga is not perfect (6)
Denizen of North Pole heading west, heading east to get away (4)
Elf comes back to Pole finally, having run away (4)
Chuck holding Peg back for a moment (8)
He films sad old Dutch people (7)
Shelf made from scratch (5,5)
Around the end of June, dog, "Buddy," bearing a pair of twins, turned around and ran away (4,3,4)
A pair of shoes changes one's mind (4-5)
Comedian to overturn decision in 1912 election (4,6)
Comic somersault in slow motion (4,6)
Dad cutting out two articles about bathroom tiles, perhaps (5)
According to Spooner, one Enterprise officer doesn't have polish, which may cause slips (5,3)
Ms. Henderson playing encore after loud Liszt piece (8)
An "A" in calligraphy from Southeastern State? (7)
In this musical, Sammy Fong marries Linda Low; unfortunately, Low murders Fong (6,4,4)
The Sunshine State has you flying in to get water treatment (12)
Fluid pee contains oxygen, a chemical element (8)
FLOTUS injured around top of head; this necessitates doctor visit (3,4)
Rampal played this transposing medieval string instrument? (5)
I can listen to these things no longer. . . . In short, goodbye! (2,6)
A horse of a different color, essentially (4)
Return of a Dictator: blues musician Clarence Brown captures the essence of smoothness, displaying unbridled emotion (7,2,3,5)
In the midst of date, Gail, offended, turns back and leaves (7)
/Crazy ol' wolf-dog. . . (6)
\. . . bit a cat (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
Doctor Fu arranged to acquire Heart of Seoul group of restaurants (4,5)
Pay Bill to decapitate 512 finches (4)
Large rectangle in back of ballot showing wrong group of candidates (8,5)
Where one can speak in favor of American leader (4)
/Went to seek food for old. . . (7)
\. . . stray cat, but I gave up trying to catch fish (3,4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "c"]
An obstetrician may use this power, I might add (7)
/Tiger's Cry sounds like Quartet. . . (4)
\. . . for the End of Time, to be totally upfront (4)
Around top of form, foreigner changed one digit (10)
"Watch out along fairway, fringe, rough," says member of fivesome at Palm Corner (10)
Finger criminal taking orders primarily from another country (7)
In my view, Chinese finger puzzle is getting old (7)
One leaves municipal building with trucks carrying last of palmetto trees (11)
Woods to take time in New York (six months) to start series (7)
Iron clothes, or woman, a nurse wearing glowering face, will give you notice of dire circumstances to come (11)
F-word on cover of Rock: An Introduction (8)
Fluorine or iron? It is quite straightforward. Give up? (7)
Permanently swear off excessive drug use (3,4)
For a healthy heart, taking a bit of medicine in the proper way (6)
Proper designation on seasickness bag? (6)
Endless queue to get a preservative (8)
Doctor from Italy's official gesture (9)
How thrift worked immediately (9)
Immediately after Jack Benny's last birthday, dental insurance's starting to replace charges (Article 6) (9)
Forty? If out of shape, get stronger (7)
How a pregnant woman eats, they say, is to stuff midsection silly at random (10)
"Pot of Gold" out of tune around letter "R" (7)
Major funds to small business getting approval — that is sweet! (7,6)
Like Caesar's tea? Heartbroken when leading exchange agents are out? You can find it in Texas! (4,5)
Play less than a minute next to Sequoia Center in Seattle (5-6,6)
Stinky Worf goes off for a nap (5,5)
Asimov Institution discovered a hybrid wildcat with no heart (10)
Located a shirt — I put on clothing backwards; guys put on shirt and girdle (10,7)
Return of "Fritz's and Elizabeth's" fails (8)
It sounded like the golfer said it before he teed off, then he wrote it on his scorecard after he birdied the par-5 hole (4)
As indicated on Facebook, I would work for this amount and nothing less (enumeration withheld)
Enuretic starts to get into new rustproof bed (4-6)
"With any order, oh, are you fast!" — restaurant's first indication of high critical recognition (4-4)
Sexy lady from west-central Texas (3)
Savor some jazz in the country (9)
Honest Al began a transformation into a swindling, thieving con man in the 1960s (5,8)
Old German servant of guy from Berlin? (5,6)
TV psychiatrist left online drug agent a note: "Essentially, hallucinogens lead subject to bark like a dog" (7,5)
In Berlin, Mrs. Dupont starting illicit business (5)
Spooner's fashionable '70s haircut in exhibition of odd-looking people (5,4)
Foster film announced, "Release Francis Scott; electrocute Doris" (6,6)
Astaire & I do a dance in Piano Man (8,6)
French copier I'd repaired for Polish-French composer (8,6)
Fight RAF? LOL! (4-3-3)
Nice people stuffing orange concoction with salad greens (6,8)
Spooner would say to add lots of liquid before enthusiastically eating condiment with salad (6,8)
Violent agitation resulting from comrades speaking at club (6)
/Totally lacking fur, those bats. . . (5,3)
\. . . get cold, achy—essentially, sick (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "c"]
Scandalous perfidies: Bubba's favorite fare (5,4)
Cooked in boiling oil with dough: what an ugly mug could do to Rev. Spooner, an 18th-century German poet (9,9)
Scary thing: finger cocktail (11)
Backs out of front door / With sacks filled with liquor; / He tracks his way to Mordor, / Where the cracks of Doom flicker (5,7)
Brigands goof: messed with a hobbit (5,7)
Ford on Rt. O crashes into entrance to building (5,4)
Really cool short, frizzy hairstyle on Buddhist, perhaps (6)
Photographic setting in unusual spot east of Florida's capital (1-4)
How Catholics describe Mary: "incredibly forceful gal" (4,2,5)
Found lost ring — that's money in the bank! (4)
Undertaking project to have a good time with Earl Wild (7)
Fleas run rampant at some outdoor events (8)
Mushrooms will be enjoyable, soldier (5)
TWA shuffling broadcast of Dr. Cooper's podcast (3,4,5)
Play golf, run 220 yards (7)
Hair on relative's boil (8)

$1000 for surgery? Sure—take it out. Don't bother with X-rays, even. (1)
Morricone's song about large boobies (8,4)
A pint and three doubles gets Al Long drunk (6)
Listing all operas in which the running of horses is found (6)
Mathematics topic: "Irrational Roots" (I. G. Healy) (6,6)
So, to be contrary, he wears women's boots (8)
Sam Gamgee's arranged to get two copies of a magazine for us (5)
Offensive lineman, shortly after football match, has egg, perhaps (6)
Fascinating feature on Betty Grable found in Western Lifestyles magazine (4)
Fantasy fan glad Tolkien created this character (7)
Meg and Alfredo taking in a grey-and-white cat (7)
Some geese foul gardens (7)
Structure shading some Indian chiefs (7)
Assembled troublemakers cracked an egg on diplomat's head (6)
Convulse, yawn, gag to clear a passage (7)
Grand piano has a crack (3)
According to Spooner, Rockets guard proceeds to use lawn-care item (6,4)
Mischievous cat broke fragile piece of dishware (8)
Fantastic carved figure announced in speech: "Head of fish, tail of young woman from Joisey" (9)
Strange, strange red gems (7)
Long-winded speaker uses fish joke from Rev. Spooner (6)
After midnight, a minor mystery (8)
A gal sped off, using accelerator (3,5)
María's pussy got a shot (4)
Stage-struck Scandinavian seafarers (5)
Camouflage is hardly hiding Japanese (6)
Pureed most of tangelo to get 1 serving jello (7)
Gloat wickedly, eating East Italian dessert (6)
Cruel sergeant doesn't follow order from commanding officer in Montana (7,6)
Maker of meals superior to Colonel Sanders? (7,5) [at least two possible answers]
Star Trek Motion Picture I: Sergeant on Maneuvers (11)
Oxygen Italian takes in goes to lower parts of body (9)
"Knotted tie": slang for private parts (8)
Stealing variety of different items for boys and girls (8)
I will be in a class with Einstein (6)
Rocker(?) giving $1000 to crooked stoolie to get a bit of grass (9)
Diamond houses run by one European (6)
Rev. Spooner's commander in the Union Army to endanger a dog (6,8)
Marge travels to New York from the country (7)
Bacterium in brewed tea to start growing (9)
Could make her swing! (8)
Ultimately looking under wrong heading, for example (6)
General Electric "Channel for People": it runs for about 38 weeks (9)
Obtain a divorce in Israel (3)
Difficult to get heroin in minority area (6)
Ahead of time, leading gynecologist and midwife will be present (4)
A musical whirligig? (4)
Doctor agreeing to consume liter of soft drink (6,3)
A sweet, glamourous castaway's siesta (6,4)
Doctor visiting GI with oral inflammation (10)
In Avignon, I become ill in an Italianate John? (8)
Undergarment revealed by girl Ed fooled around with (6)
Girls' lacy tops behind window (5)
Material from mass shows oral, GI malignancy (6)
Hymn of Praise: final performance, save one, of actress (6,7)
Ailing, eating Tums, miss luxuries left behind? (7,7,8)
Organic compound, when structure rearranged, becomes "clingy-er" (8)
About 29% of golfers make green (2)
Travel to Inner Mongolia (2)
Billy got a shot (4)
Billy, try on a shirt (4)
Try a piece of tasty cabrito (4)
Almost all the way to goal, turn aside, reverse direction, and leave (2,4)
Dog returns to master (3)
Left Albert Taylor a pet monster (8)
Leaves $10000 to her middle son (4)
Charge fort, capture leader of insurrection. Just do it! (2,3,2)
To do: realign rocks in pleasing proportion (6,5)
Doctor Who leading actress (6,4)
"Le Frog": foreign athlete (6)
Marine private making $1000 with new employer (5,4)
Private thrashing crumples my ego (5,4,4)
Frodo gay? I'd become curious a short time before Easter (4,6)
Oh, my gosh — dog's nose is broken! (8)
Merchandise is found in the middle of store, surrounded by wild dogs (5)
Company that makes tires from slimy gel, coloring, and tar (with lead removed) (8)
Take companion out to restaurant — perhaps a prairie oyster with an egg in it had for dinner (2,2,1,4)
Funky groove, baby! Rake dished bad! Get wicked! (2,4,2,3,4,4)
What might one do for comfort? Republicans will take the Bible, thank you! (2,5)
Intractable entanglement destroyed GDR nation, OK? (7,4)
Stuff yourself like a pig! . . . President Washington hasn't a bit of etiquette (5)
Fact from the Bible: the Lord unendingly wrote letters to an Old Testament woman (6,5)
Rumor of policeman coming back around to call for help desperately (6)
God — almost 225º! I'm setting out in MG to frolic in the surf (2,8)
Proceed scandalously: opt to have less on! (2,7)
Turn in New Gospel to where the first letter to Ephesians is penned (2,2,5)
In midst of anagram game, lost tooth, shirt, hair in fight (2,2,3,10)
In 1939, dark-haired movie star wears a fancy dress to do Manhattan (2,2,4)
Hungarian food makes us laugh so uncontrollably (7)
Front of Greek calendar mistakenly showing the King's mansion (9)
Burns coworker with 1 gal. cleaner fluid (6,5)
Cougar is unusual kind (8)
/A group of seniors reads a gut-wrenching . . . (9)
| . . . story, Pitiful Fool; one of residents . . . (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "f"]
\ . . . plays Anagrams at three (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "t"]
A huge quantity of hamburgers man cooked (7,6)
What musician got one of goons to break my arm? (6)
Garnet mixed with iodine and another mineral (7)
Fruit growers' leader linked to crime (5)
Plotted mathematical function of what was described as illicit political practices (7)
Fat French person who buys a cocktail (11)
Expressing thanks for load of wood in fireplace? (8)
Pebbles: first piece in genre by French impressionist (6)
Money maker will get angry, air TV broadcast (5,5)
Fruit & cereal for Spooner's dog (5,4)
Spooner's serving cereals in mid-America (5,6)
Some Europeans would give thousands of dollars to contain smell (6)
Piece of grapefruit-tangerine hybrid from food-packaging company (5,5)
Scyldings' Bane: legend possibly written around 6th century (7)
Rev. Spooner's grassland dog (9)
Funny Girl is showing next to Latin restaurant (5)
Sandwich girl prepared came in first in competition — announcing this makes you smile (7,6)
I agree: Mr. P. R. Loony is a deathmonger (4,6)
In Mexico, a disparaging term for an American-German-English musician (6)
Searching desperately, we hear, to get bigger version of Pong? (7)
When the little critter came out, Roy had dugong shot (9,3)
Legions of rock fans — Euro Beat has number in thousands (8)
Gutless gangster — more than a thousand in the U.S. (6)
A Canada gull flying to a Pacific island (11)
A gal, unclad . . . a lost Pacific island . . . (11)
Body of water between Texas and Florida, occupied by foreign division of former American oil company? (4,2,6)
A couple of guys record "Drink with Gusto" (4)
Candy Spooner's tushy tumor (7)
Gnu ill from heat? (3)
Some unappealing unknown unspecified unpleasantly unctuous substance (4)
Those who love to shoot gnu (3,4)
"All Shook Up" sung by Winchester, Smith & Wesson (4)
Abused gnus stay with one who raises Colts? (10)
Got dressed up fancy for dancing, I'd guess (7)
Painter has two in Guggenheim: Returning Beverage Containers, Beating Heart (6,5)
Gush at M. Ravel: "Incredible composer!" (6,6)
Bold dream of physicists? To amass money, ultimately (5)
Old lady's sung, danced in Detroit, Adelaide, etc. (4,3,5)

That's funny! Schedule for the day: sleep, ice cream (6-4)
Austrian Emperor Heinrich the First born in a small town (8)
Beat-up shade looks like hell (5)
Possessed by evil spirits originating in hell (5)
Ham radio's broadcast doesn't use AM waves, Bob (7)
In June, we, Oklahoma, beat an NBA Hall of Famer (6,8)
That guy swallowed a ridiculous fable from Eric (4-1-3)
With little effort, the guy is captured by an antagonistic computer and gassed? (4-7)
What happened at end of 2nd quarter left him a wreck (8)
When a band will perform Hamlet, if translated (8)
Entertainment during football game: Spooner's favorite Hawaiian pop singer introducing self to African-American detective (8,4)
/Fish Hil prepared gets top mark, but. . . (7)
\. . . she doesn't hit a high note with "fresh rat colon stuffed with heart of vulture" (9) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "c"]
Some fish, Al? I buttered the fish. (7)
Athlete's dream: he straddles wild llama, takes off (4,2,4)
Let first of eggs get trapped inside hen — to treat is one option at this time (9)
Vision of a large room — a hospital room — in backwards country (13)
Call in enough ingredients to make LSD, perhaps (12)
Computer adding five-eighths of seventeen thousand divided by two (6)
Shakespeare production in small town (6)
Rev. Spooner's "Aries" sandwich? (3,2,3)
Instrument's selection from Bach and Bellini (8)
Composer, taking heroin with Ecstasy, beginning to lapse (6)
Implementing amendment allowing for decapitation, death on gallows (7)
He made 755 round trips from Ankara, unbelievably, in embrace of little sweetie (4,5)
Solo by Harland incorporating religious theme at the end by Norway's top writer (4,9,8)
Celestial pilot's son goes flying wearing celestial headgear (3,4)
Crazy loon has character—that captured princess's heart (3,4)
Sad epitaphs. As sad as can be? Quite the contrary! (8)
Confirmed renovation of Orchard House, finally (4-4)
At first, Harry cooked macaroni with an instrument (9)
No harm to order, finish off a beer when listening to speech by Hall of Fame slugger (6,9)
Hot soprano arrangement of "Whale Killers" (8)
They make the most beautiful music in Western Hemisphere (including Arkansas) (5)
Instrument (foremost in seventeenth-century interpretations) adds harmony! (11)
Appearance of 17th-century British monarch preceded by short sound of herald trumpet player (5,5)
Rabbit that captures heart in movie? Yes! (6)
/Doctor Ben Shea washed up, . . . (3-4)
|. . . operated on elbow, intestine, . . . (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
\. . . mouth, back, and foot (3) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
Nin appears in own Cuban Dance (9)
Destination in the Pacific: turn left, heading 111 (6)
Star Wars actor's taking two years to embrace the French actress (6,5)
"Hen Laid Scrambled Eggs": top news item (8)
Improperly adheres to top of restraining device (8)
Hot jewelry — one of robbers taken away to trial (7)
Know by listening, know by looking: with foot amputated, person in this car is dead (6)
Ha! Cheater suffering emotional distress (9)
U.S. rock group to arrive by plane in American Midwest (9)
Edward G. Robinson type gave overdone portrayal (5-6)
Bad guy and faithful companion, two characters from Tishomingo, up to no-good, naughty behavior (5,7)
Son, the id is all about seeking pleasure (8)
Coloratura's note heard in Swiss Miss (5)
Rank eighth in tallness (6)
That man is standing in front of icehouse with no restroom, then getting drunk to make matters more extreme (8)
To get more chicken, take a number (8)
Athlete's trophy has his name misspelled (7)
She is taking part in robbery (5)
The Middle East is starting to tolerate crime (5)
Policeman in unit following that man in an aircraft (10)
Re: Chipotle transported in aircraft (10)
I will go into hotel in disguise and cable a flower (10)
A greeting? Heck, no! (5)
That fellow and I slink off to catch fish after fish in part of city (8,7)
Physician working at home — journal is in German (12)
Horrid home renovation is a real pain in the rear (10)
The most attention-grabbing instrument (8)
Comedian says, "Like chicken, boy?" (5,8)
A unit of electrical inductance named by a professor of physics, taking a bit of its name from a professor of phonetics (5,7)
A bit of intoxicant consumed by hepcat made a mess of liver (7)
That woman's husband must earn diddly (not a monstrously large figure) (6,7)
Talked about that female body part: a hole in the abdomen where an organ goes (6)
That woman's claiming gym class gives you an STD (6)
That girl band, "The Fish" (7)
German fellow to sing out of tune for fish (8)
There's another way to use Mother-of-Pearl (6)
Henry repents sinning with Hawthorne adulteress (6,6)
She got a letter from Penny Wilder around the end of September after she spun, smashed tree, losing end of toe (6,6)
Typically for a guy who wants a girl, a spell you put on friend to get her top removed during Midler film (14)
The lyin' in winter?! (11)
In Western Hemisphere, 100 in intensive care with spasms (7)
Movie featuring Gary Cooper tripping out on drugs, running back and forth (4,4)
That man's hoarding crude UAR oil — it's really funny (9)
Happy to part with $100 to be more cool (6)
Doc follows this animal, gets cold, puts on one jacket, gets hot, catches animal (11,4)
Large animal in trendy little government building repeatedly bit tail to make people laugh endlessly (12)
Island where that guy's dad shot a lion (10)
Hired killer decapitated poet (6)
In Las Vegas, it's often said I'm THE comic (3,2)
At first hearing, I readapt with difficulty to most popular songs (3,6)
To the audience, American songwriter is a hero (6)
One bears a ring that's used to catch a fish and a bunny and cut a vegetable? (6)
Walk to island in embrace of sexy little guy (6)
Failing frosh at Long Island university (7)
American '60s-'70s TV series, Pig 'n' Seahorse: it's funny! (6,6)
The song on "E!": loud gibberish, to say the least (4,4,6)
1942 film: Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, and I in Holy Hodgepodge (7,3)
Oh—sadly, I wasted Christmas and New Year's (8)
Working the soil: most spiritual (7)
"Cleaver Found on Gangster" — William Spooner reporting from northwest Los Angeles (9)
Guntoter shot, reshot around central Calif. (7)
Spooner's a guy who plays football in front of thousands of people with great spirit (4,5)
Well-known Hawaiian lady's first — and last — date in the Vatican (4,3)
Digs in (4)
Oh! The Orangemen arranged a cowboy song (4,2,3,5)
Ruth hit these little monsters on TV, Dad (5,7)
Doctor W. H. Meador heading to house (8)
Mower had broken on the way to house (8)
Really hot soylent stew (8)
Truly horrible NY hotels (8)
Develop your top, Sweetheart (5)
Fred Astaire's one bust of Homer missing a piece of marble (6)
Ruffians using crude Ohio slang (9)
Dances with one sharp character on Bonanza (3,4)
Hans rode an old vehicle (5,3,5)
Spooner's ma goes to a 1988 high-school drama film starring the Marx Brothers (5,8)
Pegasus does this to big insect pests (10)
Cavalier Sherman destroyed around third of Georgia (8)
Shame on jockeys, hemming in rookie jockey (8)
Socks teacher endlessly around middle of arm — that's good thinking (5,5)
Prostitute from Italy embraces darn jockey (10)
"Hot Lips": a screw-up in MASH, for example (8)
Where people are sick and dying, I will be surrounded by pathos, suffering, and, ultimately, denial (8)
Working the soil is unpleasant (7)
Having a party in one's home — it's a ploy to arrest prostitutes? (7)
Doughnut feeds a vagrant for dessert (3,5,6)
Sexy nylons binding up a variety of tomato plants (8)
Hopeless hodgepodge—he's most confused (3,4)
Spooner's drunk on Cartwright salsa (3,5)
Popular dog's name in Middle East, perhaps? (3,4)
Hate to waste a perfectly good drink (3,3)
Hitter, 0 for 1, needed to get more warmed up (6)
Tame or Wild? The O taking America by storm (10)
Shouts at ex on broadcast from a major city (7,5)
Wrecked Chevrolet not allowed on boat (a hybrid vehicle) (10)
Why do bats greet others this way? (5)
Even so, stay around our group (7)
Hot, Maniacal Rage: two thousand-dollar painting obtained for a song (3,5,4,3)
Producer of blockbusters: The Wiz or Rent (8)
According to cynic, Che wearing a T in Morse's vehicle (3,2,7,2,8,7,6,6)
Person getting buzz, going on to an inebriated binge (5,5)
Kindly produce a musical tone (6)
Ah—mutiny upset everyone (8)
Desire to be more well-endowed? (6)
Bush DNA traveling from George W. Bush to Laura Bush (7)
UH band's playing "Lady's Man" (7)
Little Hyman and Nina playing touch football, perhaps where Jack and Bobby and Ted played touch football (7,4)
Hot dog 'n' rye rolls will give you gas (8)
A great Greek to promote some crime stories from the East (8)
False myth: soy holds up operation (12)

One that is in the midst of investigation (1)
It's what a ballpoint writing tool might say: / "Then treat me badly: write this clue this way!" (6,10)
The last thing a LotR antagonist heard before he died in an ammo burst (1,2,2,3)
I may mix it up: a little bit of the Lord's Prayer, to Revelation, to Luke (1,2,4,6)
That is about in the middle of a cube (3)
Where there's a cold front, that is around! (3)
One that catches cold in "New Bexico"? (6)
As announced, Baroque composer's appearing in Bill Cosby show, bringing a tasty dessert (6,3)
Eric came, ordered dessert (3,5)
Sample of phlegmatic horse's watery discharge (5)
In some panic, I cleared the path of freezing water (6)
Among medicine's side effects: frigidity (7)
Here in France, the second half of song is the sweetest part (5)
I transformed a lucid American into a Roman emperor (with his own TV series) (1,8)
A number in worship said, "Make things perfect." (8)
Thought I would have dinner with Edward (7)
They made their debut together in Rocky C. Daniels: Nitwit (9,5)
I had been setting the pace, but stopped running (5)
Dumb Dodo II: a Broadway hit (1,2,1,2)
Motto of bachelor (for the time being) and worshiper (8)
No church in Chicago for hero worship (8)
Prostitute's description of her job: be topless on top of Cretan king (8)
Define silly, needless hypothetical condition (2)
Knight's confession: "I burn one group of trees (yew), utterly consuming almost all foliage" (2,4,1,5,5,3)
Song I can embrace: "You and I, Linda," performed by Mike Myers (2,1,4,1,4,3)
"We'll take your key." "No, I sing it off-key." (9)
Goin' in my potty — it's total humiliation (8)
Ditzy signora gets letter from Greek imbecile (9)
Uneducated person, or amusing eccentric? (9)
Quote from a great speech — one that's funny, then reveals heart — on 500,500 sheets of paper (1,4,1,5)
I will consider going topless to show things clearly (10)
Secret companion and I find NY marriage difficult (9,6)
Tendency to stagger, as leg has top cut off by a spear (9)
I'm being followed by radio and newspapers, and to some extent by television right now (9)
Elphaba got some water and said this: "Mingle, Tim! Mingle!"(2,7)
I'm beginning to garden, putting in catnip, bananas . . . it's making a difference! (9)
Blimp Eisenhower partially built by Asian-American architect (1,1,3)
Fiend with a sharp epee beginning to encroach (7)
Beg for naughty fairy tales? (7)
S.O.B. implies reconstruction not an option (10)
Not exactly right: "crem pie" is misspelled (9)
Rebind Running Around Like a Bunch of Hillbillies (6)
South American using the restroom (5)
Burning brightly after beginning to ignite, canned nuts smell (12)
Using the restroom before hike down mountain? Brilliant! (12)
Crippled South American Indian walked around Tita ruins (13)
Confined for a long stretch in vehicle? Embroider, read, etc. (12)
Arranged "Crown Him," a song by Frank Loesser (8)
Din disturbed VanderSchee and Hemmady, for example (6)
U.S. state where Harry spent most of 1984 (7)
Go from subcontinent to an Italian city to be naughty with a princess from a U.S. city (12,7)
Reddish-blue dingo I shot (6)
Admitted improper fraction causes heart attack (10)
In ER, I felt in agony unable to bear (9)
Penetrate security and relift a tin sculpture (10)
Tell Mr. Capone it's casual (8)
Find rare bats using light invisible to humans (8)
If errand goes awry, wave (8)
Publicly serving gall (2,5,2,3,3,9)
Eat noisily for comic effect (6)
Convict appears at chic get-together (6)
Chastity? No way, I say! (9)
New design in Chevrolet model. Stunned? Not I! (10)
/Annie's crazy, nutty . . . (6)
\ . . . scheme: impossible? . . . Ultimately, it will fly (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
You'll really have a stitch at this with-it joint (6)
Detailed picture with head of click beetle (6)
Hateful derision with no love for privileged one (7)
/To the extent that fair son is beaten, . . . (7)
| . . . dad gets even with leaders of mass . . . (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
\ . . . gang attack (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "c"]
Exhibiting boldness, shot ten lions (8)
It supports a foot-bridge? Bet it's rude (8)
Silent? No — incredibly disrespectful (8)
Detective called out ghost at hotel (9)
Annapolis Rt. II: a new way for getting people to work (13)
Two males following trendy social-media network (9)
Horse around its gate in start (9)
Device VIP socialites used with band member (15)
Guitar and banjo depiction: sweep hand across strings in middle of tennis racket? (11)
Indian halfway houses let us get treatment when hurt (8)
Virgin cattin' around (6)
Virgin engaged in self-restraint, actually (6)
Desire Under the Big Top (6)
Tie Princeton, perhaps with good defensive play (12)
Bury that guy without his head for the time being (7)
Action between scenes is badly underlit, especially at first (9)
During winter, Nick will give you train (6)
A Latino is ordered to follow a young doctor all over the world (13)
Describes travel from Earth to Mars using, incredibly, plane, train, and — shortly — East Texas Railway (14)
Working with Hopper on film? (2,3,3)
Tiny iMac displayed kinky sexual behavior (8)
A couple from Athens are inside rhythmically making love (8)
I timed Tina, but not in order to cause a feeling of inadequacy (10)
Someone who creates: that is, someone beginning to make collections of items (11)
With a suggestion of visiting home at 6, getting excited (10)
Bill is capable of singing well (7)
I like something very tart — an Apple, perhaps (6)
Lyricist and I saw herring swimming (3,8)
Lyricist is "involved": I saw her ring (3,8)
Musical instrument, used in hip-hop primarily, put on rap arrangement after "The Color of Your Eyes" (5,4)
Manish traveling around small, small New England state with a European (8)
/Half-life of an element. . . (4)
\. . . equals ~2.778x10^-4 h (2)[Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "i"]
Sick, tired running around Latvian city — brought water (9)
Former cowboys place vigilante's head in maddening hold (6)
Butler is a character in his Tale of Two Cities (6,6)
Embodies the essence of antidisestablishmentarianism (2)
/A violinist says, "As a cistern ruptures, . . . (5,5)
\ . . . bubbling fluid comes from broken pipes." (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "P"]
Egyptian goddess lives twice (4)
Olajuwon's declaration of faith (5)
One measly incredibly difficult piece by Balakirev (7)
ISLAND SERIES: (wordplay only; solutions are not in alphabetical order)
       Greetings, Dad! I got into the Crescent City, . . (10)
       . . . and, after somehow losing a piece of luggage, . . . (4,6)
       . . . a guy, . . . (3)
       . . . a fellow that crashed into a pole, . . . (9)
       . . . starts to scream "Rape!" in Latin! . . . Anyway, numerous kisses, and. . . (3,5)
       . . . I am hugging you back. (4)
/ Hockey team, when leader is ejected, casts false aspersions . . . (9)
\ . . . Crosstown team rivals' leader gets furious (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "r"]
Song by Rodgers & Hart is smash: "AT&T" (it's in C minor) (4,2,8)
Lois, date going off to be alone (8)
Agnostics struggle to respond to this; trained dogs hear it without a bit of effort (2,5,1,3)
A European monkey with a tail is captivated by one baboon's rear end (7)
"Legislative Kat," a liberal Washington insider, wrote this 1996 bestseller (2,5,1,7)

Comedian shows rear (ass) to Rev. Spooner (4,5)
He won a Nobel Prize for inventing a device that can help you lift 1000 pounds — yes, without straining heart (4,5)
Athlete in Germany agreed to contract to start on New York basketball team, guarding Los Angeles Sequoia center (4,8)
Agreed to a Hamburger, Coke with kumquat on top, and skinless seabird with sliced pumpkin (4-1-7)
Rough-edged, impure jade. Around two thousand dollars (6)
In film, secret agent Odd Job and me capturing head of SMERSH (5,4)
Steamer "Jaws" destroyed before beginning to terrorize leading actor (5,7)
English author's novel: an E. Just an E. (4,6)
'60s blues/rock singer has first date with southern ragtime composer (5,6)
Custodian gets into scuffle, goes into shock (7)
Fragrant shrub gets, first, Fritz's approval, then second, my own (7)
Comic almost all of LA enjoys! (3,4)
In Germany, "Yes" jammed together with that little ol' band from Texas, "Topless," making some cool riffs (4)
For Nice people, I start to affect terrible envy (8)
A Captain at Sea: AC/DC, April–June (4-3,6)
Composer's Tattered Blue Jeans is capturing the essence of wit (4,8)
Mr. Clampett, one of the saviors of the universe (4)
Dotty Joseph gets in a chapeau and a jumper (10)
Jo, he's fouled on a really excellent jumper (10)
Wealthy ones starting to wear pants made by some Canaanites (10)
Semitic woman is after the cable guy, according to William Spooner, a comedian (5,5)
Embraced by German wife, he succeeds at being an actor (5,7)
He gave blood to save lives of justices; Rhs different (5,6)
Short Bible verse upset Jews terribly (5,4)
To eject materials from ship, Elroy keeps it in reverse (8)
Jack's girlfriend — one with a passion to become an actress (4,5-4)
A man in black is capturing politician and burning down house of actor (3,7)
Little woman, say a prayer for the unemployed (7)
Comedian can fiddle blues half-stoned (4,7)
He wrote The World According to Garp and The Baptist Virgin Dances (4,6)
Erstwhile talk-show host's W. C. Gotham auto is running (6,6)
Western legend can diminish, it's said (4,5)
Coffee containing potassium makes you gag (4)
A star in the East, leading Wizards forward to a place near Bethlehem (6)
Rodgers & Hammerstein character Maria finally is going to mass to get religion (7)
Where you might come across a bit of jasmine oil (8)
Where out-of-service Chinese boats go? (8)
Mrs. O'Connor's only jewels (7)
Miss LaVerne voices this demand to merchant who charged the wrong amount: "Take 1,500 off the top" (4,2,4)
Lyrics by Lerner (Jay) outwit us jerks (4,3,4)
/ Beginning of June: undergraduate art final project: . . . (3)
\ . . . "Pop musician made from modeling clay," put Carmen (4,9) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "P"]

Big Joey's rook moves to capture a knight: game half-over (8)
Philosophical one lays down king and ace before bid in bridge game (4)
Part of Slovak Armada to see action in India (5)
NBA star beginning to kill some time on a short street (5,7)
Former San Antonio athlete lost, drank awhile around back of Alamo (5,7)
Greek activity including 5% grain-alcohol-brewskis! (6)
Sauce boat next to plate? (7)
Instrumental selection from "Dark Eyes" (3)
Most important piece of wood for piano (8)
Rev. Spooner's cotton comes from Florida island (3,5)
Eye milk shake with fruit (3,4)
Take care of 1000 sick people (4)
Having a certain amount of power, what environmentalist Italian-Americans might have said they wanted to do to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior in the early '80s (8)
Actress gets eggs and a bit of ketchup on tailored mink (3,5)
Some songs in German related to the German baby: a couple of Englishmen make up a story the German follows (17)
Related? George the Fifth and Henry the Eighth? (4)
Cast OK in Godfather, a Roger Miller production (4,2,3,4)
Write out, "Hi, Kansas City!" (8)
Fate of Mike's tailored shirt (6)
Injured skier's face (6)
Björk is singing a selection (actually, lip-synching?) (7)
A musical mask — seek it out! (4,2,4)
Barbie's boyfriend has desire to get down! (This item is traditionally omitted.) (7,4)
Folk I thoroughly embrace! (4)
Inept king falls before jump in skating club (6)
Possible condition of waders in middle of lakes next to north-west-flowing river in South Carolina (4-4)
Blade in Heart of Darkness decapitated wife (5)
Spooner's evening of flute music and violent combat (5,5)
Cooked 1/2 Peking duck on Eating for Two (7,2)
Onetime Steelers coach goes after king of hill (5)
One of kids poo'd in contaminated body of water (3,4)
Pastry with fruit and nuts chokes Al (8)
Where you can get kimchi made from pickled okra stuffed with mouse's tail (5)
Pottery kin fashioned from hazardous material (10)
Mass beginning around 1. . . . Oy! Kneeler is broken! (5,7)

A dog — an animal used for experiments — swallows, by mistake, an excessive amount of drugs left by leader of experiment in some water (8,9)
In California, you can see this experimental creature swallowing one of Eric's body parts: my head is gone! (2,4,3,4)
Carly's home, upset and crying (10)
Reportedly, Garland to do vocals for "Tying My Shoes" (6)
Don't have a platform? I can take a bit of neem and add on length with minimal effort (13)
Nurse and doctor eat talc (7)
Nurse let a cat out (7)
Left a daughter and son (3)
Fashion ads lie to women (6)
Mesdames, Los Angeles is expiring (6)
Playboy's women — wow! (6,3)
Smashed bad, ugly insect (7)
Lapping a struggling runner in fifth place, showing a little something extra: it's a gift (9)
Our ankle slightly hurt (twisted) in waters off Michigan (4,5)
Rev. Spooner's to be chosen to star in American Western feature (4,4)
Ridicule inept polo man (7)
Perhaps Art left with Superman's clothing? (9)
"Miniature lobster" turning into slogan (10)
Pet's master and friend left (6)
Romantic 1960s tune stirred male hearts (5,5)
Green & tan tiles I replaced in passageway (5,9)
"Lite" tangerines upset portion of digestive system (5,9)
Turn signal showing directional light (6)
A girl in Latin class that is, in short, a dog (6)
Trained seal is one that barked (6)
The most recent occurrence to topple one Australian soprano, according to her fans (2,8)
Retinal treatment at facilities on army base (7)
Possibly gag his lung putting in a breathable anesthetic (8,3)
French for "the wet, dirty clothes"? (7)
Honoree dead, having swallowed human waste (8)
Seagoing sitcom actress is unbelievably sweet—unreal! (6,5)
Verne lad turning sort of purple (8)
Naughty devil has spent a lot on gifts (8)
Ordinance concerning cumin tainted with radioactive material (10)
50 Across: "A tremor's beginning? I have some medicine" (8)
Arizona is in bloom with very little effort (6)
Paging Finagle! . . . . . Finagle! . . . . . (7)
One who unearthed a human head missing eyelid(?) and losing fluid (5)
Lamplighters' leader arranged "Anemone," a 1972 soul hit (4,2,2)
Approximately 17% of locals qualify for Indiana $1000 scholarship (8)
Unhappy king clutches the cowhide (7)
TV program gets you to abandon data processing to be a head of volunteers at hospital ward (5,2,2,6)
Glavine's screwball is breaking away (7)
General direction of operating room (6)
For example, the tales of King Arthur's foot? (6)
Explanatory tables on maps showing scale in miles and feet? (7)
An elf goes all wacko (7)
Ample space in back seat for the French newlywed? (7)
Williams tune: email these changes (5,5)
Monsieur Gibson heads west with one sharp animal (7)
Candy making a comeback for Spanish, trailing American cycling champ (5,4)
Oriental herb makes Morgan less dizzy (10)
Some people wear this and are told: "Dance!" (7)
Pat, Rod, & I peel bananas for some insects (11)
Bugs like ripe old bananas? Just the opposite! (7)
Actress's 50 criminal larcenies including head of Oedipus (6,5)
A group of French composers numbering 6 - 9 (3,3)
Allowed 2001 computer to become very dangerous (6)
Beatles' song title changed by two of Beatles (3,2,2)
A Christmas song: "Rockin' Noel Twist" (3,2,4)
Bookkeeper, 51, in a bar, drunk, swallowing last of beer (9)
Center for Reading: number 51, Barry Wild (7)
Through their actions in Back to the Future, Doc Brown is shot at, slain by riffraff (7)
Kill fifty bugs? Just the reverse! (4)
/Songs told a story about contrary. . . (6)
\. . . servant: "Save London First, Then the Queen!" (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
Instrument's song broadcast to Crete (3,8)
Entitle a U.N. broadcast "Military Leader" (10)
I like a cat that will go after a piece of lightweight rope that can save a drowning person (8)
How long people would survive if planes crashed (8)
Cuckoo feather consumed in process of losing weight announced to be hazardous to your health (4-11)
"Pick up some insect repellent" is what people are told as they leave Cape Canaveral (7)
Doctor heartily embracing the end of suffering for a great many feet (5-4)
Purple flower I call "cartwheels" (5)
Flower I'll put in an arrangement by the end of today (4)
Around one thousand pounds of tree branches (5)
One who exhorts the use of arms? That stinks! (9)
/Nasty Nick, a Rebel defender. . . (10)
\. . . thwarts University of North Dakota Weasels (10) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "u"]
Wild dog using 10% of its head for communication in the field (5)
In the mouth: fish, hotdog, and pasta (8)
Fish & Game announced role for Chomsky (8)
Hamburger's left unfinished by Eric Brahinsky (4)
Lancelot and his family slink off (5)
Mozart symphony belongs to Miss Redgrave, we hear (4)
I'm all aflutter, getting lead in "Ointment" (3,4)
51 pounds in an accessible account (6)
Hey — girl finally will reach legal drinking age in the US in eleven years (6)
Dull and dispirited, unlike Wallechinsky and Wallace (8)
Books started to burn. . . part of history — true, but sad (10)
Half-life of an element (7)
Felix's place of business makes Rev. Spooner's Unpleasant-Tasting Fish (6,3)
Seemingly insignificant scoop; it's actually of astronomical importance (6,6)
Cooked tortilla at the beach (8)
The most active one, as it happens, is having nap-time shortly (9)
Enraged was I, getting fourth place instead of first of everyone (5)
Look! Shot dead with bullets (6)
Borrowed items in New Orleans (7)
Paths coil around (4)
Insect's path to top of tree (6)
Lady put on gossamer sheer tops, and many people saw these (4)
That's funny: a girl who gets whatever she wants (4)
Cross-river roadway twisting, bending . . . O, Lord (6,6)
50, single, and without companionship (4)
A pirate means to keep warm chopped liver (4,4,6)
Observing His Majesty on the throne? (7)
Silent phantom taking egg from bird (4)
Singer (actress) catches wriggling eel by a river rock (7)
She's Acting Primate in Germany (4,6)
American '60s TV series shown in western G.B.: Pecans Going Nuts! (4,2,5)
In Polyphloisboian, Al Pacino ends up dead (4)
Re: I, a Soulless, Pathetic Comic Actress (6,6)
Costello and I, then Nin, left state (9)
Gehrig's Yankees in first place? Terrible! (5)
Autoclave traveling 50 light-years in Grant's vehicle (4,8)
Quickly developed fondness for lob serve (4,2,5,5)
Premiere of Lady "exceedingly wonderful," as Eliza Doolittle would put it (7)
An item some planets revolve around (6)
Two people park here and get overalls out — it's 45 degrees! (6,4)
/Some buffalo will moo. . . (3)
\. . . like cows, or start to bleat like sheep (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
Feasts with usual wildness (5)
Incredibly old nun—a relic! (6,6)
/Cruel maneuvers to get money: . . . (5)
| . . . Beaten after he's down, . . . (8) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "f"]
\ . . . woman warrior gives him deadlines unreasonably (12) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "s"]
Olga Samaroff and Doctor Lou O. Perl eating some poultry stuffed with last of celery (4,12)
Lady clobbered a bully: this rendered the kid unconscious (7)
Fifty brown logs (6)
Where some people saw shifty Al bury Mr. Ed (10)
Food left half-unchewed (5)
Latin-American heart's ultimate desire (4)
That's pretty caustic stuff. And it sounds like it's not even true (3)
It courses through everybody's body, comes out everybody's rear end (behind) 50 miles per hour (5)

A minor A/C malfunction—it may get hot and sticky (8)
/Mother, Leslie, and I having some pasta. . . (8)
\. . . while Dad's eating some spaghetti sauce with a vegetable (9) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
Conehead-Americans cooked a pasta dish (8,3,6)
Dairy ingredient, shortening put in purplish cookie (8)
Satellite going around Saturn, perhaps? Sweet! (8)
Yours truly gets a "C" in Medieval Weaponry (4)
Blade going about 2070 mph cut out heart of turtle (7)
Met each criminal with a weapon (7)
March — right! left! — going east at a high rate of speed (4,3)
Apple disintegrated in stomach (9)
/My son will catch a cold going to the store. . . . (5)
\. . . Perhaps my new wife's outside catching one (5) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "m"]
Mama'd be playing a female part in French drama (6,6)
Naked men hail funny actress (8,4)
Joseph's wife, angry, turned back: "No, it doesn't matter" (7)
Material from Wilder dramas (6)
DiMaggio retired somewhat happy? (8)
Chemical cocktail of gas? Immune (9)
Metal sculpture amusing me (9)
Size of scientific device (instrument) announced (9)
Smaug mauled wizard (5)
Many a hog cured with wood (8)
Ordered a mynah: "Go into wood" (8)
Seattle baseball player runs away to another corner of the U.S. (5)
Small US state in East! (5)
45° in Vietnam, windy, for featured match (4,5)
I am back with nasty cryptic: you can depend on it! (8)
In retrospect, better to take tops off to play jazz with female bandleader (9)
My lad suffering with a disease (6)
Dishonest shirker's mother to stay regular taking a bit of Ex-Lax (10)
Walmart almost ruined by electronic computer virus (7)
One of our co-founders (the subject of our first speech) gets two advanced degrees (4)
Married couple from Amarillo beginning to enjoy a Broadway musical (4)
Mother pries top off milk containers? (9)
Chairman has a replacement: it's out with the old, in with the new guy (3)
Aquatic mammal, male, fed on last of algae (7)
Some privates captured enemy leader, beloved ruler returned. . . . Now that's news! (3,5,3)
Answer is on the tip of my rough-arsed nine-inch tongue (8,7)
Some complex numbers in table? Mr. Ed's not confused (10,3)
Mexican leader: an extraterrestrial artist (5)
Woman Gleason keeps hidden to inflict physical abuse (6)
Beat up doctor with fish? (7)
Woman going to swallow fruit (5)
"Tropical Fruit" goes without a bit of effort between A major and A minor (10)
Crazy, crazy Tito making pasta (9)
Italian eats Tim in a stew, admits action inappropriate (9)
Person does not apply for food charity? (5)
Arranged cremation for beast (9)
Beast's romantic or erogenous zone (9)
Insect beginning to sit on a log after a point (8)
People assist lame figures after a point (9)
Murderous anarchists' recklessness leads to ruin (3)
Marceau goes into drunken stupor with literary compatriot (6,6)
Some of them are stablemates! (5)
66 2/3% oleo, 66 2/3% "and other items" — that's what this little girl is made of (8)
Broadway personality who got a Tony for arranging "I Am Ra" (5)
Closer to Rome, seas (five) containing seaweed are flowing towards the west (7,6)
USMC rep accepts commercial for meat flavoring (8)
It doesn't apply to some fabric-back U.S. billionaire (4,5)
Standing in a cemetery, these remarks would be out of order (7)
Spooner says, "Listen to animal actor" (4,6)
Male body part: a lady not finished putting on Ecstasy jelly (9)
Zesty Delicacy, a horse, catches a disease — not terminal (9)
Tail and head of organism found in interior of another planet: an extraterrestrial animal (8)
Creatures from another planet will swallow cat tail-first (7)
Singer-actress, diarist, and I taken in by advocate of Communism: no turning back (5,5)
Proposal comes on a happy note, reportedly (5,2)
/Re: My arm-twisting, knee-bending offer. . . (5,2)
\. . . "Amended"?! Go f*** the DA! Offer's final —Vito (9) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "g"]
Possible goal of space program: arms deployment (4)
God — some Muslims working for an actress (6,5)
Little sweet Marsha keeps half of my letters? Fifty-fifty? That hurts! (11)
Niles and Frasier's dad endlessly has to listen to "Decoration" from decorating expert (6,7)
Cuban leader: an extraterrestrial (7)
Castaway from Minnesota spends part of year taking German, perhaps (4,3,7)
Says, "Our only matter is doing gymnastics"! (4,3,6)
After letter H, harmony is ppp in new arrangement of 1964 movie musical (4,7)
Love letter from Doctor Nash to me (4,4)
Grandma lost $1000 next to Russian city street — she could just kick herself (9)
/Huge church ceremony I have. . . (7)
\. . . envisioned, with symphony orchestra at the beginning and end and fireworks in the middle (3) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "s"]
Developing great facility with Mendelssohn 1st-violin part around letter "E" (9)
Damn timer's out of control (10)
According to Rev. Spooner: Reagan's Attorney General, if he became a minister, would do great work (11)
Angry, as the break-in is a feature on the front page of every newspaper (8)
Lord, without hesitation, Thy humble servant did bring forth wine and food, without hesitation, and thereof did chew (10)
Amos, don't freak: that big beast won't be coming back (8)
Beast stood ground, surrounded by people (8)
Thomas to donate part of prehistoric specimen (8)
Agree to perform a Tchaikovsky selection (5)
Husband is dead meat (4)
Mother gets the jerks to do trigonometry and calculus (11)
Troubling matters leading to unfaithfulness, ultimately; on top of it, you lie (8)
Saying, "One thousand one, divided by one-third of six, plus one thousand" (5)
"Never to be surpassed": words to live by, friend (9)
Klinger, one little flower is the limit (7)
/Might one Indian. . . (5)
\. . . run in opposition to shabby, negative, aggressive rhetoric? (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "r"]
Might that man start to make trouble? (6)
Here, many are treated badly — O, I'm cynical (4,6)
Rochester establishment gives demonstration on dressing (4,6)
Specific amount of chyme as urethra's contents (7)
Eric left after a time and put on an article of clothing to get something to eat (4,4)
Taxpayer-funded program made Eric poor (8)
Eric & Cindi treated athlete's foot with drugs (8)
Head of MASH here in Normandy in dire need of drugs (8)
A long way behind in PC game "Annihilation" (10)
Actress makes me terribly angry (3,4)
Mischievous smile, like a new 1861 bride (7,6)
Mitchell's lady, skillfully taking a joint, works on a dairy farm for Rev. Spooner (7,6)
Ant lo mein laced with a sleep aid (9)
Sleep aid treated ailment? No (9)
Bats battle moas for some bread (5,5)
Mountaineers' leader crazily, and without a bit of shyness, yodels a tune (6)
N.Y. baseball player holds league leadership, then is in a slump to catastrophic self-destruction (8)
Note to tax agency: everything in my life is documented here (7)
Note: measure space by random fluctuation around you (10)
Lost? Oy — I'm alarmed now! (8,3) [Hint: clue was composed on May 27]
Yours truly, Doctor Emma F. Lindsey (2,6,3,1)
Helpless female soldiers (3)
HD color television Conn's men set out to show Jascha's performance (11,6,8)
Some people wearing Givenchy items – this includes silk tops – will get a disease (10)
Guys in tollbooth #6 stop to make change for a woman (9)
About half of all people returning as geniuses (5)
Guys treat us badly — what can women do? (10)
Woman did this every month around the 4th of month: changed surname to "Turner" or "Nugent" (11)
Suits guys to talk dirty (8)
Lists of guys (people like me) (5)
His tempo is wrong for Liszt waltz (8)
Mr. Lee, I can't broadcast commercial (10)
Stinking gas meant crap is around (9)
Tan camper put out smelly intestinal gas (9)
Businessman offering French sea song (8)
Ill-tempered at heart, he tried to be awful mean to boy composer (8,7)
Essentially, cheering after Germans shot a duck (9)
Wasted a dime or $100 on drink money for a hobbit (8,10)
Ethel takes Jay right to makeup (5,6)
Legendary sea creature brought to light using a dimmer switch (7)
Their publications begin with a translation of Remember: It's War (7-7)
In The Lord of the Rings, a huge creature goes after a hobbit, almost decapitating him. It's great fun! (9)
He played a part in The Lord of the Rings, a role in Madama Butterfly in German, and Carousel (5-2-5)
Ride from Gondor, perhaps around the middle of January, after a hobbit (5-2-5)
Monsieur Reaumur, orchestra leader, claims mi-majeur sequence is Indian (9)
Make ends meet with a graduate degree, I think (7)
Ito embalms bats to observe life functions (10)
Encountered a Latvian leader, Communist, headed to the West to capture octet, which is tortured with an electronic device (5,8)
As bell sounds, Bats call time (8)
Flying me past Moorish development (13)
/Memo: "So harpist, playing for change, . . . (13)
\. . . earned a dime?" "Unfortunately, not one." (4) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "m"]
New shampoo merits development (13)
It's wrong to hamper writing: a fountain of knowledge or a goldmine of laughter and tears (8)
Ran into space pilot — he is wise to go back for some fuel (7,3)
Way too much drug use after taking amphetamines (6)
Became acquainted with one L.A. airport — a new structure for all the cities in the region (12,4)
Xolo: he can mix cocktail, vacuum (7,8)
Country cooking — come around 11 (6)
/South of the border, I'm back claiming a couple of bits of exotica: "Approximately 16.7% of connoisseurs. . . (6)
\. . . desire the egg scrambled at a low temperature" (5,7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "e"]
Backing up, I injure bystander's head; ache is terrible. . . . Warm water at this site brings relief (5,5)
In Vienna, I will be hosted twice by Dizzy Claremont, a science-fiction writer (7,8)
Despicable Me: icky old Disney character (6)
Cave worm I cooked in an oven (9)
Neurological disease claims Gilbert's princess and Phrygian king (5)
King's magical ability is displayed in middle of a street. He might say this if he got hit! (5,5)
The beverage I have spoken of is strong (6)
Diminutive superhero converting goyim — he must! (6,5)
The sports club I support vocally, Oklahoma University, has added split end, a little guy with tremendous strength (6,5)
Wandering around, looking for work? You'll get the third degree, Lou! (7)
Managing smile, sexy lady embraces Laurel Alden's friend (5,8)
Hat merchant goes 660 fathoms on passenger ship (8)
Around 1990, she was a member of the first family in the U.S. to go around broadcasting a TV show — she got rich! (11)
The sound of a jazz vocal quartet, often described as warm and mellow — it's heavy and grinding (9)
E. and me entertain people without saying a word (4)
She dies after she sings two notes (4)
Cement I am breaking up to make a pie filling (9)
Rock, Mr. Laine! Rock! (7)
Stone ran mile, got winded? (7)
Rock group: "Realms in Chaos" (8)
At least a half note, followed by hesitation (7)
Operating an underground business in. . . in. . . in. . . magnesium! (6)
Use no mime in remake of Mickey's Sweetheart (6,5)
Trim innkeeper serves fish? (6)
Take a few courses in beginning medicine where a surgeon operates (5)
In opera, notary, messenger, and gatekeeper heard ominous-sounding tympani flourishes (5,5)
1000 crazed nutria grabbing onto head of bull-headed man (8)
Engineering school gets new head — this generates a lot of money (4)
Gen. Tom Thumb, for example, was an American soldier in the Revolutionary War (9)
Russian space station with one Brazilian entertainer (7)
Dark, sinister place. . . royal king and court within! (8)
Wasted do-re-mi getting a luxury car that's very shiny (8)
A Russian caterer, changing order without initialing first and last letter, to get it wrong (15)
Poorly-struck "E" followed by profanity (6)
Handles things badly, making a mess scrubbing top of knee wound (10)
Initially, man is seldom observed gazing, yearning, needing innocent, sweet things — he now hates women (10)
I'm turning up to eat run-of-the-mill Asian food (4,4)
No tip received by sour puss (IMO) serving Asian appetizer (4,4)
Before reaching full flower(?), young lady stands to drink more than three huge quantities of water (11,5)
Regret the loss of, regret the loss of, regret the loss of topless number going back and forth — a Southern beauty (4,11)
Twice, regret the loss of our one glamorous Midwesterner (4,7)
E.g., Torry, thuh yung aktress (dotter uv prodoocer Aron)! (4,8)
Not a hit at first — then stated views about article, and she was chosen Washington beauty queen (4,7)
I'm sorry rest must be disturbed, Señor (6)
Alone with Wilbur, he talked of revolutionary times as a communist (6,2)
The Captain's companion explains in speech why a scientist, even after studying the chromosomes carefully, was surprised to see that the girl had emerald-colored eyes (6,5,5)
I'm providing an alternative arrangement, and add stress! (8)
Doctor (D.D.) & Sister Ming, a nun, having an argument (16)
Technology Institute — site of T.M.I. disaster (3)
Cruelly omit sibling from act of reproduction (7)
One gives a warm hand to New England college top woman (6)
After mass I go to Return of the King viewing party (5)
Cover girls will be seldom confused (6)
"In the '60s, that was fashionable, Auntie," says Dorothy through a PC communications device (5)
They make medicines, fudge, and more (7)
Some despicable hombre heads west – he's wielding a knife (5)
Using some ammo, he levels a man wielding a knife (5)
Wrought-tin Moses gets wet (8)
Exchanged Tim's euro for a little bit of water (8)
Creature feature: The Black Thing (4)
Naked ones having birthmark: reversed star (4,4)
Abuse an animal second time (6)
Crazy ol' Tom is really in Italy! (5)
The contemporary-art museum in New York, as one looks back on it, is really a mother (4)
Just for a second, it sounded like one of the Three Stooges intended to say, "Stick around for a little while!" (9)
McDonald's? Hy & I lost a fair-faced kid (7,5)
Lizard track (7)
Abbot, look around for a '60s rock group (7)
(DOWN clue:) Starting out a monastery dweller, eventually he ends up being a primate (6)
Funds to acquire 80% of "Latin-Land" in Mexico city (9)
British comedy troupe typist reaches halfway point in Mutual of New York Half-Marathon (5,6)
Low, marginally droopy! (5)
Low note: a c-note or a g, perhaps (5)
End in sight for mono outbreak (4)
Loon might fancy it is bright (9)
/A composition Beethoven worked on long: not to him as a diversion . . . (9,6)
\ . . . but to finally gain closure (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
Womanhood's affected by 1970 song (10)
Suspending demolition of room (atrium) (10)
Umm, I possibly will get speaker to pause (10)
Playing oboe, Mr. C? Well, play a percussion instrument, with greater enthusiasm (4,7)
Moose gets restricted, becomes sullen (6)
Cannon increased (decreased) weight when empty (not empty) (6)
Barroom dart ripped college grad's cap (11)
Macabre wife of Rev. Spooner's announced where gold may be found: unfinished Renaissance painting by some professional women (8,6)
Left affirmative message in meditation session: move in a gentle, untroubled way (5)
Within a house of worship, one religious text is a source of discomfort (8,4)
Some remote lodge! (5)
Robin's mom? As American as apple pie (10)
Ma, settle down in Russia (10)
Joy, among others, topless dancing, perhaps (6)
Demolished D.C. tearoom, "Caravan" (9)
(DOWN clue:) Cat climbing a couple of tea trees (5)
McKinley (among others) says, "I am not crazy about the United Nations" (8)
Not ordinarily amountin' to be a towering figure in the rock world? (8)
Drink worked: I'm to wed a nun (8,3)
IMO, unwanted vagrant can drink (8,3)
Enormous error holds cat responsible for killing (6)
Mickey eats a piece of Swiss and gets dessert (6)
Instrument for two parts of the body (5,5)
Wife and husband who will compel you to nod? (2,7)
/Austrian-American Film Actor, 101, Friend of City, . . . (9)
\Dead. . . December 8th services for members of religious community (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "D"]
Must not have time to read letters from Greece (3)
At first, Michigan undergraduate bashful about love and kissing and stuff (5)
Disorganized Miley Cyrus loses top of your bandmember's equipment (5,4)
Failing OU Chemistry, a required course for instrumental majors (5,6)
Scented letter from Greece: "What's up?" (5)
Bug to total westbound sports car (7)
Nag must beat horse (7)
Dark yellow soil contains lead (7)
Change to titanium bats . . . 0 for 1 (8)
I heard creatures that weren't active before Christmas and a creature that was highly active before Christmas (6)
My rest was disturbed. Why? Nobody can figure it out (7)
My fuzzy cat is beginning to look like Yogi (8)
1960s sitcom story about broken noses (2,5,4)

Cured bacon is inside some cookies and crackers (7)
Ballerina chomps part of a chip (5)
Salt on a clambake portion (4)
Harry the Horse (3)
Assails tacks? (5)
Dizzy Dean collects strikeout in his native state (5)
Anonymous traveling salesmen (8)
One who may be looking for snow in northern half of Arctic? (4)
Suddenly falling asleep flying Cory's plane (10)
/Poor Carolyn has EPS, a sleep disorder. . . (10)
\. . . A sleep disorder, if you will (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
Sodium smell becoming evident (7)
Nat's singing daughter gives all to a niece, unfortunately (7,4)
Can set an anagram (5)
Covertly taking clone of Natalie's famous father (3,4,4)
Laurel, after the first left turn, to come from behind for the win, of course (9)
Ill-bred humanity a target in 1910 operetta (7,8)
Incredibly vain: "Father Christmas in Spain" (7)
Maneuver cruel czar to reverse position and write letters to end scandal? (8)
Damn! Jane is moving to Chad's place (8)
Old man from Nebraska destroyed earth and left (11)
Examine a stiff, putrid N.Y. corpse (8)
Some tangerine crops yield answer why animals died (8)
I will go in wrong entrance to get fruit (9)
Repeated Newton Zellweger comeback to derisive taunt (6-6)
No, from the back. . . could it be Andrew Lloyd Webber? (8)
/Eve singing at resort – (8,4)
\A lot of people voice exultation at end of ballad (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "c"]
Unfortunately, C. Stengel fails to attend (8)
Biblical builder left Canadian actor the heart of her chicken (8)
The chap next door is dreadfully boring, eh? (8)
Donizetti's elixir swallower and a submarine captain are in love (8)
One dummy I clobbered with some metal (9)
(DOWN clue:) Doctor showing one fourth of gastrointestinal (GI) stool work under colored light (13)
Proposer of new doctrine seen around treaty group with doctor (13)
Luncheon ending with one tater, bananas, and fish (4,5)
Western writer cuts down relatives (7)
Write retrograde melody for last movement of The Planets (7)
Brainerd, in essence, has this Center for Scientific Scholarship (9)
Disappointed, or less enthusiastic, about portion of pie (10)
Fräulein Eva dazzled inhabitants of this state (6)
I'm not one to win bee, making spelling errors (6)
State false name: "W. H. Phiser" (3,9)
/When seraphim went flying into a state, . . . (3,9)
\. . . Israel MC broadcast "These Are Wondrous Events" (8) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "m"]
A time of month that's rough on women (3,4)
Topless, had sex with heartless moron — it's not very bright, but it's just a phase (3,4)
Where you can eat beignets, nene, slaw, or bananas (3,7)
Book says amphibian ate, swallowed part of flower (3,9)
/Representative from Georgia Tech wringing out . . . (4,8)
\ . . . rag that went around a fish (3) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "g"]
Young model going to dump old wealthy U.S. politician (4,8)
Not a great scientist? (6)
When you watch fireworks, change eyewear, Sven! (3,5,3)
Seven weary lost travelers in the middle of a holiday celebration (3,5,3)
Put another way: 10 out of 10 will be succeeding (4)
Some Africans — an unspecified number — raising bananas around the capital of Ethiopia (9)
Creature of the dark, howling frightfully around the first stroke of twelve (5,3)
/Nocturnal creature with long, misshapen . . . (5,3)
\ . . . ears, quivering posterior (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
No one with a nut? Then steal nuts from an inventor (6,5)
Idiots given free pass by tell-all diarist — that was handled clumsily (11)
I net, in the transaction, a place between 89th and 91st (9)
One little drink elicits slur against Japanese (3)
Somewhat minimalist opera: one-second 1x1-nanoinch broadcast (5,2,5)
Doctor Ho mocks many a linguist, philosopher, and social activist (4,7)
Name of first person who lived on Mars? (6)
Neutron put out around 100 frequencies in succession (8)
Spinks returned yuletide exclamation (4)
Lack of strong winds in Arizona border town (7)
#1 song starts with electronic sounds (5)
Missing part of GI tract, left with sore esophageal opening — I don't dispute that (4,10)
Donne quotation: an answer to the question "Is Barry Gibb's birthplace a continental landmass?" (2,3,2,2,6)
Sign at "La Bare" in Alaskan town in front of wall done shoddily (2,3,7)
Phenom, in a test, holds names for consideration (9)
Nine musicians, not any lead trumpet (5)
Sounds like this is good news for the convict given a suspended sentence (this is an example of gallows humor) (2,5)
State, "Horn arrangement includes Tchaikovsky's 1st, then a vocal work with three sharps in the key signature" (5,8)
State, "Rail-thin, corona-ravaged, I will go" (5,8)
Tolkien's final piece, "Fantasy Porthole," gives a view of elves' realm (5,4)
Neither route leads to a Scandinavian country (6)
Emu set out, following scent, to get bug (2-3-2)
/Eat some jalapeños; however, . . . (4)
\. . . drink nothing after narrow escape (3) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "n"]
Unconditionally gives some jewelry: without a bit of effort, captures heart of dates (2,7)
Henry! Toto went berserk, swallowed witch's head, celebrated (10)
Kobe's ideal take-home pay? (7,3,3)
Aware that it's snowing? (8)
Indiana school mentored a derelict (5,4)
Rocky and remote European tourist destination (5,4)
Running around topless: fun thing (4)
Ustinov ascot I admired features maritime setting (4,6)
On westbound train, catching a bit of view, reading book (5)
Some literature shows all ovens malfunction (8)
Some prayers will get no answer after first half of month (6)
/Making a comeback, took election. At this point, . . . (3)
\. . . made official work for me in D.C. (9) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "c"]
Terribly unkind, pestering, nagging, irritating person (6)
Crazy man rules? Figures! (8)
/ With difficulty, learn sum of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9: . . . (8)
\. . . The sum of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is over fifty; it's irrational (5-4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "f"]
She has a habit, but says nothing publicly (3)
Child-care facility in North Surrey destroyed (7)
Run around and perform opera in facility for aged (7,4)

Mars One lost crew (7)
Moab bananas: a delicacy that's supposed to be good for your health (9)
Head of operations unhappy to gather intelligence, not direct (7)
Violin bow almost goes off to nothingness (8)
Little-known doctor's remedy (7)
Genoa bus let all out: it was more than 90 degrees (6,5)
Some good early-music performance venues (4)
Some rodeo noise in public venue (5)
Literary tribute left behind somewhere in Texas (6)
Scents of out-doors (5)
Ruined stereo, placing it next to 50079.58 A/m magnetic field (7)
Ferrari initially is missing — not on racetrack, naturally (2,6)
Not skating to work (6)
Rachmaninoff, in Germany, comes across the future (6)
Young, angry griffons surround one of prey (9)
Repeating decimal? (5)
LOST DOG. Male. Left around June 3rd. Name: Answers to "Poet" (5,4)
Poet's barking dog quiet after princess left (5,4)
Looks on attentively as the Spanish Guard goes around in circles (5)
Pop singer going around topless? That's awful! (2,2)
Dressing Cujo, ultimately I arrive mangled in grave (3,3,7)
Stone cast towards the front during vocal leads to setting where gunshots were exchanged (1,1,6)
Fine prostitute 1000: going around city, putting on a show (8)
Elder Mr. DeLuise in charge of Virginia (3,8)
Fresh lemonade. . . add in a bit of tonic, a couple of stirs. . . then start to tranquilize with a good book (3,9)
You might yell this when you see a bull getting milked? — French saying (3)
What's this — immersed in a martini? O sinister evil! (5)
A place to get Italian food that's tainted (I love danger) (5,6)
Deliver a nog cocktail from an Italian restaurant (5,6)
Girl goes into surgical suite when brought by actor (4,6)
Oversight having no purpose (8)
Didn't include "glove" in dictionary (7)
In reference volume: GOP candidate to be included, or not included? (7)
Westbound sub in Moldavia: not, unfortunately, a valid mode of transportation (7)
Freakish orange ass (6)
I will get some mosquito netting (3)
A sick playwright (6)
"Head off, masked lawman!". . . in Texas lore, this is sufficient to stop a riot (3,6)
Individuals having papers checked: it's unfair (3-5)
Waiting for Don Ho medley to be interrupted by individual, at last (2,4)
Just 1 short light-year (4)
Just the second person to have a #1 R&B hit in 1955 (4,3)
Attack of Weird Ant Ghouls (9)
No sin in cows stampeding to Midwestern U. fight song (2,9)
Hanker after bagels and tea (6)
Rev. Spooner's exceedingly tedious wife finally leaves to make a drink (6,3)
Like a rock, I put in no plea of insanity? (7)
A clear-cut legal decision, getting S. a thousand pence in damages (4-3-4,4)
An operation around a hospital room: doctor, hungry, operates (4-5,7)
Honesty in Business by Eliot (8)
Running The Trojans Into L.A. Oblivion (11)
Carmen Hill — she works for the phone company (8)
North Carolina boy's old lory in trouble after taking a priceless Michelangelo sculpture (4,6)
Hold part of crop in elevator (5)
What's poised to take advantage of breaks? I print "OCTOPUS" (13)
For Giovanni, too much left to one chance (11)
Astronomical phenomenon involving oxygen, phosphorus, and incomplete positive ion (10)
Dealing with the sight of more potty mess (9)
Chooses to stop using drugs (4)
D.D.S. tests egg (4,7)
Animal gets fruit before finishing off a nut (9)
Speech: "Ontario in Strife" (7)
A replacement for one sick chorister in musical ensemble (9)
Band of villainous creatures seizing that man, applying boiling tar (9)
Carrot she rigged up with a stick is used to coax this group forward (9)
It has difficult chore: bringing back arts! (9)
Some of them carry bows and quivers to archers (9)
Junior Chi Delta carries a flower (6)
Spice from Orient or Genoa (7)
Rock group: "Festering Sore" (4)
For Rent: Loud-music composer (4)
Being Morgan is difficult (8)
Pitiful groan is monster's first utterance: it's alive! (8)
Mo's cigar breaks giving much pleasure (8)
Two characters heading off from frontier, traveling east (6)
Another possibility: I will go to a Streisand film reportedly made in Japan (8)
He fronted a '70s pop group, or he accompanied a Solo? (7)
Pitched: "We. . . sell no [rosé]. . . ." ('e's gone now)! (5,6)
He could write terrifyingly or nicely (6)
Car so tricked out, it gets an award (5)
In the back of Pacino's car is a trophy he won in 1993 (5)
The Academy Award goes to Mesmer: a thin, eccentric lyricist (5,11)
A con travels around with a piano-playing actor (5,6)
Bird of prey snatches a bit of salmon, drops fish's head (6)
Rhino's prey includes a sea bird (6)
Removing top from toothpaste difficult for doctor (9)
East German with a lot of money gets exotic birds (9)
Article written in conjunction with someone else (5)
An instrument from the Middle East, or two instruments from the East (3)
Sour fluid Celeborn and Galadriel will give us (9)
Alfresco, take-out or Schlotzsky's first, is better (5)
Cleverly, beaten, reconstituted tofu injected into bovine with iron-deficient feed (8)
Gin game (6)
Eccentric topless juvenile runs around island at sea (10)
A canoe that is the home of Sooner scholars and a TV horse (9)
How to win: adjust to course (8)
It's terribly courteous to let someone else do your work (9)
Be smarter than to get decapitated, you fool! (6)
Behold changes in female reproductive organs (7)
Start to order "vegetarian" items #1, 2, and 4 — they contain uncooked cow (7)
Fail to see cliff, perhaps? (8)
Managed to cut too much wood? (7)
Supervise writing of poetry in Old English (7)
Poet's work taken in to her superior, a supervisor (8)
Song where no vibrato is involved (4,3,7)
In front, outward, in back, in this place, in that place (4,5)
It's obvious: leaders of the opposition party will be holding that guy in camp (4,3,3)
In brief: I invested in energy, got taken in — that hurt! (8)
A person who has work in western US city (5)
A magical land: somebody says it is found way up in the atmosphere (5)

Preachy M.D. operated on elephant (9)
Peace agent in noisy emergency vehicle shouldn't do this (8)
They preach nonviolence; I put on cap backwards, and they're all set to fight (9)
If one of them makes a racket, just call "Sour grapes!" (6)
Rolling Stones lyrics quietly tick Taliban off (5,2,5)
Coupling with the Reverend's naked, wet body? (4-4)
Have fun with mate's lap? (3,6)
Regarding old man that makes weak promise binding neighborhood leader — stirring up poor, predictably (22)
"Harass Sarah Palin," Democrat broadcast. "Kick the cat out!" (10)
Oud duo playing "Palermo" in D (10)
Horse is sick, man . . . polio (8)
Criticize a computer for output channel that's locked? (6,5)
Breakfast food made with nuts (pecan)? Ask! (8)
Chop vanilla into a cocktail to make a "Mexican Revolutionary" (6,5)
Animal prohibited two people from hearing Spooner (5,4)
Yield to whims of the Premier of Poland and the Queen (6)
Colloquium event's pickle snaps — delicious with nuts on top (5,10)
Desperate Ralph Nader has no right to take leadership of nation — he's begging for funds (10)
Removed an outer layer from recombinant DNA (pet's) (7)
Haitian dictator to shoot a physician, rumor has it (4,3)
For Spooner, to play a golf shot is an irritating thing (5,3)
When Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, a ferocious beast, appears to have zero concept, we get butterflies. But not the skipper! (13)
David Ortiz, former Pittsburgh coach, goes back to see McQueen film (8)
It is said Father Time is a "Nice thing with wings" (8)
Sarah Kipp prepared Hungarian food (9)
A carp struggling upstream at first — in the turbulence, it slowly goes down (9)
Reportedly, English poet twice wrote "Birds"? (9)
Sounds like Othello and one of his countrywomen are lovers (9)
Cook with bipolar disorder (7)
Typical Spanish gentleman has excuse (6)
Abstract painter has no interest in Whistler's Mother, for example (6)
Taking liberties with the press, Ian? ((11)
GOP, with acquisition of Illinois leader, achieves equal standing with opposition (6)
Wild leopard let out of pen? (7)
Make sense of the phrase "one hundred nineteen trillion, one hundred seventy-three billion, five hundred twelve million miles" (6)
Pray desperately to protect simpleton from simplicity (9)
How a single parent can do it: divide up chicken, mix gently, lace with a lot of oil (19)
Somewhat chicken, she is standing atop building in Greece (9)
Naughty part here in little hole? (3-5)
Some here in France talking endlessly, waiting serenely for involvement (13)
(DOWN clue:) Spread out over hill to find game bird (9)
Put momentum behind throw (4)
Dad's saber has coded message (8)
/Old unsettled spat . . . (4)
\. . . ruined Max's holiday (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "X"]
/Some of Papa's tasty spaghetti, perhaps, . . . (5)
\. . . & shredded Parmesan on top: delicious! (9) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
A luscious Italian dish marries Papa, a TV rogue (5,9)
Long ago, during boyhood, would have a noodle dish (5,5)
Let sap run back; it becomes a light color (6)
Microbiologist confines fish infection to blender (10)
Placid, bucolic Reverend Sharpton? (8)
Meat with endless pasta noodles from Japan: I don't use directions (8)
Pam, I will eat rotten rat's meat (8)
Placement of "Z"? It's worn on chest (5)
Comic candidate to write about new spatula (3,7)
Pact I violated with three comrades for the good of my country (9)
Model T car in my po' father's name taken by one of his children (10)
'60s teen TV idol says, "A hamburger, Mr. Ellington? . . . Like heavy metal?" (5,4,5)
Rearranged a lineup of some theologians (7)
A speech all about fruit (7)
Soreness after gym class? Some fruit will solve it (7)
Inept rebuttal: flung some candy (6,7)
Liquid butane found in a club sandwich ingredient (6,6)
Comic strip upset an itinerant (7)
Where Peter works with Spooner's raw materials at a beauty salon? (6,5)
A southern dessert favorite — you can find some in Cape Canaveral if you look in the right place: go almost to the end of pier (5,3)
A physician's rumored reduction in force? (12)
Spa employee is pictured exercising (10)
This device enables you to see through people, eh? Extraordinary! (8)
Bird to spend a penny right and left around society widow (8)
Gases up, goes flying in 1-hp conveyance (7)
Lots of prisoners' guts around site, even after plane crashed (5,8)
PRIVATE: Teen's naughty description of sex (11)
Place experts now say absorbed Category One landfall assault first! (9)
Rebuilt places on a beachfront site (9)
Writes, then has a Coke in Florida panhandle site (9)
Held opposition to five points (8)
Shape of new goat pen around back of barn (8)
False pope appears before the French citizenry (6)
Pope converted a couple of Lebanese citizens (6)
A jalapeño is very quietly eaten by the nobleman (6)
Maybe fish next to drifting cane (9)
Poe incurs terror with "Monster's Heart Within Is Beating" (10)
The Hobbit roughly took in, after each English run, around $1000 (8,4)
Splendid American holiday celebration in 2 1/2 steps (7,6)
If diaper is changed in Madrid, it would be an act of betrayal (8)
If I raped Dotty in Mexico, it would be an act of betrayal (8)
Playing a bit of poker with criminal from Niger (10)
.1100, repeating (8)
Copier I'd set by table in chemistry lab (8)
Gilpin's last cocktail is in process of digestion (11)
Roz & Shaq get shirt for abdominal covering (10)
Buffalo sperm: for a time — for a long time — it has covered the ground in much of Siberia (10)
An easily magnetized metal, according to a New England politician (9)
Billionaire Texas politician ripped party leadership, making a comeback (5)
Poe's traveling to capital of Mexico (4)
Infestation by unwanted critters—using a little money to cover up way through fence (10)
Animal that is kept by a group that protects animals (4)
Christian disciple to Jewish scholar: "Torah, primarily, is a story for children" (5,6)
A strong, deep, complicated fantasy film from 1977 (5,6)
The Four Tops invested in poodle mix (missing one of legs) and dog chow (3,4)
Riptide destroyed Seashore Center lab equipment (5,4)
Drug dealer, racist: Pam H. Havoc (10)
Rizzutto throws a curve to baseball players (8)
Help! . . . Tibia's broken? No, a vascular inflammation (9)
Poisonous chemical soup is good at 67.5° (8)
Before the end of March, Portuguese leader left frivolous girl (7)
One of pizzamakers, Holly, tossed some dough (6)
Doctor club admitting Hispanic doctor? Just the reverse! (9)
A little more than 3 1/2 hogs (2)
Drunk shot retreating beast with tip of dart (7)
Guitar player was first to get drunk (7)
Undependable bacon taken by Rev. Spooner with a silverware utensil (not a spoon!) (6,4)
Thieves' trained pet kicks cop (11)
Outing lead character in play I Do! I Do! takes a bit of nerve (6)
Select Santa for public outing (6)
Number code to get almost 4 quarts of Mexican condiment (4,2,5)
Sculptured spruce: it is art (8)
A piece of pineapple, a piece of apple and a piece of orange in limeade, bananas, pastry and ice cream (3,1,2,4)
Food taken by ripped-off unpaid musician (4,5)
Tongue pie with gelatin cummings is getting out (3,5)
A little more than three thousand dollars for livestock (4)
After scrambling, spiking the football (7)
Dumb pupil starts engine and a major wreck ensues (6)
Spooner says he will fight Mrs. Nixon to get Mrs. Nixon's husband's opponent's wife's favorite fashion accessory (7,3)
Desperately ill POW has a place to rest her head (6)
Where I put noodle (it should be soft, soft, soft!) after I start lasagna (6)
Calliope's spoils including a bit of wine and linen (10)
Drink Al Pacino spilled on attorney (4,6)
Fruit-shaped ape nipple (9)
Ripped open nice present given to the former Miss Kutschera by her new clients (4,4)
An amateur photographer might use this to help America on broadcast (7,6)
Cut the end of my finger (5)
Fonzie's friend to finger bad educators (5,9)
Doggie gets in picture with Betty Grable (5)
Baseball team becomes angry when top and bottom of order are struck out (7)
Recipient's heart is a sight to see — a towering achievement (4)
Championship! At last it is mine! (3)
A small amount of catnip mixed with a bit of tea providing energy (8)
Singer putting a circle around C, C, E (7,7)
Regular spats occur among litigants in court cases (10)
Spooner's refusing appeal for backup (4,1)
Where you can see the stars of One Fine Day on Earth, for example (10)
An untold number — thousands — are trapped in a sexless kind of love, as countless little insignificant lives are at sea (10)
Drink on board to like life at sea (10)
City's strategy to get something accomplished after the first 14 tries have failed? (5)
NEW! Pasta Blend, vegan style (5-5)
Take a piece of ice out of a big package (7,3)
Kind of love Pontiac that's customized to hold fifty (8)
Fooled around with slut, paid compliments (8)
Eliza puts a bum in a 1968 Broadway play (5,5)
Beg for mercy, turning pale a great deal (4-7)
Guilty and not guilty, everyone initially puts forth request for fair treatment (6)
Half-finished play finished bird (6)
One who has a pipe made from a bit of pine wood (7)
Planet, originally — then left out, sadly! (5)
PULLOUT: Underwriters' Laboratories Pulls Out, Reorganizes, Goes to Another Planet (5)
Tourists flock to this Massachusetts town for hot, lumpy stew (8)
Doctor Spock takes in headless pet for keeps (7)
Browning organized posse to capture alien (7)
Edgar Allan beginning to throw curves to some of his colleagues (9)
Polynesian leader and I eating a bit of overcooked Polynesian food (3)
Bruin & Spooner's two hats (5,4)
Craft spiral around Orion's principal star (7)
Santa lives close to one reindeer who works at a strip club (4,6)
Head of paper goes from strong to weak due to illness (5)
From Warsaw, like Rod? (6)
Survey indicates pro's odds 50-50 (4)
Bird that wants a cracker using devious ploy to snatch one from lady (5)
Horseplay in whirl-pool? (4)
Former French President, forgetting identity, talks back to self-righteous fools (7,5)
Mull ignored "No Parking" zone, left (6)
Catholic leader is soft on domestic violence (7)
An important Roman-English poet (4)
"Lo! Weep, Goats, Sheep": sad children's song (3,4,3,6)
Heats up some corn and fresh lice for dessert (8)
Spooner's soaked food, a vegetable, in brine for a tasty treat (8)
In Aspen, you finally will be able to make friends easily (7)
If copulation begins with the first sign of passion instead of with a bit of care, this could be the result! (10)
The people make arrangements to appoint Lou (10)
You can make a nice dish from this ground loin & caper (9)
Eco porn: I'll Abuse Florence's Piglet (10)
Poor guy that loses love, one of DuBose's two leading characters! (5)
Irish football player goes left around New York Swine (5,3)
I propose relocating aquatic creature (8)
Pander to headless and tailless animals all around this New England town (8,5)
For example, Bollywood actress has a drink with you (11)
/Suppose I stop fooling around, . . . (5)
\. . . get down to it, taking care, finally, to lose weight (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "d"]
Writer claims bliss unlikely to be within reach (8)
This pot's terrible! (4) (Hint: clue appeared on Facebook)
Berserk friend captures East German (6)
Large chart shows where hospital patients go after emergency treatment? (6)
It's blown with the lips in naughty porn shot (4,4)
He delivers newly-designed tampons (7)
Sorts letters with stamp on! (7)
Grasshopper (3)
A crop of grass located in central Wisconsin (6)
Engineer pools data at lunch, perhaps (6,5)
Cooking with these devices, aims to lose fifty pounds (4,3,4)
Poetry somehow captures true craft of Clay (7)
Where a small child might sit to see Fanciful, a triptych that includes "Dumbo's Tail" (5,5)
Bovine vomit belches forth from the mouth of the Reverend — a commentary on the bad behavior of people in authority (5,8)
Preview of play in America's top college football conferences (5,4)
Rest of paper now rewritten (5,3)
Short couple standing in front of a line to get Louisiana candy (7)
Constitutional portion before walk (8)
Having great value: in the past, where it was 5, it's now 100 (8)
"Soup, Eric?" "Bananas, dear." (8)
Settling for a passing grade on speech about a mathematical concept (13)
Expected periodic table with iodine, oxygen omitted to be fixed (11)
Undergraduate course for aspiring physician: I will get the top, top grade, then not even a barely-passing grade — it's, like, murder sometimes! (12)
Ready to put out paper supporting Communism (8)
Reindeer, almost having consumed last of foliage, weigh the most (13)
Quietly feel slighted by gift (7)
Modern gift, Doris! (7-3)
Politics' foremost occupation! (10)
Hideous spider, a Lord of the Rings character — a leading role (9)
Numerical constant is divided by remainder to lead to solution, I think, very quickly (11)
Regular dives into basil sauce quickly (6)
Bar fare: a bit of peach-seltzer cocktail (8)
Did Jimmy get some cats to talk? (5)
Our order, center-cut polar-bear meat, is cooked (8)
Leon Carp's wife mistakenly says he's going to be the King of England (6,2,5)
Ipcress remake includes national premiere of Grace Kelly, among others (8)
Engineering Dept. gets Restricted Ionization Boundaries published (7)
This may shed some light: Breaking it down into component parts, public relations is the first of matters (5)
Doctor pities R.N. (virgin) (8)
Virginal fussy female adolescent on the radio (8)
Difficult to get to soft Baltimore chop in front of catcher (11)
Monitors Holly with electric devices made by this company (7,5)
Lash, Primrose, Lack rehearse opening with Pledge (7) (N.B.: The surface of this clue may make sense only to classical musicians of a certain age from Houston!)
For example, I paid sister to take oxygen (7)
Whom is this for, Thing? (7)
I for one stick to official decree (13)
Outspoken puritan accepting no payment to point out other people's errors (9)
NFL player writes it: "That is, briefly, Staubach's initial set of tendencies." (12)
Say. . . you want to get married to a professional model? (7)
Investment brochure says, "Look for gold, America!" (10)
Living high off the hog with exotic stripper? Oy! (10)
Success story: Piper Construction (10)
Sport, tuition is outrageous—this means doing anything, no matter how degrading, to make money (12)
Shows respect for expert with good hands for audio (10)
/Maxim saw. . . (7)
\. . . part of Who's Doctor Terrel O'Grady? (5,7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "R"]
Love porno? Rent Italian Cheese (9)
Disciplined misbehaving diurnal pet (10)
Doctor punished RN eating a pastry (5,6)
Spurs beat Iowa in the old country (7)
David gets off spam list (8)
José Ferrer's home — pure whimsy, with a donut shape: O (6,4)
A dragon ascending skyward with a great roar? (4)
Dog I register as boxer (8)
Sixteen Navy Nuns Yawn: a pulp novel depicting a small US town with a shadowy underground life (12,12)
Piece of peach pie's swallowed up by some dogs (7)
DNA component in pee-pee (6)
Particular individual crashing Prius into an old Ford (6)
That woman, among bits of personal ups and downs, is depressed (6)
Pet oozing fluid from wound upset Stacy (8)
Spooner's unmasculine boudoir accessory: a tree (5,6)
To strike a golf ball, put a bit of torque behind it (4)
Set out hot tea containing a bit of deadly poison, perhaps (3,2,5)
Yup — I went out with an emperor (4)

Crooked fellow, I believe, will get captured by bomb squad operations leader (9)
Some antique engravings of Elizabeth I (5)
Are E's square in Greek? In Spanish? We'll just have to wait and see (3,4,4)
Erase "square" arrangement of Doris's song (3,4,4)
Spilled one quart skim? (8,4)
This ground won't support weight of pound container of snack mix (9)
A pound of headless cephalopods (4)
Psycho sequence isn't the definitive example of the medium (12)
Quite bold arrangement of a medley of popular tunes (9)

God, I would take shot for clergyman (5)
One who says you shouldn't eat shellfish makes some crab bisque (5)
Floyd Landis or Lance Armstrong talking back and forth is out of character (5)
Republican experts track events in Indianapolis (5)
"Liberal Owl" ad charmed liberal journalist (6,6)
Ripped Charmin off an 1873-born composer (12)
Bananas: a Doris Day film directed by Woody Allen (5,4)
Migrate, traveling to Joplin Territory (7)
Extreme humidity necessitates air conditioning? No. (4)
Aw . . . robin flying around—it's so colorful! (7)
I brown a wild variety of trout (7)
Ricardo started playing "Perfidia" really fast (5-4)
Flung paper, Detroit Leader, hit the door (6)
Longhair contemporary music — one from France: "Sapphist in Retrograde" (8)
Monk to speak hoarsely until diseased bit of larynx is cut out (8)
Some baccarat, if you approve (6)
Competition for jobs and salaries, starting with the beginning of recession, would immediately end without a trace (3,4)
Sitarist is almost insane, getting gnarled ash, reconstructing ark (4,7)
Extraterrestrial actor wants royal treatment (3,7)
This can make your skin smooth and your rear end awfully adorable, without a bit of zits (5,5)
Disease RN treated with preparation (9)
Prepared to take action concerning topless woman (5)
Merl emerges as bird of prey dives under river (6)
Quite a comeback to take first in event (6)
Behind and and about about behind about (4,3)
Can put in valid counterargument (8)
What an usher might do for an audience member with a ticket (7)
Certified lunatic is made normal (9)
Ways to use leftovers: ... ... C. Celery, chopped and blended (7)
German pilot bombed Dearborn (3,5)
Communist teaching: I will replace you ultimately, working for the new cause (12)
Again performed Scarlet, Source of Desire (5)
Drive in dangerous territory — didn't follow the river as the Reverend said (7)
Again perform music in D.C.? Just the opposite! (4)
Star of Speed who played lead in Superman (6)
New supply of medicine makes ump sick (6)
"Für Elise" is playing; no one gets new infusion of energy (7)
For sailing tournament, skipper blows top, turns around and replaces neophyte beginner with two tough leaders (7)
Doctor has her tell everything again (6)
Guinevere hears a lute taking part in music session (9)
Got hot again regarding despicable capture of Egyptian leader (8)
Once again: Did cook like tomato sandwiches he had for lunch? (8)
Rudolph, et al. Reindustrialization, Parts I–V
       __________. Engineering, Parts VI–VIII. (8)
Santa's assistant (sort of), Erin Reed (8)
"What's that clatter up on the rooftop?" "Sounds like precipitation, darling." (8)
Slow down, Virginia. Get back in (9)
Don't worry — Lady Godiva's bottom covered by king (5)
Real wild, perverted sex has a calming effect (7)
Important peripheral role leads to an Oscar (8)
Again, a bit of cytoplasm surrounded by membrane. Keep this in mind (11)
Taking glossy paint, go from left to right, then back to front, to give a new identity (6)
Film engineer accidentally putting end of outtake in for one star of The Sopranos (5,7)
Roving reporter in front of men's club does several pieces (9)
Members of Congress discussing gift going to American composer (15)
Congressman to get up and do a song and dance again (7)
Drunk lice burp: "A national leader, like Sarah Palin" (10)
Some politicians rub pelicans the wrong way (11)
U pregnant? Disgusting! Disgusting! (9)
Necessary to bloody about 25 sheets (8)
Put together again, but not as to look like the original (8)
/ Isn't Reed Askew a member of the household? (8)
| No, he moved, end of July, dear. . . . (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "h"]
\ I mean "relocated." Somewhere in America. (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "M"]
Commit adultery again with a sap (5)
Note: body of water contains sulfur; do something about it (7)
Person shot, beginning to die, has to have answer (7)
Sprite's losing its bubbles on top of drugstore counter (7)
Sleep with others (4)
The others poured in, quiet and unobtrusive (10)
Concerning: Sen. Thurmond embracing love in a private chamber (8)
Some cretin ate part of my eye (6)
Han pottery I smashed (a blind spot, perhaps?) (11)
Hip attorney suffering an eye disorder (11)
P. thirty-one: a treatment for an eye disorder (11)
Put on new radials and get ready to head for Florida (6)
Show about meat (6)
Always comes back sick; head of ER gets a wake-up call (8)
Descriptions of end times are violent, terrible (10)
Prince of Iran about to kill a leader of Hamas with fifty-one volts electric current (4,7)
State "Old diner has remodeled" (5,6)
Blue bird struggling to swallow a lizard's head (6)
Bay Area delicacy, i.e., carrion stew (4-1-4)
Rare coin I exchanged for some food in San Francisco (4-1-4)
A bit of rum. . . . I spike Eric's bananas for cereal (4,8)
Movie star with a lot of money — 2000 pounds — keeps a back-rub doctor (7,6)
Discuss R. R. Hart, a revolutionary German composer (7,7)
Republican leaders in Iowa, California, and Kansas run a most unusual Presidential candidate (4,8)
Is transported by Middlemarch, repeatedly? (5)
Pasta from European capital put into stew (8)
Result if going "haw!" thrice, for beginners?! (5)
Coming up just before end of opera: Pavarotti's declaration (6)
A certain comedienne and these geographical phenomena have something in common: big mouths (6)
Nurse that is about to get out of halter (2)
Egg removed from chicken and put in a pan (7)
Reporters not scrambling to cover premiere of Broadway actor (6,7)
Chief Justice Landers embraces friend, a composer (6,8)
Nun's brother, Mac, is going out with a composer (6,8)
Oh! Borodin shot by archer (5,4)
Oboist R. C. Dicky is making automatons (8)
Hymn: "Wretched," fka "Scrooge" (4,2,4)
Initially reinforced with an excessive amount of drugs, Earl Wild takes victory from tennis champ (3,5)
Mother is consumed by motion of floor, consumed by emotion on floor (7) (or (1,1,1,1,1,1,1))
"Take a chance," Spooner says: "Serve the food" (4,3,4)
Handle hardship to get food and drinks (4,4,3,7)
Old country computer-IP men amortize houses the wrong way (5,6)
Movie that shows adventurous Princess Mary had oil on bananas (5,7)
I for one am no ruler: man is not subject to rule (5,7)
Cross some land (4)
Some gizmo, orbiting around in space (4)
It's something to get in New York, Moe (4,3)
Roberto, drunk, swallowing one final drink (4,4)
Spooner's kick-ass drink (4,4)
Broadcast cartoon before a long dental procedure (4,5)
Selection from Hair: opening line (4)
Bloomers belonging to JFK's mother (5)
American woman in 40s who went into labor tries to maneuver emergency room to admit her, put on IV, start EKG (5,3,7)
One of the last things I do before I play violin, or sing, in Rent (8)
Composed all but first part of "Memory" (4)
Witch wears red French fiber (8)
Outspoken Ms. McClanahan, who portrays Blanche Deveraux — a saucy Southern dish (4)
(DOWN clue:) Prime rib over-done — give it to the dog (5)
Imperfect: about "R," fluctuation of tempo (6)
What a girl will do when she gets up in the morning, I'm told, is to apply latex (9)
With today's current trends, guys first ought to put on condoms for "socializing" (7,9)
Starts to remove underwear — buttocks of runner showing evidence of inflammation (5)
Those who did something they regret bless rubbers? (5)
Regrettin' destruction (4)
An adult beverage. . . alternatively, a children's beverage; finish off with a bit of liquor. It's what everybody's talking about! (5,4)
Redhead uses wiles (5)
Get your rear end on an American battleship that is aching to leave for another country (6)
Get your rear end over here! Really — misbehave around one of my grandparents? (7)
Cattle-thief king crosses street (7)
Comedian says, "Babe, I got drunk" (4,5)
As of 1981, ABC soap opera is a successful series — many more winning seasons to come (5,4)
Cemetery evidently is inhabited by spirits (3)
Bakery item made with berry, nuts, and a bit of egg — and has a hole in the middle (3,5)

A bat goes off to create disruption (8)
Mon dieu! Secure lab — mutations could occur (5,4)
Left the article in German, making us comparatively depressed (6)
Nicklaus ultimately takes one-iron to get out of trouble (4)
Part in Goodfellas, a gangster epic (4)
Sign a guitarist's cast (11)
Rev. Spooner's to make portraits of an Old Testament king and a New Testament apostle (5,4)
Loudly declare Benny a game-show host (5)
Hearts of palm in unpleasant appetizer (5)
Prime western city gripped by miserable times (5,4)
Weird aliens consisting largely of sodium chloride (6)
Sinful Sylvia gets a "Restricted" rating (displaying of bodily fluid) (8)
Anticipated having dinner salad I've prepared with a piece of turkey (9)
Craft lands around a constellation — a heavenly body whose motion was studied extensively in the mid-1900s (5,4)
Sly R. Nadal fooled around with an exotic dancer (5,4)
Star ruthlessly replaced actress who played Gloria (5,9)
Durán's uncle left, having caught 50 fish (6)
Swapped me Yoda's dog for a dogsled (7)
A hobbit deity's boat (6)
Trying management head in new plant (8)
One attacked by spider says: "EMS? I was injured. Leg. Right." (7,6)
With hypocritical piety, saying, "Sorry—no" to musicians (13)
Downloads a hybrid tree (10)
Loesser musical production gets rid of leading man, puts in a real spineless bunch of individuals that were found lying around on the beach (4,7)
Perhaps Reuben broke Dinah's WC (8)
/Like a beach that's small and unknown? (5)
\Come to a tiny island in the Pacific (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "W"]
Pitcher who was first person since 1900 to get 350+ strikeouts in a major-league season and second person to get strikeout in San Francisco fire (5,6)
Heads of state are necessarily educated, having good minds (4)
Religious councilors shaking hands in ER (9)
"Holding Ms. Bryant?" "Sorry — no alternative." "That's kosher." (8)
Buffalo Jo's Cantina: a Texas tourist destination (3,7)
Fresh panties would be wise (7)
U.S. Republican candidate's recreational activity, accordin' to Rev. Spooner (5,5)
Charles Lubin-Baker's daughter got back to sing rap, jive, and a bit of soul in New York City (8,7)
Nuts sat on oaks in Canadian city (9)
Fabric for small-topped Ms. Bryant's back (5)
A sturdy A-bomb in 1/7 of the time (8)
One example from The Planets, which made it big on the charts. But by Jove, it's not as big as "Turn, Turn, . . ." (6)
Planet observed before neutron star exploded around the middle of January (6)
Maneuver causes Eric to ruin rearmost portion of Enterprise (6,7)
Inside uterus (aka "buggy"), a piece of rouladen, a German delicacy (10)
U.S.A.: an incredibly hot, steamy place (5)
Moving slowly, Sauron rode out, originally crossed the borders with Ring (10)
South American gets consumption from ground meat (7)
Georgia town where leftist has captured a game-show star (8)
Buck was changing a $10 bill (7)
Kinky sex: hop on a crooked metal tube (9)
Insect in South Carolina that can be cultivated to consume a vegetable (6,6)
Farmer's helper's vehicle held in escrow after accident (9)
Second time around, tooth decay is most alarming (8)
Red Castle destroyed around middle of April (7)
It's fun watching somebody else struggle with about a hundred feces (13)
One of seven illegitimate children of a sympathetic Nazi (9)
Shabby dress hardly matches with pullover shirt (8)
Education not completed, go to New England and start to row a boat (8)
Primarily, Sheldon Cooper is exploring nature, continuing Einstein's pursuit of knowledge about the universe (7)
Study Butte's eastern end seen in scenic detour (7)
Cutlass car is lost around tech school (8)
Bless Greg & Mac, making arrangements to accommodate 500 for breakfast (9,4)
Breakfast dish with jam set before French impressionist that is changing "A" to "G" (9,4)
Unusual order for M.D.s — e.g., crab legs for breakfast (9,4)
Show a movie short, Incan Heart: Cry of the Wolf-Bird (7,3)
"New places!! Set Scene R — the top! Somebody's reading for a part" (6,4)
Writing, "You are — as one would say — a friend in the Biblical sense" (12)
Enjoyable rock-music stupor (11)
Look for you to restrict vocalization of a marine animal (3,8)
Peruse a Gullah excerpt describing bird (7)
Cheese- (ah!) or sesame-covered fish (9)
Scallop, perhaps, from ocean's depths (8)
Stupid asses catching hell when they litter beaches (9)
Feeling queasy, cut short battleship call (7)
At the beach, disease runs rampant (7)
Said aloud in Spanish, "Yes!" and expressed contentment at the beach (7)
Establish a community around a Washington city (7)
Rev. Spooner quoting penitents' words, which may have a salty tang (3,4)
In Vienna, several playing chess (5)
The Stock Exchange Commission, prior to the first of December, held on for a short period of time (also after the first!) (6)
Don't tell anyone this: Ray Green got drunk and put a lampshade on top of head at UN (9-7)
Go into battle with every one in division (3,6)
Note that the deposed leader got angry (7)
To boil, start a fire. Understand? (3,3,5)
One of graduates accepted into new organization of Austin Exes in a town about 50 miles south of Austin (6,5)
Mexican-American pop singer, who died young, looked about fifty-one (6)
Mark traveling miles, working to get business (9)
Siren may go off where Spooner went (8)
Some wheat, a bit of oats in seminal fluid (8)
Pervert Dennis abused colts when Sondheim wrote this (4,2,3,6)
Neighbor starting in to date girl from area around Saint-Louis (7)
The Reverend says "Refine your insolent speech!" to the graduating students (6,5)
What black South Koreans eat? (5,4)
Westbound gorillas speed, get away (8)
Around 1, count goes after queen's mongrel: one after the other (12)
Steering hybrid around end of lake in African plain (9)
Composer taking a break after arranging nine marches & 1 rag (6,12)
One of Ents, one of hobbits, and one of Elves covered with dirty, unctuous substance (6,3)
Just after 6, First Lady escorted by two Poles (5)
Article in Spanish is about a city in Spain (7)
Darn! Get old, and become waste to be disposed of (6)
Was in stitches reading "Tumbleweeds"? (5)
Darn hospital ward — it stinks! (5)
Insect's exoskeleton conceals whether organism is male or female (3)
For example: female, 65, an RN, worked around Iowa! (12)
Heat outside coatings of pollen grains in vessel (8)
New development of senses around 11! (8)
Six musicians exchanged e-texts (6)
Many beginning to think I got eaten by relations' large, ferocious beast (10)
Yes — to put it another way: with an "adults-only" rating, it's erotic (4)
Moslem potentate slinging hash (4)
Hurry up and get a malt and a drumstick (5,1,3)
Siamese court employee requests this spinning wheel? Scandal! (5,2,5)
Oops! Falling backwards, catching ham — but some gets in hair (7)
Peace hasn't changed this guy (6)
Senate and House leaders assembled before April 1st primary evenly divided (6)
Cagney portrayer, if collecting interest while losing nothing, would be hoarding more? (6,5)
Harps playing out of tune (5)
Herb gets hurt protecting Ms. Gilpin in a store at the mall (7,5)
Stallone is carrying some kind of instrument — like a knife (7)
Perform a tune about a madman going to pieces (10)
That woman has a place in John's heart (3)
/They named a ballpark for him? He's a terrible . . . (4)
\. . . batter and a terrible third baseman (6,6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "A"]
/That woman has definitely begun to lose hair. . . (4)
\. . . And that woman? Softer, richer, more luxuriant (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
Get building material from Crazy Chester, OK? (5,4)
Tough cover girl appears in front of ladies (5)
That woman sang in an arrangement of "Monkey Business" (11)
Chelsea's bestseller sidesteps her missteps (3,9)
Matt Dillon's job is, it sounds like, to divide things up among everyone, just in case (7)
Spooner's casual top will become Venus de Milo, for one (3-6)
Irish — i.e., Dublin — has hesitated to go forward (5)
Major event upset: Hingis takes first in doubles (7)
A religious practice — it leads calf to mis-treatment? (9)
Help, Mister! Lye disfigured cute little girl (7,6)
Out half-homosexual cartoon character (5)
Sounds like there are two rulers eliciting revulsion and fear (8)
Got bright and signed his initials on top of everything (5)
Stallone gets to dance with Mother — bet Don is playing the tune (4,3,4,6,2)
/At the store, Hop Sing scrambled to grab a piece of pie, . . . (8)
\. . . bananas, bread, cigs, and pet supplies (9) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
Porn show cast showing signs of age and abuse (8)
Crazy Horse Beach (5)
Thousands trot around like little teapots (5,3,5)
Mother, Terry's mom has problems recalling what just happened (5-4,6)
Member of a group that maintains the bearing of arms ought to be ultimately restricted (8)
Perhaps an old Italian's companion beginning to say, "Ureters hold waste" (8,4)
Violin accessory makes playing Rode hurt less (8,4)
Violinist's friend shot horse, "Strudel" (8,4)
Hotdog booth was destroyed (8)
One who holds a demonstration in the rain? (6)
Moundsman's ideal tush (7)
Cuckoo clock the USTA almost makes required equipment for games on court (11)
A person who's close to me is a Liberal, ready to claim victory (7,4)
A pair staying close together out-wits a nemesis (7,5)
Vocally expressed dissatisfaction with faction (4)
I added less unwieldy item on top of horse (10)
Ed is English (8)
Important to interpret for the hearing-impaired whenever the speaker is unable to (11)
/Weaver, perhaps, is younger; . . . (9)
\. . . Colonel Swiffy is older (7) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "s"]
New: License to Kill (7)
Carol's novel lent insight (6,5)
Movie star, turning 50, invested in a little precious metal (6,4)
Some home invaders wreaking havoc with rifle, shivs (10)
I am in trouble after starting scuffle with a gorilla (6)
When things get hot, I will replace you, ultimately to bring a reduced state of ferment (6)
Just start to sound mean (6)
Rat stealing perhaps $1000 (4)
Bass in sewer? (6)
"A Blessing in Disguise" Party Center, where you could meet a potential mate (7,3)
The only one to confess twice (9)
Descending into the depths: in the devil's realm, he rules (7)
Seductive pitches resulting in father and son with $1000 getting a pole (5,4)
Assists middle sibling (3)
It's rude to remain seated (3)
Pose as novelist (3)
Ex sent broadcast claiming I like Liesl von Trapp (7)
Song about growing up poor (ten geese, no oxen), investing (7,5,2,9)
Take a songbird out for some recreation (13)
Rev. Spooner's assessing lizard in a sheet of ice (7,4)
"Head of Comet in the Sky": breaking, with details pending (7)
Hurtled down a mountainside, threw up (5)
Wrapped in an animal pelt, I start to go hurtling down a mountainside (6)
What silversmith is starting to do in his last piece shows talent (6)
Alpine enthusiasts wear these to avoid encounters with insects (3,5)
Even more frightening for Spooner's dog (4,7)
Stunned bats wed jackals (5-5)
Second time around track, foot gets struck (7)
GI, spleen taken out under anesthesia, perhaps (8)
Oft had shingles treated by tricky procedures (8,2,4)
Killed a great many (4)
A bit of sulfur combined with calcium carbonate yields an unpleasant slippery substance (5)
Haggard and Stallone penning new novel (8)
Bugle: sad pitches for one who wants to sleep late (8)
Strike an actress in slow motion (8)
Criminal makes around 100 or so counterfeit dollars (10)
Minuscule, dismal-looking portion (5)
Wisecracking Rams running back appears before Soviet press (5-3)
Modeled garment — it's getting a little applause (10)
To make you confess about something, Papa's foul, inappropriate language finally provides a little encouragement (10,2,8)
Satisfied to capture one dragon (5)
Heads of state meeting in violent Middle East: it's a sign things are looking up (5)
My life's a mess. Going to church. (6,4)
People who claim to make money the old-fashioned way: they earn it in the Army (B.S.! That's absurd!) (5,6)
Those on either side of Queen Elizabeth wearing most unusual apparel (7,6)
Unfortunate, unfortunate beatniks (8)
Piece of shrapnel in the flesh wound (6)
Caught with booze. . . beat it! (5,4)
NSA scrambled to kill leftist with instrument (5,4)
Stinky underarms? Beat it! (5,4)
"Serkn" [sic] playing a bar with sweetness (8)
Negative 225° outside! This is cold! (4)
Reptile swallowing injured wolf—it's a bit . . . cold (9)
Got close to being bankrupt — lend us around two thousand dollars (8)
Daytime serial's musical selection: soft rock (9)
Tears up boss's revision (4)
Sox games were played here in 2014 (5)
Mixed choirs going to America, then Thailand's uncompleted Olympics site (5,6)
Anagram-Acrostic by Greek philosopher (8)
Selection from Legends of the Piano (4)
Fortes misinterpreted! (6)
It's not so hard to make Bananas Foster (6)
Group that takes the heat for Al's personal mischief (5,6)
Noodles I cooked with a coiled electrical wire (8)
Prostitute is quite legal (7)
/Brotherhood of Byzantine DIY Tailors . . . (10)
\ . . . drops floundering USA chapter (10) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy "more substantial" (7)
Biblical king with French name coming back after being alone (7)
Mr. R's oboe arrangement of "The Mexican Hat" (8)
Not always saying the result of adding and multiplying (9)
My boy, a Texas premiere: "A Musical Offering" (6)
Boy in Madrid goes around with salad dressing for relative (3-2-3)
Boy and diminutive New York dancer wild about Houston's first '70s-era singing duo (5,3,4)
Shortly before the final, someone eliminates me (4)
Woody Allen loves her opinions: very quirky (4-2,6)
College student shot hoops to shouts of encouragement (9)
/So one of teetotalers, having drunk . . . (3)
\ . . . part of Manhattan cocktail, is stewed (4,4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "W"]
Buddy Lou's meat pie (8)
Intimate friend is a fishwife, according to rumor (8)
Piano piece makes you seem blasé to audience (5,5)
Food server Doctor Spinoza entering university? Just the opposite! (4,4)
Sales of bean crop getting higher (5)
Beginning of difficult course (6)
Distributes grain to some livestock (4)
/Half oyster cooked with some beans. . . (3)
\. . . is a Lent snack (7,8) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "s"]
Very gently agitated, king of Italy starts to enter negotiations with it's people (7,5) [Hint to grammar police: Stifle!]
Spanish couple getting one room (5)
Room with handmade items includes Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo capsules and shuttles (10)
NASA worker's ID goes on top left (8)
Fashionable resort next to minority neighborhood — the last place I would go for Italian food (9)
Past eight, dancing and dinner (9)
Sigh. . . . PETA freaked out about piece of turkey in food (9)
The pig sat, twirling strands of pasta (9)
A tune-crooning session with buddy — a bit drunk, they made a racket, but they're having a ball (8)
Cast Away character's rival shot Island (PG) (8)
Almost set to take Dad to a show (8)
Any sepsis he suffers comes from hit Al Martino experienced in 1966 (7,4)
/Abused PED, sank, hit bottom. . . . (7)
\ . . . Without alcoholic drink, was made healthy, got clean (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "w"]
Hide pot inside $1000 bill, resulting in punishment (8)
Retire to resort, getting fat belly (5,4)
Gladiator to fight lion from the East, then you and me (9)
In 1960, Mr. Douglas repaired cars up at Preston Center (9)
Joust with bronze-skinned Greek warrior (7)
Joust, pinning enemy leader with lance (5)
To take a leadership role, A. Shepard will go flying around a bit of Earth (9)
Noted visitor's piglets cause pandemonium (7,5)
Operation on pecs provided opportunity, finally, to pick and choose (7)
A variety of crumpets in an array of colors (8)
Suspenseful 1994 film makes you go in small/large cup (5)
Herpes damaged one of balls (6)
Beginners at Sara's Pastries finish making one cake and get another (5)
Arachnoid creature left bites around skin (6-3)
Harry Chapin's and Popeye's favorite food (7)
What would make Florentine bomb Spain and Switzerland? (7)
"An Ash Sapling" floundering without current Italian cuisine (7,7)
Balls and penis injured (5)
Points out quality of operatic voice (6)
Maneuver-er, was in GOP! (5,5)
Said, "Move slowly in opposite directions" (6)
Creative Poles to appear at Italian-American arts festival (7)
Take off swimsuit top. . . . It's gone! (5)
It's silverware — no two ways about it (5)
Inconsistent, undisciplined picadors (8)
Ed Potts' butchering saw (7)
Saw play with Ted Post (7)
What to Do When You're Arrested: criminal reads page 50, beginning to end (6-5)
Pan organist's arrangement of Beethoven Op. 24 (6,6)
Backwards relative has relations with sheep — this makes headlines in October 1957 (7)
Fighting with pigeon to get jewelry (10)
South Quito Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau Chiefs are behind 9 to 3 (6)
Rev. Spooner's horse to shriek as it becomes dinner (6,4)
Unwanted resident playing quartets (8)
Who's not welcome in your home? Wind quartets (8)
Drama company takes pains to acquire 19th-century vehicles (12)
Steak is not well-done — this breaks Dracula's heart (5)
Delay is short, then not so short (5)
Salt-cured beast (horse) (8)
He played Rocky in "All in the Family"? (8)
Sly Si, shy I lie nigh by high guy (8)
Postage to Garden City insufficient; causes mad rampage (8)
Goodman and. . . and. . . Ullmann appearing in Bambi movie (5,3,7)
Bear hugs for a California railroad tycoon (8)
Sports award? "Hammerin' Ty" cleans up! (7,3)
A basic food in our diet — it's rich in iron (6)
Famous actor that says, "Dirty rats!" (4)
Surrounded by fixated eyewitnesses, king gets naked in England (8)
In Germany, strong is the tuna (Das tut mir Leid, Karl!) (4-4)
Ambitious young actress terribly startled when top of dress comes off (7)
Bird looking intently around lake (8)
At night, glittery tarts going out around Long Island (7)
Celebrity's Latest Enterprise (8)
The night's luminary, Sen. Kennedy, began (7)
In early stages, celestial body consisting of hot plasma, metal, and an excessive amount of uric acid (8,3)
Start right away! (4)
/Poor Etta's condition . . . (5)
\. . . her gyno'd treated with a chemical (8) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "h"]
Requirement for many U.S. cars: fresh poinsettia scent (5,10)
Part of New York's nastiest land redistribution (6,6)
Turkey hamburg tastes funny (6)
Height of monument perhaps includes top of restaurant (7)
Form of transmission of syphilis, perhaps? (3)
Dyes a T in a swirly pattern for sweetheart (6)
It was necessary to steer Kate's convertible (5)
Enraged ape eats 1000 in central Niger (8)
Cheese plates prepared for event at Olympics (12)
Turning corner, cummings is bound with twine (8)
We let greenish alien control part of vehicle (8,5)
Tennis star having nuts, figs after taking French Open? (6,4)
Yes, I want to move a piano (8)
Caretaker to tread on a bit of freshly turned earth (10)
Submissive wife left veterinarian? (8)
Texas settler with exotic pets (chicken, female bats) is a nut (7,1,6)
Left beloved companions — two birds — at home with German scientist (7,7)
Left a note: "All dogs, cats, etc. must be removed. Hurry!" (4,2,2)
Silver E string broke around end of April (8)
Martial artist has a lot of water (half-gallon) after difficult events (6,6)
It's coming back very loud, with body (5)
Mixing pot with passion? (8)
Foremost town within U.S. soil, perhaps! (2,5)
Itinerant soul is embracing this top U.S. city (2,5)
Handy vehicle ousts bullies that would misbehave (2,5,5)
/Santa produces a baton around North Pole . . . . (2,4)
|When Elves showed up doing "Tannenbaum" on stage, . . . (5,3) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "F"]
\. . . a reindeer droned off-key (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "D"]
Stand displaying some pesto machines (7)
Abdominal pain brings cries of distress — in Germany, complicated tomes have been written about it (11)
/Doctor, doesn't using drugs. . . (6)
\. . . cause abuse of alcohol? (5) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "s"]
Poor Toto panics in process of filming (4,6)
Small drink at 1: bad weight-loss plan? (4,6)
Popular favorite in 1965 America's Cup: Station ID (4,2,3,4,2,4)
Lady-in-waiting: put a cork in it! (8)
One brought me here to shop until 5 with $1000 (5)
With Rains at first, Mantle is caught in a rundown (6)
Poor Mother's watery from sentimental '40s tune (6,7)
Tale of Troy's destruction (5)
In collection of tales, British patriot follows seditious leader and gets put down as a suspect (9)
Mrs. Lincoln let Abe wear one of these; hip Pat vetoes "Tricky" (9,3)
Dr. Su, aviarist, playing violin (12)
Sing about a locomotive that's working almost beyond its capabilities (9)
Rent his thing for a song (9,2,3,5)
Levels with Ruby — a calculated move (9)
Saint Peter, beheaded, messed up road (6)
The ways of tsetse flies: to eat a piece of rubbish (7)
Restful? Hardly! Catching passes essentially is the opposite of restful (9)
Seized by unusual lassitude, little Bull Moose noisily rubs legs together (11)
Gypsy's journey to South American country cut short (8)
Collided with moving trucks (6)
Harlots play with dogs and cats (9)
Plaster your walls and drastically cut cost without a bit of trouble (6)
Playboy sent out to college men (8)
Clueless doctor puts me on drugs initially (7)
Nuts, bananas, and a piece of kumquat were rotten (5)
Lying on beach with two-piece: breathtaking (8)
Dead end? I put bus back in reverse! Simple! (6)
"Tidy up! It's messy!" "Nonsense!" (9)
Wonderful with fruit on top? (7)
I'm in a bull's disguise, undetectable (10)
For example, a puzzle takes me halfway back to sink (8)
Suit worn by "Crazy" Bob R. Shepard for early type of space flight (10)
Bananas in Bab's Uterus: They love it in Pasadena, in New Rochelle, in Evanston. . . (12)
Back American B'way production by New York's underground movement (6)
"It's in the Sugar Bowl USC is playing?" "Rose." (7)
Gloomy Nell approaches you and me from behind (6)
Almost defile Russian guy, who hosted old TV variety show? (8)
Cultivated tulips on Ma's field, next to bridge (3,10)
Spooner speaks of comparatively moody animal actress (6,4)
Sitting under natural blazing ultraviolet rays, not shaded, initially gives this result! (8)
A star, the main character, goes around topless in Sweet Dish (6)
It's in the East: a bright star — according to Romans, king is captivated (7)
How each day begins: a bit of sparkling buffalo urine with sulfur in it (7)
Heard at wedding: doctor sues nurses in middle of prostatectomy (7,6)
Second tune's "Lousy Way to End the Day" (6)
/Re: Part I, Scene Un: an eccentric 110-year-old . . . (16)
\ . . . plans some Bag End activities (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "a"]
/Animated fowl, playing checkers up in . . . (5,7)
\. . . barn, scattered bits of grain (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
Incredible nurse, Pam: a heroic figure (8)
Lois's boyfriend is a terrific guy (8)
Male genetic material gets you an extraordinary hero (8)
The evening meal: a piece of steak followed by an amphetamine pill (6)
Pupils can't broadcast a prayer (10)
Wine and dine (though not necessarily in that order) and pay for it all (7)
Computer user hacked government agency (7,5)
Doctor shot grouse with last of ammunition (7)
Nurse, go dancing with a doctor (7)
Operator's cheer? (7)
Go, Nurses! Beat the Doctors! (8)
Nose runs uncontrollably . . . grabbing $1000, seeing doctors (8)
Medical procedure crippled us, Gerry (7)
Country where U.S. Marine is injured (8)
Without question, squirrel, when disturbed, becomes comparatively ill-tempered (7)
"Like Dali's work?" "No, Al. Why?" "It's all the rage in Oklahoma." (6)
Pay close attention: listen to what pub waitresses do (7)
Scrambled raw eggs of crow (7)
Bird in flight wows all (7)
Bird was not right on top of nest (4)
A set of items (tools) gets returned: that's a bad sign (8)
Ladies' watches inlaid with piece of fabric (6)
Derelict washes pots in nonunion workplaces (10)
This wine contains things you'd expect to see in a pig sty (5)
Terribly unwise to ingest fluid — you'll get a disease (5,3)
Song from soprano, Ms. Ryder, a celebrity, embraces booze for the whole family (8,2,1,4)
A weapon massacred bald witches (11)
His words had a sharp, cutting edge (5)
/Declared pathological love for a tree, . . . (8)
|. . . provocatively removing clothes for Rep. O'Neill's orchard, according to Rev. Spooner, . . . (10) [Out of alphabetical position, but solution does begin with "s"]
\. . . recited oration topless for one tree (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
Mr. O'Casey's misshapen tree (8)
The Lalo? No, she's playing Poème, silly (9,9)
Committed adultery, perhaps? To stray, it is said, can be a pattern of behavior that indicates a psychological disorder (8)
Plot summary: Dad's other daughter gets on horse's back (8)
Classy Phil isn't harboring an STD (8)
Heard fortune teller blame New York city (8)
Last part of Rodgers & Hart musical uses racy arrangement (7)
Second half of fertilized egg dividing; two male chromosomes in alignment (6)

Devastated batboy loses love's cat (5)
Strategist said to nail Renaissance painting (9)
Sounds like the kind of blood some people have in the capital of Taiwan (6)
Words of consent — "Yes, OK?" — immature somehow (4,2,2,5)
Bats' feet, moa heart: token sacrifice (4,3,3,3,4)
Strayhorn masterpiece in a teak exchange outside unfinished movie house (4,3,1,5)
Mark tube "Damaged"; last three items in package resent (4,7)
For a Hamburger, everything is stacked between one piece of toast and another piece of toast, higher than any other (7)
/A man sat around outside with a Mexican entree. . . (7)
\. . . as Ben cooked and Eric set out traditional Mexican side dishes (5,3,4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
Having used an oven to get darker skin and hair, I will get a hospital room (8)
Acid from tea leaves destroyed tin can (6)
Recording group cutting back on activity (8)
1/3 ton sardines spoiled from late arrival (9)
Failure to arrive in time leads to terrible disaster around middle of month (9)
/Unfortunately, tarsier doesn't move fast . . . (7)
\. . . and gets eaten by Pennsylvania bearlike animal (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "p"]
Bit of ash in ashtray disturbed Starfleet officer (5,3)
Sat around before craze in Australian region (8)
Sample some of Matsushita's teriyaki (5)
Young Oscar winner playing Leo, a mutant (5,5)
/Before 11, college assistant coach. . . (4)
|. . . taking a look at #6, excellent footballer. . . (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "v"]
\. . . playing for Gladiators, a US college team (7,6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "F"]
Timid extra's playing a museum worker (11)
Instructor punished cheater (7)
"Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" vocal arranged as a popular song (3,3,3)
Eat several bananas — save one of ripest to make a beverage ingredient (3,6)
Cut-rate cocktail has a bit of dirt in it: it makes you cry (4,4)
Approximately 5 mL sulfate preparation placed around openings of patient's orifices before operating (11)
(DOWN clue:) Senator Kennedy, Democrat, extremist on the fringes, is rising through the ranks (3)
Creature from outer space comes back, destroys the choppers (5)
60% of adolescents object to babies' activity (8)
Help heat stew for Betazoid (8)
Take care of 10,500 (4)
Tightness resulting from playing tennis without shoes, essentially (7)
Shelter was placed next to athletic club's present location (3-6)
Repaired denture expected to stay in place for a long time (7)
Daughter, minidress must cover extremities (7)
The wren: odd bird (4)
Coretta's art: sculpted clay figures (5-6)
Really, exercising liberty includes a bit of responsibility (8)
Fry tiger in liquid? Ghastly! (10)
Monster's ears somewhat pointed (5)
All set to remove one of lights from the back of an electric car (5)
How to pack right combination of shapes: deal in unreal estate? (10)
One could affirm that Rose's sexual organ is in-offensive? (9)
Shoutest "Amen!" to portion of Biblical reading (9)
After holiday in Vietnam, orifice gets a disease (7)
Comic, Tenuta, hosts a prick (7,4)
Encounter with two aliens returning to summer in France (4-1-4)
A (P)resident from here promised otherwise, but we get new taxes (5)
Not good at sex, guys from here have reputation for drilling and boasting (5)
       Darling daughter dropped a lot of weight (9)
       Piece of solder joins gold and tin (6)
       Sleeping accommodation for 500 (7)
       Filthy rich dropped in — it's to eat fantastic fowl from the Orient (6,7)
       100 ocarinas playing (9)
       Tossed salad with lite topping (6)
       Poorly curated (7)
       Someone other than Beatty directed Western (6)
       Help a sojourner to get around (2,4)
       Use less nuts, not a bit of salt (6)
       Like Caesar's tea? Heartbroken when leading exchange agents are out? (4,5)
       Reginald's an eccentric (5,6)
       On drugs? Go to Parkland, silly! (8,4)
       Shouts at ex on broadcast (7,5)
       Rush frantically to put on a shirt (5)
       Vigilante's head in maddening hold (6)
       Like a bulletin (6)
       A DC-(6)
       Guys circle around ring (7)
       EMS quite incompetent (8)
       Fail to achieve collision with charged particle (7)
       Literary tribute left behind (6)
       A strategy to get something accomplished after first 14 approaches have failed? (5)
       Western type of film about wines (10)
       Cast Ann as a singing clown (3,7)
       Swiss hero gets to make a mistake (7)
       He : she (3,6)
       Shot a cow (4)
       Rev. Spooner's "quill"? (11)
       Around 1, a witch stumbles and tumbles (7,5)
A couple of those joints. . . start to smoke — not giving satisfaction (9)
The last of Margaret & Henry's $1000, 1.6-nanogram turkey is eaten on this holiday (12)
Somewhat touched, holding hanky, expressing this! (5,3)
Alt-right ruined Marlo's show (4,4)
Love song is gibberish to a hamster (5,5)
Place in my city to get a hot meal cooked (3,5)
Shipwrecked? Oh, great. (3,4)
Making a display of the pop art I collected: all Lichtenstein originals (10)
Pop group will go east, then turn right, going into Egyptian city (3,3,4)
A poem about a little woman (not a model) wearing briefs (3,5)
Eric Brahinsky heads into the sunset to lead a city in Egypt (6)
1948 film Thebes/Troy: Sea Clash . . . 4.54 euros (3,4,5,2,3,5)
Article: "Affluent Community Takes a Holiday for a TV Show" (3,7,11)
Biden stole the 2020 election, and he bit leg I broke (3,3,3)
Bridge cheat bankrupted Miami Beach club (3,8)
John Truett, to Esther Smith: "Moving? NY? . . . Betrothed?! OXO!!" (3,3,4,4)
'60s teeny-bopper group doing article on bovine diseases (3,8)
Cellists who arranged for a family of singers (3,8)
A sense of foreboding respect somehow surrounds that man (3,6)
A bad heart troubled silent-era film star (5,4)
A movie in which Martians appear out of sorts: they hate this latte Rod sold (3,3,3,5,5,5)
Do 360 around Sullivan in action film (3,5,5)
Unmatch'd opera (3,6,8)
Superhero with ugly teeth captures naive one (3,5,6)
Uninhibited set of bathers tries exposing this! (5,7)
The recipients of our income tax: it belongs to them (6)
Wilder film not for Mussolini, but I would say for those other people (6)
Awkwardly handing kite to Asian-based song-and-dance team? (3,4,3,1)
Article making a connection with old Disney film (3,4,4)
Elongated her "Lo, Thy Madness," a Rodgers & Hammerstein song (3,6,8)
Led Roth along a crooked path frequently to fish; Roth's head was lost in a book (3,4,2,3,5)
This film starred Matt Damon. . . . Remake: Hire Matt Damon; cut parts 1, 3, and 4 (3,7)
An operetta, Mutations in Worm Heredity, includes "Sorrow's Ending" (3,5,5)
Those particular people would be residents of Rivendell, east of the Mississippi (10)
Men he trusts shot Herman and his family on TV (3,8)
Those people going to America with manic criminal Prof. Harold Hill (3,5,3)
Tom Hanks starts to pitch movie (3,7)
Newspaper article on "Stormy Ike" (3,3,4,5)
Ballet dancer? He can do this! Trucker? He can't, unfortunately (3,10)
Half of seminary study couldn't possibly investigate a subject without starting where one's ancestors came from (3,3,7)
Getting sleepy behind the wheel: a way to meet your Maker? (8)
Respighi symphonic poem, arrangement of Fisher tone poem (3,5,2,4)
Stravinsky opera about construction of reservoir, in Japanese? (3,5,8)
What a dancer wore: a pullover shirt covering a large bra, synthetic sheer hose (3,3,5)
Bizet? He reminds some of a 20th-century musician/engineer/inventor (8)
Selection from Scythe reminds one of the instruments typically heard on a science-fiction soundtrack (8)
The miner lost a sounding device (8)
Spooner's the fairy in four operas and one ballet (3,4,2,6)
Beginning of "Titan" by Mahler played with warmth (7)
Broke mother's bottle (7)
Juanita's beautiful, wearing two pullover shirts and swallowing a bit of tea — this can help to keep warm (10)
Reference volume has uterus misspelled (9)
Skipping the middle, the stegosaurus reads a book of synonyms (9)
TV show host repaired around ten essentially dilapidated aprons (3,8)
Tunes Ms. Andrews's vehicle (3,5,2,5)
S for "Spooner," c for "cosmologists" (3,5,2,5)
Art, meet "Thorin," reassembled cyborg (3,10)
See? Her tooth gets broken in a vaudeville act (3,5,7)
Evelyn's last letter to Spooner is made into a movie (3,6,2,2)
In a movie, Malcolm-Jamal Warner's character embraces Ian McKellen's character in front of Henry Winkler's character (which shall remain nameless) (3,6,2,2)
Those people retreating, yet holding one of hostages (4)
Composite sketch in front of Times even failing to show crook (5)
Be thoughtful — don't use all the ink (5)
First lady described in article as "a flower" (7)
NJ wizard translated Hamas devotionals (6,4,6)
"To undergo metamorphosis, Diane's moths must take in oxygen," says inventor (6,6)
He painted a portrait of Amos R. Houston, a big Revolutionary general, on top of horse (6,12)
One of Dwarves and one of trolls shot rhino (6)
Considered Utah city VIP intellectually stimulating (7-9)
Pattern sometimes seen on streets: having gotten heroin, prepare to use needle (6)
Song describing rodent abuse would make you upset: i.e., chin trembled (5,5,4)
Trio got together — by mistake, swallowed Spanish gin cocktail in front of bar around 0500 in London: this propelled dozens to drink (5-5, 11)
The Queen left during the "Twist and Shout" number (5,8)
Made pottery, I hear — finished? (5)
Ms. Turner keeps incredibly humble? That's a fairy tale! (10)
Ned hurt badly as a result of lightning strike (7)
Ruth & Ned screwed, making a loud noise (7)
Rusty had become ill just after midweek (8)
Herb cutting off Geoffrey's tongue for you (3)
Sounds like an old watch-dog's problem (5)
With this detergent, you get change back? (4)
Even at five?! (3)
Give money to church — $1000 — to get ecumenical leader not to get married (3,3,4)
Football player didn't stay loose, lost energy (5,3)
Vow that I'll sport a dude's dicky (4,5,2,2,4)
Prison sentence at end: I am free at last! (4)
This happens when you're having fun with Herb's noisy zippers (4,5)
After 7, Scarlatti met Ravel, via temporal transport (4,6)
Naughty Kristen is fooling around (7)
Heartless character can sometimes display humanity (3,3)
Expert in metals residing in Martin's MIT house (8)
Old photo showing, in color, club and gym (7)
I must air out dessert (8)
Serengeti ram is usually around food (8)
/Toddler's first train ride. . . getting sleepy. . . (5)
\. . . may nod off for 24 hours (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "M"]
I'm shooting horses around a town in Oklahoma (10)
Ship-wrecked? I can't comprehend it (7)
Red giant has silicon core (6)
I'm nuts! . . . nuts! . . . before time to rocket launch (1-5)
Hamlet's soliloquy is starting! O, better not boo — that's rude (2,2,2,3,2,2)
Toddler guy developed into an NFL running back (4,6)
Replacing blockhead with dynamic leader within the board sounds extremely appealing (2,3,3)
Head to small island, remove swimsuit top (6)
Fresh apple torte I put in tissue (6,5)
Ordered poi platter, which includes a piece of egg roll? (6,5)
Instructed Hustler center-fold to remove top (4)
Tooled around in the Holy City? (6)
Two cats getting some liver (8)
Cruise-ship embarkment terminals where Hallux went (2,6)
Women flung soot at me (8)
Roughhousing girl's grave — how distressing! (6)
Patriot who passed is in grave-yard. . . . sad (3,5)
One says it when meditating in gratitude for actor (3,5)
Put mask on th' ugly actor (3,5)
Cat runs in circles before beginning to wail after midnight (8)
Surgeon posted "Re: Destruction of medical equipment" (6,9)
Youngest decapitated when playing mouth organs? (7)
Repairman's friend also beginning to like to live outside of Larchmont (4,4)
Canine, Toto, made mincemeat of witch's rear end (5)
Roll with honey (7)
Drink fifth of whiskey, sometimes called "Satan's heartless brew," in U.S. capital (6,6)
Good day, Tam! (3,2,3,7)
Reagan in dog of a movie from 1939: A Place in Canada (7)
At first, Romeo wears a hat — this could get things rolling (6)
First letter of twelve or thereabouts in trunk (5)
Use it to make an enchilada — if you do it the wrong way (the whole enchilada) it goes to garbage (8)
Turtle egg is seized by mischievous otter (8)
Child to put on a shirt (3)
Baby, that guy's distillery outside includes a still (2,4,3)
Baby short-tail deer falteringly and unsteadily made its way (8)
Audience of 2,000,000,000 will catch beginning of "Raging Whirlwind" (11)
Turns out this could be mineral! (10)
People shouldn't park here in area after undocumented passenger is decapitated (3-4,4)
Birds flitting around wet hose (7)
For example, Paris, France, is a suburb of Saint Louis (4,3,7)
Bring back art in school! (5)
Garfunkel goes back to Los Angeles to pen a set of nonsense lyrics (3-2-2)
Gorilla, one of zebras held in three Spanish pieces of circus equipment (8)
Beginning of toccata by French composer: a man who can transport you? (6,5)
Gold and jewels in a small Mesopotamian village, guarded by a forest dweller (8)
Three times as high (6)
Sign in front of a bar: "Like bacon nuts?" . . . E. C. Bell goes in (6,4)
"Tripping: karate violation takes away two highest marks," he rules (8)
Incisive pair of travelogues are delightful (9)
60% of geriatrics: arranging, prioritizing medical care (6)
A girl, ten, beat a percussion instrument (8)
Math topic Fermat's article covers, and is inconclusive! (9)
Math topic Fermat's article covers (annotation in the margins)! (9)
Fresh fruit cored and put on the French dessert (6)
One in three children taking vacation by lake get decapitated (7)
"This opera is in German," Sis told untrained cast (7,3,6)
Win hearts of beautiful girls, exquisite young women, shapely sylphides (7)
Pierre's dead — left part of skeleton in Dorsey's possession (8)
Thoroughly defeat opponent in rigged recount (7)
Schubert's invention: twisted tourniquet held by a piece of tape at each end (5,7)
Spooner's shoe: something to step on an insect — that sucks! (4,3)
Long part of elephant by the ears gets swallowed; dimension is shortened (9)
Eliot playing an air for empress (7)
It makes tooting sounds within bathtub audible (4)
Topless Budapest drunk, having lost one of pasties in front of one of you early in the week (7)
Start to titter at chop suey ad by Bond-film actress (7,4)
You finally split? That's awful! Here are some flowers (6)
Body parts shortened one day around 2001 (7)
Two tenor leads going around, around, around in Puccini opera (8)
Madden specialty: undercut New York end in interior (9)
Jacket from Texas worn by you to Tokyo (6)
Cute bird's song cut short (4)
One of two asthmatics sometimes not using heroin—they're plucky? (8)
Dozens of technicians wire heads onto bodies of LotR characters (7)
Bobbsey: "Iciest places around are Minneapolis and St. Paul." (4,6)
Bobbseys take in wayward Eisenhower, are sweet Hostesses (8)
Traditional Father's Day gifts get an amused reaction — they're sweet (8)
Song: "Two times two like some large deer / Left by Temple in the rear." (7,7,6,4)
Excerpt from "Wildcat Woman" number (3)
Minuet (wonderful selection) goes (1)(2) (3)
You, you, & I, a few years ago (3,8,3)

Said: "You had odontalgia, Sergeant. This started a chain reaction." (1-3)
Los Angeles players damaged Cubs' urinal (4,6)
Crazy Glue in Sis's nose and rear end creates unpleasant scene (8)
Undergraduate student beginning to teach Voltaire in translation? I can't quite visualize that (11)
40% of Union brigade massacred by D. Long (perhaps following an order from N. Webster) (10)
Traveling around end of plain (9)
Bud, Len, & I arranged fantastic music (2,3,2)
Start to remove garb, as I will be expelled from workers' group, replaced by a bum (8)
Not nice to intimidate an older couple (5,3,4)
Su McLean traveling to see U.S. Representative (5,3)
Abolitionist writing from columnist Eban C. Wild (5,4,5)
Get Stowe novel in cathouse after I've had enough (5,4,5)
Starting off understandably nervous, Clapton recorded Unplugged (9)
Count held criminal naked (9)
Grounded offense of Wichita State in 2013 NCAA semifinal basketball game (8)
Subject to compulsion to go out without a coat around the middle of January (5,6)
Made point emphatic: There wasn't enough offense to win the game (11)
August 2nd: Ed Asner Lost Beneath the Waves (8)
"And he," said the German, "did not lie. Got that?" (10)
Pair of panties comes back to life? (6)
Altering NY gun ID makes you immortal (7)
Can't get around maritime measure — it's just inconceivable (12)
Doomed, one French fish caught by strong Italian (11)
Ow! I burn off excessive facial hair (7)
Meese finally appears with letter for North in uniform, stating he was "not told about what was going on" (10)
One that is unfit must lose a bit of flab from midsection (4)
NSA, destitute, bombed this country (6,6)
I've run poorly in Track and Field everywhere (11)
Sinning, Eve ruins everything (8)
Tiny E-virus ravaged school (10)
In a manner not worthy of recording, saying, "In France, one of. . . . One of France's. . . . Here in France. . . . In wartime, France. . . ." (12)
Not favored, but Ron Paul upbeat (9)
Like some nuts? Nuts? Nuts, Dale? (8)
Saturn crashes after 180º turn, splattering date with some oil (11)
Nude criminal seizing small cat by his head — it comes out none the worse for wear (9)
One of Pierre's and my eels is cooked improperly (8)
United Nations has put an end to people not having occupational abilities (9)
Flustered nuns maintain derogatory remark not uttered (8)
Fixed Irv's new gun — it's true to the mark (10)
Improper in the old days to confront Beaver's dad (8)
Relaxes in Australian pub outside of Darling Downs (7)
πZN heads left, perhaps to prepare to expel a member? (5)
Breeding is deplorable: burp, stinking of gin — twice (10)
Members of this social class "finally got a piece of the pie" (5,5)
Place higher grade on electric vehicle (5,5)
Proper snob in dilapidated hut (7)
Pugs ate bananas in front of everyone, but not too close (7)
/Uranium, plutonium, lead contaminated town around central Wisconsin, yet. . . (2,2,3)
\. . . no one but Eric sprouted two heads (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "b"]
You controlled America from another planet? (6)
/Spurs forward drives . . . (5)
\. . . around Nets — shot is money! (5) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "c"]
Tour in a limousine that includes restroom fixture (6)
Drain excess fluid from some flour in a teacup (7)
Go! Fantastic run! . . . . A tie! (7)
Doctor? Nurse? I like bears! (6)
Birthplace of Abraham Caruso's song about spasm and hives (9)
Some of you sang "America" (3)
Not worth it to skimp (7)
Oil well sometimes blows top, making shower? (5)
She's in the back part of your shower (5)
Mail you and me an additional message (4)
(DOWN clue:) We will find these few moments to be together, or it's over between you and me (2,4)
Note from small Texas college (2)
After beginning of ultrasound, one of twins definitely left the womb (6)
Computer uses partially organic storage device (6)
/This is what you say: "Doctor, neuter cat. . . . (9)
\. . . Operate on uterus. Close with stitches." (6) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "s"]
Monarch polishing off two sides of beef completely (7)
Speak in front of base, endlessly and exhaustively (7)
Shortly, you ought to start taking variable amount of money from wife (7)

Octave D in "A Vagabond Went Traveling" (10)
Galactic archenemy invaders getting away with grievous sin (5)
Topless and bottomless Hungarian actress and topless gypsy (8)
State quickly to animal: "Scat!" (7)
Doctor, I'm a perv who drinks blood (7)
It's plain someone like Elbereth keeps nothing hidden (7)
6,500 claiming news service lacking in substance (5)
A visitor—an eccentric. . . . Diabelli, perhaps? (10)
Wandering around in Rome: six stray collegiate athletes (7)
One way to prevent children from misbehaving: say to 'em, "CV!" (9)
Lawbreaker not around when tainted soda put in circulatory medicine (11)
Part of terrace among vandal's destruction in Germany (9)
The smallest of all states: "I got caught between two vessels west of town." (7,4)
NLF are using an electronic device (3)
Old Italian: violinist's first choice to play (7)
Arrive after 4, get a bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwich without the tomato but with an extra piece of lettuce, perhaps (9)
At first, visitors are eating hash without meat (10)
Some arrive, get Aria No. One: "Who Shall Forsake the Pleasures of the Flesh?" (10)
Carrot Top is into chopped-liver & lime pasta (10)
Red, slippery substance turned into disgusting creatures (9)
A couple of cameramen getting inside Liv Tyler, moving up and down (10)
They went into battle as Evenstar set (8)
Singer's bad act includes "Westbound Wanderer" (3,6)
The provincial ruler has a sinful indulgence, Mr. Rogers (7)
Venezuelan leader & I dined informally before he left country (7)
Native arranged to lead me southeast from Asian country (10)
Watch most of Wives Gone Wild (4)
Between 5 and 10, I drink until bourbon's finished — that's a lot! (12)
Rockin' Elvis nails "Bad Girl" (10)
Serving a variety of salad dressings (8)
In a film, he defended two youths from violence, primarily in New York (5)
Some wine could make it vegan (7)
Alabama Gov. & I'd played a musical instrument (5,2,5)
Renaissance cat might have used this versus one barking Alabama dog (5,2,5)
Musical instrument, a Bundy, is abused (8)
Lawbreakers using antique instrument to roast nuts (9)
Purple passion of Renaissance music buffs — and in Latin (6)
For example, Gagliano's French wine contains cooking oil (6)
Playing role with conviction in my onstage performance (6,8)
Absent from Congress: a small midwestern state and an eastern state (8)
Doctor, am I a virgin, having been penetrated by a piece of hard meat? (8,3)
Selection from soprano is Ives's "Backward Glimpse" (6)
X/2 = charge on atom, it appears (6)
Call Repair Station VII (10)
Guests: After 6, be seated or stand up front (8)
Paint vapors, not nearly enough air, sickened Austrian musicians (3,6)
Five (perhaps six) letters get woman to start falling in love madly with Soviet premier (6)
If it's decomposed, it's "true luv" for a buzzard (7)

Widow of Edward the Third (1)
Dr Pepper shot a cow (4)
/Somewhere in Texas, a cow screwed. . . (4)
\. . . a horse I'd transported from the old country (8) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "R"]
Go in the shallow end of the pool with a dive: gutless (4)
Lay-woman has right to lie about age (5)
I will get in pool with a servant (6)
Doctor Ward of Dallas makes an appetizer (7,5)
Drugstore treated large wens (9)
Retroactive ordinance to allow for Bill's Place? (6)
He animated Wild, Wild Yentas (4,6)
I'd swallow trendy cocktail from Mickey's Place (4,6,5)
He reported making trained rat like wet corn (6,8)
Thurber character with fantasies: Write criminal law, then four years as President, then I assemble leaders of Tibet, Tanzania, and Yemen (6,5)
Johann Strauss II taking a stroll around Tanzania (5,4)
Hazy Ulster Dawn is showing. Want to go? (10)
Raw waste makes big stink (3)
Angry brawler gives the bird? (7)
"Mr. Cleaver, what might one wear when relaxing at home?" "All the clothes one owns." (8)
Answer is "dubiosity"! (8)
/ Heated conflict beginning in Mediterranean. . . (6)
\. . . Woman with a gun concluded, "It's like the same old stuff being rehashed" (6-4)
One who believes in fighting to get nice ass cuts out snack, essentially (9)
Can make room thaw! (6)
Guards now roaming around immigration center in an effort to limit traffic in controlled substances (3,2,5)
What Sulu might use to get to battle is not what Sioux might use to go into battle (3,5)
Fighting with a Republican faction (7)
Animal crackers worth a thousand dollars (7)
/Washington: Female Democrat gained acceptance. . . (6)
\. . . i.e., no girl lost faith (8) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "r"]
Saw nothing unusual in American state (10)
Revelry brings on prizewinner's heart attack (7)
Liquid wet a drought, without "dought"! (5)
Aquatic porcine beast detached tail from wild dog — it's torture (13)
Observation around hospital ward: entertainer's first stunt went wrong — subject is in a vegetative state? (5,8)
Tungsten, after all, treated a cataract (9)
Trike was broken; I burn last $1000 on some sports equipment (5,6)
Was going to get rest finally, but he heard a Bell (6)
Get great Polish car (3)
Can Meadows be a comedian? (1,1,6)
The place to make fun of a person's shortcomings publicly, and know how it feels to be in an Indian's shoes (4,9)
Wear the disguise on Halloween — it's cool (7)
Part of bird was covered with plaster shell — according to Spooner, it could be "warm and moist" (7,8)
/Made a vow to you, and I would . . . (3)
\. . . still like Data decapitated (10) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "m"]
My partner and I finally decided to get married (3)
Marriage of Otis to Elmer (7)
/Winged cuckoo gets released at end of nuptials. . . . (7)
|. . . They're starting out. Too bad he's a dog. . . . (4) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "T"]
\. . . He's not right for that woman (3) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "s"]
About 14.3% of the time, Saddam tortured an ooky person (9,6)
Creepy bats I drew (5)
Kay in vocal with a musical satirist (5,2,8)
Join lewd organization (4)
Woman spat around 45 inches, thereby getting rich (4-2-2)
King of Bohemia broke Selena's WC (9)
Darling girl's fast-food chain (6)
Seeger's song partner to arrive here in pursuit of blue whales? (2,5,8)
Cook stew at 270º (4)
Stagecoach comes to border, is first of procession to reach this place to have a part of the world for all Americans to call their own (7,10)
Chaps brag (7,4)
Mister Newt's failing choir college (11)
Distraught, Tina wept, saying, "Don't touch me" (3,5)
Carpenters hit head of nail after E. von Wyle construction project around South Bronx, emphasizing green-materials use, starts (4,4,4,5)
Ahab's obsessed with it, for crying out loud (7)
I can't hear you with cap (4)
Sat with Gordon Shumway? That is a question asked by Burt Bacharach and Hal David (5,2,3,5,5)
We ate his disgustingly nutritious cereal (8)
Drive away, or fiddle around with Vanna's equipment? (5,2,7)
TV show guy entered, tortured fourteen fowl (5,2,7)
Coachman takes mid-5th-century pope, embracing an illustrious predecessor, to a brief tour appearance (11)
We will embrace rap, like Vanilla Ice? (5)
Wipe the gas off the phone book (5,5)
Tea-party attendee, carousing with Episcopalian chief clergyman, has a bit of tea (5,6)
Complains pathetically about it: "Ew!!! You should never serve these with red meat!" (5,5)
Fish cooked with gin (7)
It's all there, but it sounds like something's missing (5)
Wise old bird says it: "2x(3.14+2.718)" — and gets a chocolate-and-cream treat (7,3)
Yells"uh-oh!" (6)
(DOWN clue:) What person is the station's #1 SOB, to come up with that sitcom starring Tony Danza and Judith Light? (4,3,4)
Bear seen in natural habitat — that is where I should be (5)
/If we misinterpreted woman, . . . (4)
\ . . . spouse would have had buns operated on (7) [Out of alphabetical position: solution begins with "h"]
Spooner's kid suspicious of cough medicine flavoring (4,6)
Bill bank clerk presented without hesitation: he got his point across perfectly (7,4)
Can this hero spare his son's provisions for his heirs? I'm putting the odds at 50-50 (7,4)
Legendary country singer has smash hit: "Sell Oil 'n' Wine" (6,6)
Some of them weep with pathetic cries of pain (7)
SRO for Queen (7)
Elmer's band takes second to Paul's band (5)
Selection from Willow, in G, sung by pop/rock band (5)
WWI film earns around $1000 (5)
Vehicle goes to NW Begonia, turns (9)
Now I become tipsy, drunk (4)
Bringing sunshine for you ------- and you lose some? (7)
Liberated Women is cheerful (7)
Irene writes new song cycle on poems of Wilhelm Müller (11)
Psychotic writes I, a Flowering Shrub (8)
Practitioner of non-mainstream religion forms with-it church (5)
Comedy-man Skelton collapsed (8)
Curled up with injured deer (8)
Di, we hardly have the right to be shriveled up (8)
Explosion of white, scarlet, and perhaps brown (8)
Got tired of accompanying "Reed Rhapsody" (8)
Having drunk White Russian, got sleepy (8)
Perfectly describes vehicle that can't pull a trailer (7,1,5)
Playfully elbows Bob's head inside, has shakes (7)
(DOWN clue:) Going up-stream to find an animal (4)
Trouble catching an insect? Save time: go after females (8)
Where a fetus develops a beating heart, becoming a living organism (6)
Cause to eliminate dominance of M & M's in bowel movement (6,3)
Received prize money in Korea (3)
Very nice run of Lewd Perversion (9)
Broken-down mower taken to an amazingly powerful lady (6,5)
One of women left door unclosed, and a lot of people saw this (4)
Court-room done in mahogany, perhaps (6)
Woman precooked wild fowl (10)
Seduce leader of Defense and Labor in cabinet (8)
Allen to court his ex-partner's second husband's second wife. Or not. (5)
Director says dancing lady will wear fleecy new yellow-and-orange top (5,5)
Bandleader, a female, catches Herod awkwardly embracing Yemeni leader (5,6)
International creditor's poor, bald niece starting to go into labor (5,4)
Pop plowed acre that was obtained when war ended (5,5)
Les throws screwball, but it's no good (9)
Worker, so to speak (6)
Do a number on crwth: it was an instrument that could keep time (10)
Writes notes to object to making motions that twist and distort (8)
We heard, "Spoil me, Mr. Reagan. Get the fencing equipment." (7,4)

Three leaders of Chicago 10 (1)
According to Rev. Spooner, Harrison despised speaking Cockney for sexy movie (1-5)

Urkel may bust a cap on yo head (8)
Burglar leaves you with egg on your face? (4)
Utter a cry of pain, like a coward (6)
It's on the Arabian Peninsula, you guys (5)
Hey, son! Weave a song! (3,2,4,2,7)
Top SF councilmember to bless returning brat (4)
Excerpt from Barney ode, "Le rondeau d'un alpiniste," perhaps (7)
Hall of Fame catcher in Reconstruction Era: Big Roy (4,5)
Ring in New Year — not a word about the old days! (4)
Application: scoop slime on the lips around Christmas. . . . As the saying goes: lack of action means failure (3,6,3,4)

Cast in the midst of blaze — a lot stricter for fanatics (7)
Bulldozer operator comes around to clear everything (4)
It's freezing! Coziness rules all over the place, except the poles (4,7)
Flew fast, like a fly (6)
Religious man's collection of animals not complete: must add a chicken, perhaps (9)
Perhaps old Persian menagerie has one of rarest rats in a wild state (11)
Ceramics not finished cuz I will be outside playing squash (8)

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