March 9, 1956, for most of society totally devoid of significance, was among the four or five most important days of my life. In retrospect, I see the day of my birth as a rather traumatic experience. I had never been to a hospital before, and, being young, I was plenty scared. To worsen matters, some fellow whacked me without provocation. When I cried out in protest of this sadistic attack, everyone cheered. It was indeed an embarrassing situation.

Fortunately, things got better for the next few years. At four, I was about ready to conclude that life wasn't going to be so bad after all. Then something happened which totally destroyed my philosophy, and I couldn't even pronounce it! Now I know. It was kindergarten. A year of kindergarten, a year of transitional (an adult name for "where-kids-go-when-they've-had-kindergarten-but-can't-be-first-graders-'cause-they're-not-six-yet"), and I was a nervous wreck. I took up violin in first grade to calm my nerves.

In second grade I entered public school. By now I was old enough to know I was in for it. No sooner had I made a few friends to ease the pain when, in the middle of my third-grade year, my family moved. I had gone to school at the new location half a year when a new one was built. So I entered my fourth school in as many years.

It was at S. S. Conner Elementary School that I came into my own as a true elementary school student. My accomplishments at Conner included winning the science fair once, the class spelling bee three times, and the school spelling bee twice. I was also concertmaster of the orchestra (what little of it there was).

In eighth grade I entered W. H. Gaston Junior High. Memories of my two-year stint therein are blurred and unhappy. I was, however, fortunate enough to be elected to the National Junior Honor Society.

In tenth grade I began attending Skyline High School. Presently a junior at Skyline, I am participating in the music cluster, which allows me to study music three hours a day. The remainder of my schedule is made up of American history, analysis (math), German (second year), and English. My club participation includes the German Club, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (a math fraternity), and orchestra.

My outside interests include classical music, mathematics, chess, and table tennis. My father is a music teacher and professional violinist. My mother, an M.D., is now teaching retarded children. Furthermore, I have two brothers. Both attend college, but come home every once in a while to rough me up. That's the story of my life.