My webpage includes a link to my old Wikipedia userpage from 2009, just before I ended my status as a registered editor on that site. I had included on that userpage a list of topics I had suggested as good candidates for future Wikipedia articles, to be created by me or by others. Since 2009, many such articles (those with titles in blue) were in fact created. Indeed, I have discovered that many of the redlinks (which ordinarily would indicate there is no such article) do correspond to existing articles that were published in Wikipedia, but under titles different from the ones I had typed: see below.

"Mani-Leib" has a Wikipedia article under "Mani Leib"
"Tashi" has a Wikipedia article under "Tashi Quartet"
"Margaret Tallichet Wyler" has a Wikipedia article under "Margaret Tallichet"
"Moreland Kortkamp Roller" has a short biography within the Wikipedia article "Philharmonic Piano Quartet"
"Brooks Smith (pianist)" has an article, "Brooks Smith," in the French-language Wikipedia