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      • Selected Musical Repertoire: solos, symphonies, operas, and chamber music
      • Accomplishments of some of my private violin students
      • Canons & Clothespins: a look back at my career as a wedding musician (link coming soon)
      • Collaborations with Famous Musicians
      • College Coursework

Trivial Pursuits
      • Genealogy
                  The Brahinsky/Abraham database at (updated June 2020)
                  Here is my ancestry
                  Six Degrees of Separation: some of Eric's and April's famous relatives
      • Mathematics Problems and Puzzles (most devised by moi)
            Do You Have a Mathematical Personality?
      • Devious and deviant wordplay: NPL-style puzzles, cryptic-crossword clues, etc.
            Selected poems (for puzzles in verse, click here)

Lists of favorites, including. . .
     50 favorite works of classical music
     50 favorite 20th-century classical works
     Some favorite books, movies, entertainers, places (U.S. and Canada)
An autobiography by my wife, April Abraham Brahinsky
A 1969 newspaper article about my family • Biographies of my father and mother
My former Wikipedia (online encyclopedia) user page (complemented by this page)
A compilation I have made of Great Classical Musicians from Texas
A webpage I created for The Colburn-Pledge Music Scholarship Foundation, a small private nonprofit of which I am an officer
A chronological listing of most of the books I have read
An extensive listing of selected prose writings from throughout my life

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