The Summer of ‘42

Oh Mommy, your star! Your star is so pretty!
May I have one? Oh, thank you so much!
It is so fine and so golden and has
Six points—but Mommy—why are you crying?

Oh Mommy, where’s Daddy going? Into the city?
Is he going on the train? I want to go with him!
Oh, let’s go on the train to see Daddy!
Oh, trains! Now Mommy, why are you crying?

Oh Mommy, the door! Someone’s knocking on the door—
Listen! Why are you hiding now?
I’ll open the door—I won’t come with you.
Come out of the closet now—why are you crying?

Oh Mommy, a man! A man is here now!
Please come in, man—now, would you like some milk?
Ooh, Mommy! The man says he wants to take us with him!
Maybe on the train! Why are you crying?

Oh Mommy, the train is not at all comfortable!
Besides, I’m hungry—surely we’ll stop soon.
Why does everybody have a golden star?
Where are we going? Why are you crying?

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