A Facebook group for current and former San Antonio Symphony musicians had a thread going in 2009 where each comment was in verse. I made a sarcastic remark that, having left the orchestra, I really missed (i.e., I really didn't miss) the frequent performances of a work called "Huapango" by José Pablo Moncayo. Mary Ellen Goree responded by posting a link to a YouTube of the piece. . . . The last four lines below were my submission to a challenge (within the same thread) to write all but the last line of a limerick, then let others complete it (I don't have a record of the continuation!).

I hate to keep this thread ongoing,
But I sure miss (cough!)(gag!) Huapangoing.

Mary Ellen, I do think that I owe
You thanks for that link to Moncayo.
Though it's better to hear it
Than play it, I fear it
Will never be my cup of chai-o.

I think that my attempts poetic
Preclude the purchase of emetic.

There once was a fiddler who felt as
If nothing revolts like Revueltas.
But that's just the way
Things are done in SA. . . .
. . . . . . .