My mother, Muriel Silberman Brahinsky, wrote this upon the passing in October 2011 of her son, my brother, Martin Brahinsky.

In Loving Memory of Martin David Brahinsky (2011)

I grieve that I must be the one
To pen fond mem'ries of my firstborn son.
Strong and healthy, a bit high-keyed,
He offered help to those in need.
Doting husband, prideful dad,
He cheered one up when one felt sad.
Talent, skills, and true devotion,
Advising one with much wise notion.
Helpful, knowing, warm, and kind,
He helped secure the ties that bind.
His passing leaves an empty space.
We must accept it as our God's grace.
We wipe away our tears with tissue.
Marty, dear, we'll surely miss you!