In 2004, Jess Boyd retired after many years of service as the pianist/organist at April's church. April and I hosted a retirement reception for him in our home, at which the following poem we wrote together and set to the tune of Bob Hope's theme song, "Thanks for the Memory," was sung by Val Jean Newman.

Thanks for the Memory, Jess (2004)

Thanks for the memory
Of music fast and slow
From oh so long ago.
Through every year you've brought us cheer with all the notes you know:
How lovely it was.

Thanks for the memory
Of Mozart and Dupré,
Of Mendelssohn, Faure,
Sibelius and Delius, Praetorius, Bizet:
How lovely it was.

Many's the singer you've played for
(That's one of the things you got paid for).
The skills that you brought were just made for
Our needs. We agree: you fit to a T.

Thanks for the memory
Of always being there
Through weather foul and fair.
Each Wednesday night and Sunday morn you pulled it off with flair.
We thank you so much!