To Eric (1995)

This treasure chest
with things to eat
is my way of saying
I think you’re sweet,
and I’m so glad Bonnie
got us to meet,
‘cause you’re very special-
you can’t be beat.
But I want you to know
that it’s more than a treat
being engaged to you.
It’s really quite neat.


Happy Anniversary! Our number Two!
I’m so glad that I met you!
Because you like pigs, & cows that go, “Moo,”
And when I’m with you, I’m never blue.
You’re fun to be with, & so thoughtful, too,
You’re loving & caring in all that you do,
And sweet & smart & good through & through.
(I hope that you know what I’m saying is true!)
I think it’s just grand that we said “I do,”
Because, you know what? I love you!


On this our anniversary
(of a decade just a third)
I am in quite a quandary
because I cannot find a word
that tells you how my love for thee
is more than ever could be heard
by ears. But then my heart tells me
that your heart knows, and is assured.


The number of the year we met & married began with 1.
It was all so exciting—our lives together had just begun.
It was fun!
And now that we are living in a year that begins with 2,
I keep on getting gladder that to each other we said, “I do!”
I love you!