A former San Antonio Symphony violinist, Andrew Ehrlich, had moved to Oregon but came back to Texas for a visit, during which he stayed with us. Some time after he left, a box of pears, with no card to indicate who had sent it but with a coded message that when deciphered read "TO A WONDERFUL PEAR", was delivered to our house. After some time, we figured out they were from Andrew.

To Andrew (1996)

The pears are delicious
and very nutritious.
We were quite suspicious
of whom they were from.

We perused what was writ,
our brows they were knit.
But we never did quit,
give up, or get glum.

When we figured it out
we quite danced about
and laughed and did shout,
“That Andrew - our chum!”

So thanks for the present!
And we say with a crescend-
o, “Your stay was quite pleasant;
please, do again come!”