I wrote the following at age 11. It was published in the Temple Emanu-El (Dallas) Religious School bulletin.

ABRAHAM (1967)

Long, long ago in the city of Ur
The people would worship idols.
This worshipping, you see, to them
Was very, very vital.

But born was a boy named Abraham,
An idol-maker's son.
He was stiffly against the people.
He said, "God is one."

"Well," said the people,
"Can we touch this God? Where is he? Is he real?"
"Well," said the boy, "He's invisible.
He's a spirit that we feel."

As he grew up, he married a girl.
Sarah was her name.
They had a son named Isaac,
Also of Jewish fame.

Our religion of Judaism
Comes from this wonderful man.
If you try to name someone greater,
I don't believe you can.