...OK, so I was seven when I wrote these......

The Seasons


Summer is very, very hot.
Is it cold?
Oh no it’s not!
Oh it is VERY VERY hot.
Is there snow?
Oh not a dot!
Don’t wear a jacket,
Don’t be a fool,
Take a swim in the swimming pool. (11/07/63)

Fall (Autumn)

Here and there the leaves do fall,
In the basket,
On the wall.
Yellow, Red and orange and brown,
They are falling down, down, down! (11/07/63)


Winter is very very cold.
If your mother says to put on a jacket,
Please, but Please, DO AS YOU’RE TOLD!
Winter’s as cold as cold can be,
If you go out in winter,
YOU WILL SEE! (11/07/63)


If you’ve seen Spring I’m sure you’ve seen,
The birds fly north and leaves turn green,
Blossoms and flowers are on the trees,
And they are occupied by bees.
Well, see what I mean when I talk about spring?
It is a very, very, nice thing. (11/11/63)

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