A few random limericks from the last couple of decades. . . .


There once was a lady from Mexico
Who dreamed of becoming a lexico-
grapher. Yet all could tell,
After quite a bad spell,
She’d be better off working for Texaco.


A young virtuoso from Cuba
Performed Meistersinger on tuba.
Boasted he: “Nothing to it!”
Said the critic: “You blew it!
Take your tuba and move to Aruba!”


A lassie from old Caledonia
Kissed Sir Malcolm and told Mal, "I'll phone ya!"
Lassie skipped off to Italy,
And, alas, he heard diddly.
Grumbled Mal: "That gal's full of Bologna."


George Washington's singular aim:
That the rose garden bearing his name
Be known as a place
Of beauty and grace.
Thus George W.'s bush rose to fame!