MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA (attended 1974–76)
UH = University of Houston (Central Campus), Houston TX (attended 1976–79)
UTSA = University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio TX (attended 1995–97)

MIT 15.301 Managerial Psychology Laboratory (Thomas Allen, Amit Sen)
MIT 23.13 German III (Primus Bon)
MIT --------- Beginning Swimming (Mark LaCasse, Harold Brown)
UH ENG133 Freshman English (credit by examination)
UH HPE118B Badminton I (Paul Miller)
232 Western World Literature (Helen Jane Gardiner, Linda Popkin-Paine)
UH ENG233T Undergraduate Studies in Literature (credit by examination)
231 The United States to 1877 (James Poteet, Eugene Vigliante)
UH HIS232 The United States Since 1877 (Hyland Packard, Robin Bullington)
233 American Government - National, State, and Local (Bruce Oppenheimer)
234 American Government - National, State, and Local (Kent Tedin)
UTSA ECO2023 Introductory Microeconomics (Robert Collinge)
UTSA IDS2213 World Civilization Since the Fifteenth Century (David Redles)
UH FED361 Educational Foundations for Teaching (Stacie Goffin, Larry Laufman)

The preceding courses comprise 41 semester-hours of credit. I earned a grade-point average in these courses of 3.80 (on a scale of 4).

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