MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA (attended 1974–76)
UTSA = University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio TX (attended 1995–97)

MIT 18.01 Calculus (credit by examination)
MIT 18.02 Calculus (Hartley Rogers, Harold Donnelly)
MIT 18.03 Differential Equations (Arthur Mattuck, Da-Lun Wang)
MIT 18.700 Linear Algebra (Daniel Ray)
UTSA MAT3213 Foundations of Analysis (Raj Wilson)
UTSA MAT3233 Modern Algebra (Raj Wilson)
UTSA MAT3633 Numerical Analysis (Walter Richardson)
UTSA STA3513 Probability and Statistics (Veena Agrawal)
UTSA STA3523 Statistical Methods (Veena Agrawal)
UTSA MAT4213 Real Analysis I (Walter Richardson)
UTSA MAT4223 Real Analysis II (Walter Richardson)
UTSA MAT4233 Modern Abstract Algebra I (Raj Wilson)
UTSA MAT4913 Independent Study (Kathleen Mittag, Diana Mason)
UTSA MAT6973 Naive Set Theory (Lucio Tavernini)

The preceding courses comprise 45 semester-hours of credit. I earned a grade-point average in these courses of 3.82 (on a scale of 4).

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