Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon are legends in the world of puzzles and word games. So I was deeply honored when in April 1996 they wrote the following drama for me (each word is made from the letters of my America Online screen name, "ebrahinsky").



Karen (she's[oops!] a Serbian shrink): Hey Barney! Are ya in?

Barney (he's hairy): Yes, yer baker is in.

Karen (brisk): A kaiser 'n' a rye, 'kay?

Barney (he's hairy as a yak): Nay. Kaiser, rye—nay.

Karen (in a shriek): Yikes! Nary a kaiser? Nary a rye? Nary a bran...?

Barney (sneaky): Hey Karen, yer bra shrank!

Karen (shaken): Krishna!

Barney (yes, he's hairy as a bearskin): Ha ha! A bra in a shrink shrank!

Karen (a siren in her ire): Ya snake!

(She yanks his hair. He barks his shin. A banker breaks in.)

Abner Krebs (banker): A barn! Ye insane[oops!] hyenas!

(Bakery sinks[oops!].)


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