The Colburn-Pledge Music Scholarship Foundation
Mrs. Joycelyn Rudeloff, Co-Founder and President Emeritus


The Colburn-Pledge Music Scholarship Foundation is a nonprofit, equal opportunity foundation approved by the Internal Revenue Service for the purpose of providing music scholarships to talented, needy music students. All gifts and bequests to the Foundation are tax-exempt.

Applicants for financial aid must be music students pursuing the studies of a bowed string instrument (specifically violin, viola, cello, or double bass) in classical music at any nationally recognized music school, college, or university, or be studying with any nationally recognized music teacher, and have the intention of becoming a professional performing musician.

Applicants must be bona fide residents of the state of Texas on the date of making application and for a period of at least six (6) months prior thereto, or prior to having entered a music school, college, or university, if attending an out-of-state institution at the time of making such application.

Annual awards will be made on the basis of auditions and the materials submitted by each applicant, as well as on the basis of financial need. For 2021 only, auditions will be conducted by means of videos submitted to a panel of professional performing musicians in San Antonio, Texas.

Contestants must play contrasting selections displaying tone and technique, choosing from two different works from different style periods, for example, Mozart and Prokofiev, or Bach and Beethoven; they need not be accompanied nor memorized.

The contestant should upload to YouTube (or a similar internet site) a video of approximately 15 minutes duration with repertoire as prescribed above. The camera should be positioned so that at all times the contestant is shown at least from the waist up and the instrument is completely visible. The contestant should say their name at the beginning of the video and state the name of each selection before beginning it. Selections need not be played in their entirety as long as all other requirements are met. Each individual selection should be played in one take, without editing.

Once the video is uploaded, the contestant should email the link (URL) for the video here, no later than June 10, 2021. Note: preliminary application materials (see below) must be received by April 30.

Awards will be limited to the amount of the annual tuition to be charged by the school, college, university, or music teacher of the recipient's choice, not to exceed $3,000. All decisions of the judges will be final.

In addition to the completed application form, the following materials must be submitted to the Foundation:
      1. A letter in which you outline your musical background and express your professional aspirations.
      2. A one-page resume of your musical studies and activities, including recitals given, competitions entered, honors received, etc.
      3. A list of repertoire studied and works that you have performed in public or before a panel of judges or teachers.
      4. Two confidential letters of recommendation from individuals competent to evaluate your musical ability.
      5. Application form (Note: Deadline is extended to April 30.)
      6. Financial need worksheet

No exceptions to any rules will be allowed. No materials will be accepted after the deadlines: April 30 for application and related forms; June 10 for videos.

Awards are sent directly to the music school, college, or music teacher of the recipient's choice, or will be held by the Foundation in a special non-interest-bearing account until such recipient is successfully enrolled in such institution or is studying under such music teacher.

Completed application and all supporting materials should be:
       scanned and attached to an email to Colburn-Pledge (preferred)
            (Write "Colburn-Pledge application" in the subject line)
  OR mailed to:
      The Colburn-Pledge Music Scholarship Foundation
      c/o Aimee Lopez, secretary
      411 Devonshire Drive
      San Antonio TX 78209